Big Easy, Power Ballad Club Night, Billie Holiday and keeping your head screwed on

5 Nov

I was going to start this blog post with my usual ‘sorry about the lack of blog posts but I’ve been really busy’. Then I started about thinking what I ACTUALLY do in an average week and it was actually quite interesting (ok, that may be an overstatement).

Recently I feel like I’ve been focusing on one thing and sacrificing a few others. For example, I’ve binged on awesome TV shows and films. True, this is cultural and no bad thing. But… when you’re watching a TV show you can’t be listening to music or reading a book at the same time. Music is my primary passion and reading used to be SUCH a big part of my life. So I got thinking about, over the course of the last 6 months, what I’ve actually been doing on a day-to-day basis. This is a rough break down.

During the week:
37 hours sleeping, 6 hours commuting to and from work, 1hr 30 minutes to and from the gym, 4 hours at the gym, 40 hours at work, 5 hours getting ready for work in the morning, 3 hours cooking and eating dinner, 10 hours watching Netflix/some other kind of TV/Film online, 4 hours on the phone… which leaves about 9.5 hours for ‘other’ bits and bobs.

Do you ever feel like you have no idea where your week went? At least I know now.

Weekends are more free: I sleep more, but obviously don’t have to work. Which, really, doesn’t leave me with much time to do… well, anything. I usually find time for one date each week, seeing my friends and going out one day each weekend and that’s it.

So: I’m going to utilise my time better. My commutes to work will be time for me to read.  That’s 6ish hours of reading I won’t have been doing before. I’m replacing some TV watching with downloading new music and going to more gigs (I’ve been slacking the past few months). I’m going to go on more dates (why the hell not) and creating things (blog posts, decorating the house, customising and creating clothing). Just little ways to make the most of my time.

On to what I’ve been up to this past month.

EAT: The Big Easy on Kings Road feels a little out of place in Chelsea. It;s an American style ‘Crabshack’ restaurant and, as the website says: “Big Easy transports you to a simpler time. From the décor to the nightly live music, it’s the perfect place to kick back, eat a great home-style meal, and relax.”

photo 1

I went on a Friday night and I’ll warn you: book a table. It’s insanely popular, and you get stuck in the small bar area while you wait an hour for a table. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just a warning. The cocktails are great: there’s a huge range, including on tap fresh fruit frozen margaritas as well as a big wine selection.

Now, the  place IS a crabshack, so meat is a big deal on the menu. Lobster, steak and a range of burgers are the main attractions: they even do all you can eat BBQ evenings, all you can eat fajitas and lobster festivals.

photo 2

Of course, I went for the burger. First, my friend and I had the baked basket of garlic bread. The. bread. was. divine. Strong but not overpowering, on crusty, yummy bread. Massive thumbs up.

photo 3

Next was the BBQ Chicken burger with coleslaw. I may not have had the lobster or steak, but I couldn’t visit the Big Easy without having something that had been barbecued. The burger came in a brioche bun, with BBQ chicken breast and caramlised onions (I had them as an added extra). The burger was fine. Chicken was well cooked, smokey and the caramlised onions were needed in order to give it some flavour. The brioche bun wasn’t great – it didn’t fall apart in the yummy way other burger joints have mastered. The coleslaw, personally, I wasn’t a fan of. That’s simply because I hate celery and YES, I KNOW, all coleslaw has celery in, but that’s ALL I could taste in this stuff.

The place itself was great though. I’m sure there’s plenty of great stuff on the menu (there’s were a lot of satisfied looking people asking for the bill… sounds a little dodgy but you get what I mean). The music there was great too. They had a live jazz and blues guitarist covering everything from Radiohead (hahaha so of COURSE I liked it) to Simply Red.

It’s a place definitely worth visiting and it’s not actually too expensive considering its location. A meal with a glass of wine and one side will set you back around £18. Could be worse and considering the place is filled with great music, a laid back atmosphere, good food the perfect place to end the week if you’re looking for something a little bit quirky in Chelsea.

SEE: Ultimate Power Club. Sounds amazing, right? RIGHT.

At the Electric Ballroom every month you can spend around £11 and in return you get Bon Jovi, Tina Turner, Bonnie Tyler and all the great, power ballad classics all night.

I went last week and true, Sambuca means I don’t remember the last half of the evening or the night bus, but I do remember having a great night and my voice being shot to pieces in the morning. The people I met there were just a lot, well… better than who you meet on the usual club night. Everyone is there to have fun. Without any exceptions.


There’s one being held on New Year’s Eve. If you have any sense and no current plans you’ll be there.

LISTEN: I’m going to New Orleans next month and as I’ve totally got a thing for jazz and soul music at the moment I’m obviously very excited. I’m particularly loving Billie Holliday at the moment – such amazing music to chill to.

LOVE: No matter what happens just remember that there are 3.5billion(ish) members of the sex you’re attracted to out there and a rejection, mis-match or meeting ‘the one’ really doesn’t mean anything.


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