Eat/See/Listen/Love: 05/10/12

5 Oct

Halloumi burger and fries
I’m loving Bill’s right now. It’s just around the corner from where I work and it’s incredible. Bill’s is actually a chain but each cafe feels very independent. The Bill’s in Soho is inundated with people at all hours of the day, but take a chance and visit and I guarantee you won’t regret it. It also sells it’s own produce, although I haven’t purchased any.

Try their Elderflower Cordial (it’s best cold) – their cocktails are actually pretty good and reasonably priced too. Their garlic bread starter is THE best garlic bread I have EVER had… and that’s saying something. Don’t visit Bill’s without trying!

For my main meal I usually have the Halloumi burger with skinny fries (it’s filled with caramelised onions, hummus and red pepper – yum) but their Fish finger sandwich and burgers all look really good too.

Have to say – I tried their cinnamon mini doughnuts and I wasn’t that impressed. Barely a hint of cinnamon on them.. but do try the Eton Mess instead. Good times.

SEE: If it’s a nice day (I realise I’m posting this at the wrong time of year) I recommend a trip to Hoxton Square. Located on the square are some really cool bars – Zigfrid von Underbelly is just one of them. It has an awesome decor and plays some PROPER tunes during the day. I stumbled across this place when they had a DJ in the main bar area… amazing stuff. Playing Lion King remixes, reggae, soul – all sorts of amazing tunes to sip a cider and relax to. The Square itself is a great place to take some food and drink and just chill out!

LISTEN: I’m loving Macklemore at the moment. He’s a Canadian rapper and he raps in a way which doesn’t offend women and doesn’t adhere to consumer culture. I know what you’re thinking: “white rapper – ew” but check him out. Thrift Shop is my favourite of his work – the music and beat is amazing – and the fact he questions people purchasing Gucci t-shirts for $50 just makes him all the more awesome.  “I call that getting tricked by a business”.

Imagine a light hearted Lonely Island approach to rap, but he’s doing it seriously. Good stuff.

LOVE: I love it when you give me head but hate it when you give me headaches.


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