Eat/See/Listen/Love: 17/02/13

17 Feb

I have been very dull over the last two weeks. True, I’ve done enough to warrant a blog post, but still. It’s been a lot of eating out and going to the gym (I only went to the gym to cancel out the crap I ate, like most people). My to-do list has been crazy long – articles, press releases, getting my shit together before I start my job and trying to keep in touch with people who have slipped away a little.

The high point of my week was getting some awesome bargains when shopping – I might do the odd fashion post for you guys from time to time actually. I have a colourful, mis-matched ‘eclectic’ (pfft) sense of style (the use of the word style should be taken with a pinch of salt) and I think it might do people good to think out side the ‘black/grey/brown’ box when they get dressed in the morning. Because you guys totally read my blog before you go to work every day, right?

EAT: At long last I went to Patty & Bun. I queued up to get in a few weeks ago, but it was raining and I got there at 6.20pm so the queue was already HUGE – it’s a place much like Meatliquor in terms of its reputation and awesome sloppy burgers, but it’s done an ‘Honest Burger’ and only put 30 bloody seats in the restaurant. I hate it when I’m queuing up because the place is small, but then it makes it so satisfying when you’re in there looking at the suckahs in the cold.


So, what were the burgers like? In brief, they’re AWESOME. Their menu is very basic – three or four types of beef burger, one chicken and one veggie (it’s mushroom based). You can have rosemary fries, coleslaw or salad as a side and only choc ices are on the dessert menu. Side-wise, I have to say I preferred Honest Burger’s rosemary fries and Meatliquor’s ‘slaw absolutely cannot be beaten. HOWEVER: the burger was incredible. See the photo above for a taste of what the chicken burger looks like – huge portion, brioche bun, amazing coleslaw inside, along with onions, American cheese and some yummy sauce which dripped everywhere and made me feel like a disgusting, but very satisfied, person. In all honesty I didn’t really need the fries, the burger was PLENTY – and pretty reasonably priced at £7.50.

My friend Nat came with me and her opinion was that the veggie burger was WAY better than Honest Burger’s. For a usually pretty eater (y’know, the types who always do well with a knife and fork and don’t actually need a napkin) she still managed to make a little bit of a glorious mess with her burger – which personally I think says good things about Patty & Bun. This is NOT the place to come on a first date… try date number 6. You know each other pretty well but you’re still earning cool points – but they won’t be scared off when you’re chomping away all carnivore-like.

SEE: A few weeks ago I went to the Light From the Middle East photography exhibition at the V&A, London. It’s running until April 9th and I’d recommend giving it a look – not only is it free, but there’s some incredible work there. Around 90 artists are showcased and anything that doesn’t have an immediate visual impact has a huge amount of meaning behind it.


I don’t need to bang on about conflict in the Middle East, but I would like to highlight some of my favourite pieces and artists on show. The artwork above is by Nermine Hammam, an Egyptian artist and photographer, and it’s called Upekkha. Hammam’s work is a reaction to the army presence in Cairo over the past couple of years following the revolution. Hammam wanted to highlight how vulnerable the young soldiers seemed – how they wanted to be anywhere but there. Her images are jarring as they place these soldiers, in their military gear, against fantasy settings. The colour of the artwork is totally at odds to the reality of the situation.


Amirali Ghasemi’s work also jumped out at me – again, very bold prints with a lot to say. Ghasemi is an Iranian artist and the piece above is from his series ‘Party’ from 2005. Ghasemi blocks out areas of flesh – essentially censoring what seems, to Westerners, to be harmless gatherings and people. The work evokes the censorship of imported magazines in Iran – skirts are lengthened on women, women’s bodies are covered up – sometimes as crudely as simply having black marker scrawled over the top of the images.

The artists are incredibly inventive and really give you a lot to think about – more so than a depressing news bulletin. Their work makes you really think about the situations countries in the Middle East are facing; whether it be war over land, revolution and political tyranny or censorship.

LISTEN: Next week I’ll be reviewing the Keaton Henson gig I’m going to tomorrow night – but for now, have a listen to something a little more upbeat. Kimberly Kennedy has just released her What the Funk mixtape (you should know by now how much I love a good mix tape – when I find one that beats Jazzy Jeff’s Life Colours it’ll be a great day). Anyway – this one ain’t too bad. Great in parts, not so great in others – but worth a post. What do you think? Do you have any mixtape recommendations for me?

LOVE: It’s rare to find someone who is *actually* single as I’ve decided there are about a hundred different variations on the word. Single, but in unrequited love. Single, but having sex with a friend. Single, but still getting over the ex. Nearly everyone has some sort of love issue they’re working out.

I’m fortunate to not be getting over anyone, or to be in a complicated relationship, but I want to share some words of wisdom for the sake of it. There are only three ways to get over someone. Doesn’t matter if you dated them for 5 years and they cheated on you. Doesn’t matter if you love them but they don’t know you’re alive. These three ways apply no matter what the situation… you just need to work out the easiest one to put into practice (although the third way to get over someone they sort have to do it for you). The second way is ideal, but you can’t force it. The first is the hardest but by FAR the most effective for most people.


1. Cut them out of your life.
C’mon now, this is a painfully obvious one. Just totally cut. them. out. of. your. life. Stop talking to them. Stop following them on Twitter and de-friend them on Facebook. Delete all photos you have of them. Delete their number, all of their texts and distance yourself from their friends. Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but totally ignoring someone actually makes the heart think “who the hell were they?” when, a year later, they send you that desperate message trying to re-connect.

2. Find someone else.
This doesn’t mean ‘sleep with 10 people over the course of a month’, although god knows that takes the edge off for some people. Sometimes someone just comes along and they make you realise that all the crap you’ve been through was for someone not worth wasting your time over. If you do find someone that makes you feel good, that you want to be with and makes you happy – throw yourself in there and that person you’re trying to get over will be a distant memory soon enough. Of course, this is the ideal option but in reality this takes a lot of work. Can’t help you out any more than that. Sorry guys.

3. They do something so horrible that your feelings are cancelled out by disgust.
You may be head over heels in love one minute, but you find out they’ve done something morally reprehensible I tend to find that you get over them pretty damn quickly. Ladies, Rihanna getting back with Chris Brown is an exception to this rule – he’s a nasty, thug of a man and she’s an idiot for allowing herself to give him the time of day.

Wow, that was quite a serious ending. Promise the next post will be marginally more light-hearted. That’s all folks.


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