Oddisse @ The Jazz Cafe (London) 14.09.12

17 Sep

GENRE: Hip hop
: Miami or Ready to Rock
BEST ALBUM: Travelling Man
SOUNDS LIKE: Eric Lau (music) and oddly a tad like Kanye West when he starts rapping (but not in a bad way!)

Oddisse is a pretty cool guy. Raised in Washington DC, he’s best known as a producer although his latest album, People Hear What They See, sees him turning back to being an MC, more so than he has done in a while. Personally, I think his best stuff is instrumental, but his latest album is a grower; and seeing him live was awesome.

The only support act of his I saw was Eric Lau – check him out on Youtube, he also makes some pretty good instrumental shiz. The crowd was a bit of a mix but unlike more commercial gigs people were there because they knew the likelihood of him coming back to London any time soon was slim. They were loooovin’ it.

Any way: first half of the gig was awesome, he started with a song off his latest album (this went down REALLY well live):

However, the second half of the gig was a little lacklustre. Still good, but the energy level dropped a little. Still, totally worth the £10. Here’s my fave song of Oddisse’s, which he didn’t play, but shows what an awesome producer he is.

Go check him out.


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