Radiohead @ The O2 (London): 08/10/2012

14 Oct

GENRE: Alternative, Electronic, Ambient, Rock… the list goes on
: Impossible to choose. At the moment I love Let Down and Myxamotosis.
BEST ALBUM: All of them… but at the moment: In Rainbows and Kid A
SOUNDS LIKE: They’re one of a kind. Seriously.


I’ve loved Radiohead for about 8 years now. I first heard Karma Police on that MTV channel they don’t have any more… you know, the one where they used to actually play good music by good bands. I instantly fell in love. Since that point I have seen them live 6 times, made some of my closest friends based on our shared love of Radiohead and they’ve sound tracked my life.

I was supposed to see Radiohead last week with my boyfriend – but things ended and I was left with a spare ticket. So, naturally, I decided to invite my mum. My poor mother who has had to put up with hearing my music blaring throughout my teens – but she walked into my room when I was playing ‘There There’ and demanded I copy the CD for her. She now adores them too, and she’s actually made one of HER best friends due to their shared love of Radiohead. Funny world isn’t it?

Anyway: when I went to the gig last week I wasn’t sure how well Radiohead would translate in the huge O2 arena. Don’t get me wrong, they can absolutely kill it when it comes to open air huge crowds. But I wasn’t sure how their new stuff would work in a massive arena. Caribou supported them and they did a great job – could have sustained the crowd’s interest a bit better though!

I needn’t have worried. They were amazing. It was made all the more amazing thanks to my friends Olly and Jamie who managed to get us into a VIP box! The view was incredible… (if you can get past the rubbish quality of my camera)

They played a mixed set. Quite King of Limbs heavy, and the lack of movement from the crowd when these songs were played was apparent. Naturally, I didn’t care; despite not liking King of Limbs as much as their previous work they could sing Happy Birthday and they’d make it heartbreakingly beautiful. People have been saying that their gig on Tuesday night was better set list wise, however I’d heard them play every song they played that night previously: Monday night they played Climbing Up The Walls. AMAZING, I adore that song and I’d never heard it live before. I did a mini scream and danced for joy. Well, as much as you CAN dance to a song like Climbing Up The Walls.

People associate Radiohead with being depressing. They couldn’t be more wrong. Listening to Radiohead makes me happier than anything – there’s one part of ‘Let Down’ which never fails to give me goosebumps: no other band could ever create something that powerful as far as I’m concerned. Take a listen and love. I DARE you not to:

At 3.40 the build up begins. At 3.59 the beautiful backing vocals kick in. And at 4.08 I, inevitably, get goosebumps. Swoon.

Set list was as follows….

    1. Lotus Flower
    2. 15 Step
    3. Bloom
    4. Kid A
    5. The Daily Mail
    6. Myxomatosis
    7. Climbing Up the Walls
    8. The Gloaming
    9. Separator
    10. These Are My Twisted Words
    11. Like Spinning Plates
    12. Nude
    13. Identikit
    14. Karma Police
    15. Feral
    16. Idioteque
    17. Encore:
    18. Pyramid Song
    19. Staircase
    20. Morning Mr. Magpie
    21. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    22. Reckoner
    23. Encore 2:
    24. Give Up the Ghost
    25. There There
    26. Everything in Its Right Place
      (Intro: Thom sang REM’s “The One I Love” – not on set list)

If you’re as hung over as I am right now, go listen to True Love Waits. It’ll help. Trust me.


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