Nzulezu Stilt Village, Ghana

28 Oct

On my travels through the blogosphere, I came across an incredible hotel. It’s called Lou Moon Lodge.


Expat Opinionista makes it sound incredible: “What makes Lou Moon so fantastic compared to other Ghanaian coastal resorts is its location on a cove, giving you the rare opportunity to swim without waves and currents, and to explore the coastline by sea kayak.” After a quick meander through Lou Moon’s website I discovered that from the Lodge you can kayak/canoe to a place called the Nzulezu Stilt Village.

Zulezu is an Nzema word meaning “surface of water” and it is located in Western Ghana in the middle of Lake Amansuri. The inhabitants go about their daily life, but simply adapt to the watery conditions. To me, the stilts look terrifying and I am 100%  sure I would bring the whole place crashing down. However, it’s been standing strong for over 500 years.

Apparently their day of rest is Thursday, when no activity whatsoever is allowed to take place. Children are baptised in the lake and this is believed to protect them against drowning. Inhabitants of the village are said to have migrated here from Walata, a city in the ancient Ghana Empire. According to legend their ancestors were guided to this particular spot by a snail. These facts just make the place more and more alluring to me!

Oh, and this is how you get there. Awesome:

It’s officially on the bucket list. One day!


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