Eat/See/Listen/Love: 15/03/12

15 Mar

I was going to apologise for not having written anything for nearly two weeks now, but I don’t think I’m that sorry (I’ve been ill/crazy busy/stop being so bloody demanding) and you also probably don’t care.

I’ve been up to all sorts over the past two weeks – this week I’ve been very much the cosmopolitan gal, eating out a lot, going to fancy soirees and random events. If you’re interested in what’s been going down over the past two weeks, read on.

EAT: This is going to be a general post about the lack of good, real honest food in Knightsbridge. I have moved from Soho to Knightsbridge for work and for the past three weeks I have struggled to find a single, affordable place in the whole bloody area to eat that isn’t either a supermarket or Pret. As I’m sure you know, I like quirky, reasonably priced places with GREAT food. That absolutely doesn’t apply here in Knightsbridge. For some reason they wealthy like chain stores and overpriced pasta. ho hum.

A lot of people rave about Bar Boulud’s burger, however they only do beef (yuk) and it comes with fois gras (disgusting – why torture an animal for a tastier vital organ? Ugh). So there we have it. That’s all that’s on offer. Luckily my work’s canteen does amazing food, cheap too, but sometimes it’s nice to go out and discover something different, right? How do you spend your working lunch? If I have one more homemade sandwich and a packet of crisps I may go mental.

SEE: Gorilla Perfume put on a pretty cool event this week – it was essentially a cinema night but with a little extra – they made the room smell according to the action going on on-screen. Considering the film was Labyrinth, with its bog of Eternal Stench, I couldn’t resist going along.

If you haven’t seen Labyrinth, SEE IT. It’s essentially the muppets and David Bowie interacting, with a ridiculous storyline and lots of hilarious moments (and the most 80’s soundtrack ever, of course). Not to be nasty, but the perfume company messed up as the Bog of Eternal Stench didn’t smell at all and for the most part the perfumes were very bland. They have a cool website though – just don’t buy anything off of it (apart from their badges). They hold these events from time to time in Shoreditch – essentially go for a fun movie, an interesting experience, the opportunity to purchase some cool badges and free food.

LISTEN: When I arrived at Heaven to see Jamie Lidell I was alone and late – I missed the two support acts much to my annoyance. However, Heaven is one of those venues where people just latch on to you and getting involved in conversations is all too easy. No less than ten minutes after arriving I was talking with a couple of people who had seen Lidell live a few times previously – they were discussing a recent interview Lidell has given, in which he’d claimed to have ‘stayed on the edge of the mainstream’. But did his live set reflect this statement?

Jamie Lidell’s first album, first two albums even, were very much about his voice and his mixing of electro sensibility with soul/funk vocals. The tunes were catchy – Multiply and the upbeat I Wanna Be Your Telephone – both had incredible vocals placed on top of great music. However, his first single from his latest album sees quite a change in direction for Lidell. The album is soaked in 80′s, electro synth – at times feeling overproduced – but with his soulful vocals still present there’s certainly something of the Prince about the whole thing.

Live, however, not so much. Prince always had the ‘wow’ factor. Lidell walked on stage wearing a Mac white glowed white when the lights flared – dressed in exactly the same way as he is in the video for You Naked, his first song off of his self-titled album (have a peek at the video below). The lighting and stage were set in exactly the same way as the video too – visuals and lighting were hugely important to the feel of the set, with the strobe lights and light-up microphone stand all helping to make his new direction feel like updated electo/synth. The gig felt very much like a DJ set, with a steady 808 driving you through the lulls in music (from time to time the crowd got restless, as did I, with the lack of ‘songs’ played). The majority of his time was spent behind the decks, however for the odd song, such as You Naked, he actually ‘performed’ on stage, as it were.

Anyway. You Naked it a great song. Listen below.

LOVE: When I went to see Jamie Lidell live, I was very kindly offered a threesome. I say kindly because the couple weren’t sleazy, they seemed very normal… but just interested in picking up a random woman to help their marriage? Or to add fire to the bedroom? Well – whatever the reason they asked me, you’ll be pleased to hear I said no.


I went to the gig alone, so a guy and his girlfriend started chatting to me about the music. All fine so far. Then the conversation changed and I was invited back to their place “after the gig for a nightcap and some fun”. Now, true – this may have been very innocent (although I have been assured by numerous people it was not). I smiled and made my excuses. Looking back, it would have been very, VERY weird. I’m very liberal – do whatever the hell you want to do as long as you’re not hurting anyone – but I don’t think I could do that. If I were the guy, I’d feel like I was cheating on my girlfriend. If I were the girl I’d be very jealous. And if I were the random third-party I’d feel like a third wheel. Who knows – maybe it would have all turned out ok. Needless to say I won’t be updating you if I ever find out how awkward it is or isn’t. Hahaha.

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