Eat/See/Listen/Love: 03/02/13

3 Feb

So, this week I did a fair bit. Visited a gallery (technically last week, let’s not be pedantic now), went to numerous bars and restaurants (I actually ventured to Brighton this weekend so obviously they were all stupidly cool and quirky) and quit my job. The last thing was the least enjoyable funnily enough, but let’s not dwell. This week I have something special for you: my friends will be giving their two cents about Honest Burger. I know. Start getting excited.

EAT: So, on to Honest Burger. It’s taken me a while to go to this place, but when Burger Me did a review of their veggie burger I felt compelled to give it a go (infuriatingly people only EVER review beef burgers. The fact I even have an opinion on who blogs what about different burger varieties means 1. I love burgers too much and 2. I read too many blogs.)


ANYWAY. Honest Burger in Soho was not quite as wonderful as I was expecting. Luckily my friends and I arrived pre-queue, but get there after 6.30 and could be waiting an hour for some of the best fries in London. They beat MeatLiquor’s fries hands down – they’re rosemary salted and absolutely gorgeous. The veggie patty however wasn’t quite so good. Don’t get me wrong – gorgeous ingredients (cauliflower, sweetcorn, shallots with a dollop of coriander and cucumber yoghurt) however the patty was far too dry for me – my veggie burger gotta have a bit of squidge.

However, for the burger and fries it was a mere £6.50 and I’d say it was worth the money. Food came pretty quickly, but the service wasn’t anything special. Decor of the place is bare bones but it’s comfy and warm. My friends had the Honest Beef Burgers and by all accounts their burgers went down a STORM. My friend Egidijus loved his so much I have decided to include his thoughts on the burger so I’m not being an evil bias-non-vegetarian-but-had-a-veggie burger kinda gal.. so here is Gids and his thoughts on Honest Burger, Soho. By the way, I believe the look on his face is one of joy…
“There was a flavour I could taste but couldn’t recognise I didn’t really pay attention to the ingredients on the burger.The meat was pink at the center but cooked really well (as in, somebody did a good job). The bun was something different and I liked it but the meat and the other ingredients did not let the taste of the bun to come through (he’s so bloody fussy). The fries/chips were really good – I am sick of wanky hipster places not having good potatoes, it’s so fucking easy to make fantastic chips (I think this is just a general rant about independent burger places in London rather than a dig at Honest Burger…)

I reckon the pickle was too thinly sliced but I liked the mayo on the table. I didn’t like the napkins. Go to Ikea get a proper napkin.”

So there we have it. Good burger, no idea what was in it apart from pickles that were sliced too thinly, great fries and disappointing napkins. You heard it here first folks.
SEE: I went to the Marilyn Monroe: A British Love Affair exhibition at the National Gallery last week. I wasn’t too impressed – the images were few and far between and the the room was very small. However, there are a few great shots and my friend and I had a lovely little debate about her feminine raw sexuality being at odds with how women were being portrayed two decades later.. or, y’know, something like that. Basically – it’s good enough but don’t go out of your way to go there as it will take you a grand total of 10 minutes to see all the images. However, this has allowed me to post a rather wonderful photo of Marilyn Monroe on my blog. So that’s cool.

LISTEN: Bonobo is back with a great new track called Cirrus. His album Black Sands is one of my all time faves and his next offering, The North Borders, is already sounding good. Cirrus is more electronic than his last album – on Black Sands Andreya Triana features on a few songs and gave the already quite chilled out electronic vibe a soulful edge. Hopefully some great collaborations will come along on The North Borders when it’s released April 1st. Until then, check out the awesome video for Cirrus.

LOVE: Over the course of the past few months, I have become incredibly happy. My career is headed in a new and exciting direction, my friends rock and I’ve been exploring London and doing all sorts of cool stuff. Some new, awesome people have entered my life and I like being able to say I have some wonderful friends that actually give a crap. I think when you’re happy, you’re more comfortable and confident being alone. If the love of your life or whatnot rocks up, it’s the icing on the cake. But I think people should aim for having a really yummy cake rather than perusing the icing and not being totally fulfilled. Cake is filling, icing makes it better, but icing can never fill you up like the accompanying cake.

I’m so sorry I dragged that metaphor out. I’m ashamed of myself. However, it does work bloody well.


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