Eat/See/Listen/Love: 28/03/2013

28 Mar

Easter weekend – along with the cold weather, it’s a topic of conversation I’m sure you’ll have visited numerous times over the past few days. I’m heading back to the Shire for the weekend (Mum’s cooking and no mobile reception… you win some you lose some). Before I break out of the M25 into the land of fields, I thought I’d give y’all a little update on what I’ve been up to. Oh, and I thought I’d post the following photo of Beyonce because she’s divine.



Ok, moving on from idol worshiping and onto real life….

EAT: This post is going to be short and garlic-y. No, I’m not leading on to another blog post about Garlic and Shots (yes, they’re juuuuust not well known enough to still be cool) but actually, I’m re-visiting Bills. Specifically, I’m going to talk to you about their garlic bread. The BEST garlic bread, not only in Soho, but possibly in London. There, I said it, it’s out there. I went to Bills the other day and lamented not getting the awesome, buttery, garlic-y goodness (my friend doesn’t like garlic the mentalist). It is served warm with a sprinkling of basil and a lot of garlic butter and it’s an absolute MUST.


Also, Bills is usually filled with minor celebrities. While sitting in there my friends and I have seen Tazmin Greig, Bill Nighy, Russell Brand, Geri Halliwell, that guy from The Kooks and some comedian. Seriously, it’s a great place to people watch and celeb-spot… if that’s your kinda thing.

SEE: I’m including The Alice House, Queens Park, in the ‘see’ section as I just love the interior of the place so bloody much. The Alice House is a beautiful cocktail bar with a vintage style interior – there are hundreds of hanging lights adorning the ceiling which make for an incredible atmosphere when the sun goes down.


I’ve been there a few times as my friend used to work there – Saturday nights are awesome because their DJ has SUCH good taste in music. You won’t get dull commercial music playing; old school hip hop is mixed with commercial pop which is given a funky edge. Sounds odd on the blog, sounds GREAT in the bar.

Drinks are reasonable – they have a good selection of spirits, ciders and some really cool house cocktails and shots. I had some kind of shot in a mini jam jar (I can only describe it as Jack Daniels mixed with hatred) and they also do a great Ice Cold Teapot Punch.

LISTEN: Wild Nothing are awesome. I’ve liked them for a while now, so obviously jumped at the chance to see them (I say ‘them’, I mean ‘him’ Jack Tatum). However, Scala as a venue wasn’t the best choice in the world… soon as I arrived I was given a full body search and had my bag rifled through. Also drink prices are CRAZY. Yes, it’s our fault for ordering Jagerbombs, Sambuca shots and double vodkas… but still. This is my place to moan, yeah?

Back to Wild Nothing. Nocturne (their latest album) is full of laid back, US alternative-indie pop. This is a slightly misleading statement as there’s very much something of The Smiths, The Cure and other 80′s ‘indie’ music about them (listen to This Chain Won’t Break and you’ll hear a likeness to Once in A Lifetime by Talking Heads). However, as general summary it’ll do.

Wild Nothing are, essentially, all about Jack Tatum. The songs are very much his own work, but obviously when touring he has a full band in tow. Due to this, you’d expect him to be a little more present on stage – however, this wasn’t really the case. The general reaction of the audience to the first few songs – despite being great tunes like Nocturne and Shadow – was quite placid. Not a lot of dancing which is surprising due to the dreamy, upbeat nature of the music. Then again, we all approach gigs differently and just because I’m inclined to dance like a maniac at gigs, doesn’t necessarily mean everybody else will be…

Despite the fact the engagement between band and audience was a little lackluster, the music itself was wonderful. The drums at the start of This Chain Won’t Break really came into their own live – the ambient guitar slicing through them worked so well on stage. Songs like Paradise also came off well – Tatum’s vocals were on point and the music was true to the record. Wild Nothing didn’t push the boundaries with their live act; they remained faithful, for the most part, to the record, which went down well with the crowd.

Wild Nothing made sure they performed a fair number of tracks from their first album Gemini. There’s certainly a different feel to these tracks – Tatum changed direction with his latest album because he actually had fans to write for, not just himself. As an album Nocturne is very conscious of its pop sensibilities and there is far more of a nod to the 80s, whereas Gemini is generally ‘light, airy and ambient’ with no real direction behind the music. I realise this seems like I wasn’t that impressed with the performance – but I was. Promise. Wasn’t so impressed with Scala as a venue though… have a listen to the track below and lemmie know what you think.

LOVE: Love, love is a verb. Love is a doing word.



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