Christmas Bleatings

25 Dec

So, Christmas day is drawing to a close. I have a LOT to blog about but I thought I’d take the time to write down why this Christmas has been so bloody good. Because it has been. Top 5 list coming your way… the image below is unrelated, but I like vintage pin up pictures, so deal with it.

1) My family: Despite the fact my parents are divorced I do what I can to make sure I spend some quality time with them, equally. My Mum LOVES Christmas but gets stressed about it (this is usually calmed by dealing with the gravy for her) so I do bits and bobs to help out. I had an AMAZING meal (stuffing and pigs in blankets were of course the highlights) followed by far too much chocolate. So sue me, it’s Christmas. My Dad’s house is warm and full of life – and it looks like Christmas has thrown up in the house, it’s insane. But I like that. Christmas is tacky and so it should be. Just revel in it.

2) My friends: My friends are bloody brilliant. Over the past few months I sort of felt like I was drifting away from a few of them, but they showed me so much love when it was my birthday last week I’ll have to spend 2013 making it up to them! Even the little things like getting me meaningful gifts on my birthday really meant a huge amount. Christmas Eve with my home mates is always full of laughs and it’s nice when everyone comes together, despite living apart, and it’s just like old times. My friendship group is awesome and full of people I want to spend time with. Some friends are newer – friends from work, friends I’ve made online and haven’t necessarily met. These guys rock my socks too – we’re a pretty sock rockin’ bunch. If you’re my friend, give yourself a pat on the back. You aced it in 2012. If you’re not my friend… you’ll probably know about it, haha!

3) Gifts: C’moooooooon Christmas is commercial guys and I got some great swag. Tickets to the Lion King theatre show (hell YES I am excited), Benefit make up (adore the brand), Beyonce perfume (adore the woman) and Primark vouchers… from BOTH parents, haha! Just wait until I hit those sales baby.

4) Laughter: Christmas is meant to be fun and this year it really was. Last year I was being played by a guy who then went on to become my boyfriend – but now I’m free, single and incredibly happy. You have no idea the difference not loving a player makes to your well-being. Anyway – thank you to my home laydeez for the hilarious Christmas drinks and copious other times they’ve cracked me up. Thank you to my work mates for making the 9-5 that bit more bearable (ever heard a Lithuanian say ‘potato’? IT’S HILARIOUS). Thank you to my Uni mates for still sticking around and making me chuckle; you have no idea how hilarious shouting ‘YOU’RE NAKED’ around the house can be… Thank you to people who are a bit newer in my life but I haven’t actually met: for the bizarre conversations, the grand plans and the endless lols. It’s SO appreciated.

5) Love: always keep your cards close to your chest, you never know who might be reading the shiz, right? But in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make (might copyright that).

Ho-ho-ho bitches. Hope you had a good’un.



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