Eat/See/Listen/Love: 13/04/13

13 Apr

Long time no speak peeps. I’ve, basically, spent the last two weeks working like a mental person and trying to go to a variety of cool new places. You’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve succeeded.

I have decided to start this blog post off by being a little bit reflective. I was chatting with my friend Gids the other day about our group of friends from work (well, my old workplace) – we’re such a motley crew but when we were talking we hit upon the basis for not only workplace friendships, but all forms of relationships: it’s not about the big things. Finding people who can deal with big, one off, mental episodes is wonderful – but it’s those little, irritating, everyday quirks we all have that really factor into our relationships most. When you get a group of people together – in some way – they’re all going to have traits you love and they’ll also have little things they do which you don’t love. It’s putting up with those little things, and having them accept your irritating traits too, that shows a real friendship.


For example, I believe I’m entitled to voice my opinion no matter what the situation. For the most part this is fine, but sometimes it comes across as if I’m attacking the views of people whose opinions differ to mine. I’m not, but I’m well aware, as I’m speaking, that that’s how I come across. I also tend to think I know best. I’m very stubborn. This one time a guy walked up to my friend Nat and asked her how to get to the Bakerloo Line and I just answered before she could even open her mouth. How she didn’t punch me I’ll never know, but I was still very aware that I’d been irritating. However, she put up with it (and does often, bless her).

Anyway. Perhaps all I’m really trying to say is true friendship is about biting your tongue. Sometimes the best friend isn’t the one who just sits up until 2am giving you counseling – it’s the one who also doesn’t hit you when most other people would. Hahahaha.

EAT: T’was my old work colleague’s birthday on Wednesday so we decided to head to Slider Bar in Soho. Slider bar started in E8, known as Lucky Chip, and Slider Bar offers (unsurprisingly) slider-sized versions of their burgers and a whole host of incredible cocktails.


When you arrive, you’d never know. A small menu is pinned to a wall and there is no one at the door to greet you. After heading down some steps, you open the door the atmosphere immediately hits you. Soft lighting, neon signs, great music and an open bar area, with sofas and tables for people who want a bite to eat too. There are small black and white TVs dotted around the bar and retro signs hanging on every wall.


The menu is basic, but there’s enough variety to keep you happy. It’s a shame they didn’t have a chicken burger and a pulled pork option would have been nice too (I believe they sometimes offer this on their Dinner menu though). It’s £10 for fries and two slider burgers (each being smaller than my fist so don’t come here if you’re starving hungry!) I opted for the veggie option and the El Chappo – beef, bacon, jalapenos and aioli.

The food came after about 20 minutes – as there were six of us, this was actually very fast. While we waiting we went for an array of cocktails and shots – it’s pricey, but no more so than any trendy cocktail bar in Soho, so suck it up.


On to the food. Dear GOD the aioli was AMAZING. Like.. seriously. So, so good. Then beef burger was well-cooked and juicy, however the bacon was more fat than meat, which was disappointing. The fries were good – y’know, standard fries – and the veggie burger was lovely. The brioche buns were (no pun intended) slide y little sods which meant they were a fun nightmare to eat. My friend also got the BBQ chicken wings; these were also amazing. Tender and tangy, exactly as they should be.

Anyway – my over all thoughts are: great atmosphere (PERFECT for a second or third date, will make you seem very cool), good food which was worth the £10, however some small tweaks, like the bacon, would have been good (then again, maybe I’m a fussy beeyach, who knows). The drinks were wonderful and Slider Bar is a drinks first, food second kind of place – however the sliders were yummy enough to make me want to try out the full size options over at Lucky Chip. When I do, I’ll let you know.

SEE: It’s amazing the things you miss as a commuter. The other day I was on a bus back home from work and I’m already de-sensitised to how beautiful the buildings of Knightsbridge are. The tourists were filled with awe as they went past Hyde Park, the Mandarin Ballroom and Harrods. It was actually quite nice seeing London through their eyes for a short while. Then they got off the bus and I forgot where I was again, just hoping the bus driver would hurry up so I could make the 18.36 train back home.

When I worked in Soho, I’d walk through Piccadilly Circus a few times a day and never notice the World Time Today Clock/Map. The day I did I was really taken aback – it’s beautiful. This may sound off, but I’m a big map fan – I love globes, treasure trails and cartography (despite not knowing much about it). So when I realised I’d been missing this amazing map, hidden away in one of the busiest underground stations in central, I knew I had to bring it to people’s attention.

Piccadilly Circus station world clock

When Piccadilly Circus was refurbished between 1925 and 1928, the clock was installed to keep in mind how the world had changed and how the modern commuter needed such a device to keep up to date with the new, modern, global world.

The clock features a time band which moves across its central line at the same pace as the earth rotates, and shows the rough time at any point at any time, and whether it is day or night. HOW COOL IS THAT? No, but seriously, it is. Go and see it. Or, at the very least, make a point of noticing it next time you’re rushing to work.

LISTEN: I bloody love Andreya Triana. I discovered her, like a lot of people I assume, thanks to her appearance on Bonobo’s Black Sands. I’ve since seen her live a couple of times and her voice never fails to really strike a chord.

She features on a Manu Delago track called A Long Way and not only is her voice totally sensuous and wonderful, but the music is damn good too. I’m a little bit gutted as Manu Delago just did a London show and I missed it – so for now I’m consoling myself by just listening to this track over and over. Have a listen.



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