Making the best of things, Tamesis Dock, Iron and Wine and the more dates the better

8 Sep

I think of myself as a realist rather than a pessimist, however I’ve realised they very much equate to the same thing in my mind. However, I’m attempting to view drama, bad events and all the good things as opportunities rather than something to get down about.

The best thing to do is simply to do the right thing. Usually, when you’re stuck in the middle of a situation, the best thing to do is ask your friends, the ones who always have your back, what the right thing to do is. Get them to give you pep talks and take their advice if you’re not sure what to do (luckily I have a VERY strong sense of self and a strong sense of right and wrong, so making my mind up and doing the right thing is easy for me). But despite doing what’s best, I still have a very negative perception of the world, which I’m trying to break out of.

So snap out of thinking negatively about opportunities which are given to you. I’m trying to.

EAT: Tamesis Dock is a quirky boat, harboured in between Vauxhall and Southbank. This review will be short and sweet as there’s not a huge amount to say about it other than as a place to drink, it’s great. Very spacious on the inside, fairy lights adorning the decking and a great idea for a date. It’s basically a pub, but trendier and something a little different. It’s also only about a 10 minute walk from Southbank, so it’s well situated for you to move onto somewhere else later. They also do live music and events too.


The food is cheap buuuuut there’s a reason for that, as it’s pretty bland. I got the veggie burger and sweet potato fries (massive surprise there for regular readers of the blog…) and the burger was dry, the bun was tasteless and the fries were nothing special. I mean, it’s ok, but it’s definitely a place to go for the atmosphere, quirky factor and for a drink, rather than a great meal.

SEE: Beyond Retro are celebrating London Fashion Week by teaming up with Koppaberg to put on an afternoon of music, fashion and, of course, drinking. The event runs from 2pm – 7pm on Saturday 14th of September (next weekend) and is free – major bonus, obviously.

fashiondrinking(as you can see, fashion and alcohol go hand in hand)

Headlining will be Caviare Days, a Swedish 60’s-inspired psychedelic rock band, and there will be support from Hunter and the Bear (they’ve supported Springsteen recently) and White Fever, a dream-wave band based in London.

Cider is free, clothes are in abundance and it’s a little something different to do on a Saturday. Let me know if you’re going and I’ll see you there!

LISTEN: This blog post I’m going for an old favourite – and a song you may well know due to its bloody inclusion in the effing Twilight soundtrack – rather than something new or that you may not know.

Iron and Wine is Samuel Beam and he has a beautiful voice. His music fits best into the ‘folk’ genre, although that certainly doesn’t limit the music Iron and Wine produces. His voice is delicate but deep as well – might not make sense, but listen to the track below and you’ll see what I mean. I’m a big fan of music which creates atmosphere, and Flightless Bird, American Mouth does just that. Enjoy.

LOVE: It’s got to the point where I’ve been on so many dates in such a short period of time that the other day I forgot the name of the next guy I have lined up to see. Don’t think this is me bragging about anything. It’s more a statement about putting yourself out there, haha.

Sure, most of the dates don’t work out – no spark is usually the reason I have for not seeing them again, although we all know that’s just symptomatic of something else. For the most part, the men don’t challenge me. I like it when a guy challenges me: he calls me out on stupid things I say. If I speak my mind he sure as hell will too. He’s passionate about something and challenges me to fall back in love with… well, the things I once loved.

So, yes. I go on a lot of dates. Most of the guys don’t challenge me, however I nearly always have a good time: I might discover a new bar in London to visit. They may teach me something interesting. Or, sometimes, it’s such a bizarre date that the story I get from it totally makes up for it.


It’s like I was saying at the start of this blog post: how positive your life is, is made up of how you interpret things. I look at dates as just an opportunity to have fun, meet someone new, learn new things and visit new places. Just because it doesn’t always turn into an epic romance, doesn’t mean it;s something to get upset about… that, and I always get bought a drink 😉


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