Eat/See/Listen/Love: 16/11/12

16 Nov

I’m useless at posting on here. I honestly don’t know where the times goes. That’s a lie, I totally do – I waste it doing things like my ‘Ultimate Bucket List’. I basically found a website called DreamBigly and added about 50 things to my ‘Life List’. These range from do a skydive and walk with lions (check, check) to own a house or see Lion King Sing-A-Long (why will NO-ONE come with me?!)

The site is in beta at the moment, but if it ever actually works (the link to my page doesn’t at the moment) I’ll post it.

EAT: On pay day this month I splashed out a bit and went to Mildred’s in Soho. Mildred’s is a vegetarian restuarant which also does a takeaway service. Dear GOD the food in there looked amazing. Quiches, salads, frittata – all made with the most incredible looking, fresh ingredients. As you probably know by now, I’m obsessed with halloumi, so I went for their halloumi burger and sweet potato chunky fries (£7 for all of it takeaway). True, the waiter handed my the wrong bag and I ended up going back to the office with some Mexican goodness – but after returning it to Mildred’s I was very quickly served and they begged forgiveness, etc etc.

The burger was awesome. It had a really zesty relish in there, halloumi perfectly golden brown, wholemeal bun slightly toasted with fresh salad and caramalised onions inside. The fries were sprinkled with spring onion and rock salt which made them taste SO good. I didn’t even need ketchup with the meal I enjoyed it that much. Trust me, that’s saying something. The place may be a little pricey, but when you take into account the quality of the ingredients and the fact it’s Soho, it really isn’t that bad at all.

SEE: I think, possibly, I might be coming around to the idea of visiting Australia. It has never appealed to me before, but with my old house mate and other friend out there (true, they’re only a Skype away) it’s becoming a little more appealing. Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, some great wildlife… I’m not excited/intrigued enough about the place to put it on the bucket list, but it’s something to think about.

LISTEN: Before he released an album, Kid Cudi put out the ‘A Kid Named Cudi’ mix tape. It’s approximately a million times better than any one of his albums – a lot of the songs on the mix aren’t well recognised at all. I’ve recently rediscovered it (I originally played it to death in my first year of Uni) and I thought I’d post a couple of stand out tracks for you.

If I slip away/If I die today/The last thing you remember won’t be about some apple bottom jeans/With the boots/With the fur/Baby how I dreamed of being free since my birth”

LOVE: It’s been an interesting couple of days. My ex invited me to meet him this week, so I agreed, hoping this would see us slowly starting to become friends after not the nicest break up in the world. We met in a bar and these two men started chatting to us. One guy was bragging about how he’d got a girl’s number, despite the fact he was married, so naturally I decided he was an absolute dick and let him know so.

Anyway it threw up a really interesting conversation about fidelity. The guy argued that it just isn’t in men’s nature to be faithful. Fine, I argued, then they shouldn’t get themselves into monogamous relationships if they’re just going to cheat. Just, you know, DON’T date someone who cares about you if you’re going to be unfaithful and break their heart. Makes sense in my mind, right?

Then we went on to what counts as cheating. Kissing, sex – all crossing the line. My ex (while he was with me) went to a rather infamous sex themed hotel in Brighton. He went with another girl. As ‘friends’ apparently. Obviously I didn’t know it was that hotel in particular otherwise I would have gone MENTAL. He also went to a nudist spa with her. He thinks all of this was totally normal behaviour. After we broke up and I found all of this out I asked him why he didn’t tell me about going to the spa with her. He said “I went to Brighton Pier too, but I didn’t mention that because it’s not important. Same with the spa”.

Seriously guys, I actually had to explain to him how fucked up this reasoning is. The guys at the table with us thought this was crossing the line (well, duh). Which I think threw my ex a bit because one of these guys was a total prick, so to even have him on my side kinda proved the point absolutely.

Anyway; I think the whole concept of fidelity is, of course, not black and white. Open relationships, totally fine with that. But if you get yourself into a monogamous relationship, that means no cheating. One of the guys I was sat with bluntly told me that as I get older (he was about 35) I’ll realise all guys cheat. He said that 90% of his married friends were in happy relationships, but they’d still cheated – but their wives didn’t know, so y’know, it’s cool. Pffft. That’s a very depressing thought and one I’d rather not become accustomed to.

What do you think? Would you rather believe you’re in a happy and faithful relationship, or would you rather know the truth? Personally I’m a big fan of the truth, despite how much it hurts sometimes. Something to ponder.


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