Eat/See/Listen/Love: 23/10/12

24 Oct

I’ve been a bit crap lately, apologies. Here’s a little round up of everything I’ve been doing (spoiler: not a lot).

Eat: Every time one of my friends comes to visit I try to drag them along to Margarita Loca. True, it’s only a five-minute walk from my house, but I promise, there are reasons other than sheer laziness. Nestled on Battersea Park Road, it’s the kind of place you can’t miss but you’d never think to visit. GO VISIT. It’s a Mexican/Cuban themed restaurant – all the tables comes with a sombrero and other novelty hat and the atmosphere in the place is great. True, the staff are a bit rubbish, but push past that and you have a great place serving great food. The pic above is of my Chicken Enchilada – only £7 and you get SO. MUCH. FOOD. Also – their cocktails are incredible.  Try the mango frozen margaritas or their lethal tequila.

(On their website you’ll find a number of special deals – as IF you needed any further incentive to go).

Event picture

SEE/LISTEN: Last year I went to One Taste Festival in Balham. Basically, Brighton record label One Taste invite a whole host of amazing musicians to spend the day playing at The Bedford (Balham) – tickets are £20 and their event this year is on November 11th. Last year I discovered some incredible music there; Fiona Bevan was a great find and Alice Russell did an incredible set live. All of the artists are on the top of their game – great voices and extremely talented. If you like soul, acoustic, alternative music then swing by on the day. There’s also face paint, fancy dress, comedians, spoken word, classical music and LOTS of alcohol. Some of the rather wonderful Fiona Bevan’s music can be found below…

LOVE: I’ve decided I’m rather lazy when it comes to love. Well, when I’m IN love I’m not – I do all kinds of shiz that most people would consider cute (y’know, surprise visits, post it notes stuck to the walls telling my partner how much I love them.. etc) but regarding actually getting to that point – I’m very lazy. I was asked on a date not so long ago, but because it would take me more than 45 minutes to get from my place to his I backed out. I mean: if I can’t even be bothered to actually step outside my comfort zone (well, Zone 1 or 2) to go on a date, I’m not sure there’s much hope for me when it comes to forging a meaningful connection with anyone other than the Soho gays or that old man with a bald spot I sit opposite every day on the tube. Let’s just hope my one true love is hiding in Zone 1 or 2 somewhere!


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