Eat/See/Listen/Love: 03/12/2012

3 Dec

It’s been a while since my last post – this is partly because twice now I’ve written this post and WordPress deleted it. It’s a bit soul destroying, so I got angry, had some carrot cake to calm me down (it’s healthy but yummy, right?) and I’ve re-written the post for you. Take a peek at what I’ve been up to.

EAT: I first went to ChoccyWoccyDooDah when my all-things-chocolate obsessed friend dragged me to their flagship Brighton store. It was glorious. The place is heaving with chocolate and all kinds of guilty pleasures. Ever wanted to pay £20+ for a giant slab of Rocky Road? ChoccyWoccy make that possible.

A new store has just opened in Carnaby Street – as this is a short walk from work, it was inevitable I drag one of my friends along. The shop downstairs is red, luxurious and piled full of all kinds of chocolatey goodness. If you want to go for something a little different this Christmas (‘Oh yay. Thorntons/Ferrero Rocher again’) then head here for Christmas treats. My friend and I went to the cafe upstairs and ordered a giant slab of lemon cake (pictured). It costs £4.95, but it couldn’t be more worth it. Drizzled in milk, white and dark chocolate (as well as raspberry sauce) and topped with Turkish delight and ice cream. We only managed to get half way through it between us!

Word of warning; the staff at the Carnaby Street store are a bit rubbish. The waitress got both of our orders wrong when it came to the hot chocolate (FYI I’ve had a few  and not once have they been hot. This may be due to the fact it takes so long to top them marshmallows, chocolate shavings, whipped cream and more.) It took ages to actually place our order and took forever to process our payment. She WAS very smiley though. And with food this indulgent, they can be forgiven. Sort of.

SEE: I haven’t been to the theatre in far too long. So when my Mum arranged for us to go and see Kiss Me Kate at the Old Vic I jumped at the offer.

Kiss Me Kate is, basically, about a group of actors staging Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. However, while everything is going well on stage (to a point), there’s crossed wires, gangsters and all kinds of sordid goings-on in the wings. You’ll probably know a fair few songs from the play (‘It’s Too Darn Hot’ and ‘Another Opening, Another Show’ being the main ones) and it’s perfect for the person who may be a little daunted by Shakespeare.

The show has recently moved to London from Broadway and has had great reviews. I agree with most of them: Hannah Waddingham (pictured) who plays Lili Vanessi is wonderful. Her voice is, if anything, operatic and she certainly possessed the stage presence needed to portray the female lead.  Her comic timing was ok – at times it felt a little too forced, as it did with some of the other cast members; and the scene changes were awkward at times. However, the incredible vocals and fantastic music (gosh, that was a LOT of positive adjectives, eh?) make it perfect for the hardcore Shakespeare fans and the begrudging person they’ll drag along who actually ends up loving it (in my case, this was my brother).

The Old Vic are also doing ‘£12 tickets for under-25s’ – I checked, and you can actually get seats even cheaper if you’re quick. With an offer like that, you’ve got no excuse. Unless you’re over 25 that is.

LISTEN: I haven’t been to anywhere near enough gigs lately. So when I was offered exclusive access to the latest Nokia x Deadmau5 event, I of course said yes. I’d never actually given any time to Deadmau5 before but as Nokia had gone to the trouble of closing down an entire street and rigging the place with speakers, lasers and a rather impressive light display… well, why not, right?

Deadmau5 was actually far better than I expected. Perhaps it was the amazing light display provided by Nokia, but his music is the kind of music I think I’d quite like if it came on in a club. At the very least I’d enjoy it while drunk and tolerate it when sober. At times it felt very much like Daft Punk, which as far as I’m concerned is no bad thing.

Take  look at the video Nokia has produced showcasing the event – they’ve just launched the Lumia 820 and 920 in the UK and WHAT a way to do so! Click on the photo above to view.

LOVE: I follow a feed/blog on Twitter called ‘The Good Men Project’ – they claim to be “starting a conversation about what it means to be a good man”. Now, I know – the title of this project will rub some people up the wrong way. But hold fire. A lot of the articles on the blog are actually very informative and thoughtful – and many are a challenging read.

The Good Men Project, in my opinion, is getting the sexes to take a look at their opinions and behaviour and either challenge it, explain it – or simply discuss it. There are a huge range of topics; one article, ‘Nice Guys Commit Rape Too’, looks at what constitutes rape and explodes the myth that it’s all ‘strangers attacking women in dark alleys’. One man writes that his female friend once went home with a guy in their friendship circle, simply because she wasn’t able to return home and she trusted him, and she awoke to find him inside of her. Apparently she blamed herself for sharing a bed with him and being too scared to fight him off of her. It’s these kind of thought provoking articles which make men (and women too) question their behaviour – women’s behaviour (falsely accusing men of rape, or coercing men into sex) is put under the spotlight too. It’s controversial – but it’s supposed to be.

Other articles look at the objectification of women by men (‘Her Looks, Your Status’) or  there’s ‘How To Lose A Guy Forever’ (essentially a ‘What Men Want’ article). There is plenty of food for thought on the site and the comments people leave are often more interesting than the articles themselves. After all – the article is ONE man’s, or ONE woman’s, view – the comments allow men and women to agree, disagree, question and debate. Fascinating stuff.


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