Battersea hangover food, Barcelona, Theophilus London and I bloody love Radiohead.

29 Aug

I dyed my hair the other day. Unfortunately I didn’t realise that due to the bizarre amount of sunshine London has been seeing (and wandering around Barcelona for a week) my hair went electric paprika rather than yummy ginger. Luckily, as soon as it DID go that colour I realised it looks freakin’ awesome.

What can I say, red hair rocks.

EAT: I’ve lived in Battersea for over 18 months now, and it was only last weekend that I managed to visit Jack’s at the Junction. Jack’s is all about honest grub, local food and that greasy spoon cafe feel with home-cooked, high quality food.

It totally hits the spot. The range of food available is incredible: they do all day breakfasts ranging from full English, to American, to fancy nosh like Eggs Benedict (maybe it says something about me that I consider that posh nosh. Moving on…) They also do take-out, so if you’re ever hanging around, waiting for a train, this is the place to go. Their website says you can use the place for a quick business meeting: I would not recommend this. The atmosphere is perfect for a quick meal, a catch up with friends, a hangover cure or a less-fancy date. Buuuut not business.


I won’t lie, it’s not as cheap as a greasy spoon, but the food is fast and tastes great. I opted for the Yankee Doodle Dandy: eggs, bacon, sausage, American pancakes with maple syrup. It’s meant to come with french toast bit I went for hash browns instead (great choice they were GREAT). Totally filling, perfectly cooked, totally hit the spot. The meal cost about £7.50 which is quite steep, but I say it’s worth it.

SEE: Go to Barcelona. I know that’s quite a grand statement to make, but just go. Seriously. The weather is always beautiful, the city has a beach, a gothic quarter, art and architecture, tourist destinations, amazing nightlife and great food.

I went the other week for the fifth time and I’m already looking forward to going back. I might go back on my own next time, take some real time to explore the city.


Also: PIM PAM BURGER (I’m going to do a special blog post purely on Pim Pam soon, I swear).

LISTEN: I have a ‘Night Time’ play list (as well as about another 30 others) – the only songs that make it on there are the kind which make me smile while I’m walking home slowly from the gym in the dark, or riding the night bus somewhere. They’re usually slow and full of atmosphere. The song below is one of my favourites on there.

Listen and let me know if you love it too.

LOVE: Even when all my friends have gone, off married with children, and I’m totally alone, I’ll still have Radiohead. Swoon.



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