Rotary Bar & Diner, The Box Soho, Quadron/Bear & the Woods and do first, demand later

21 Nov

It’s been a strange week. Or two. Or three. In this time period I have been to a gig which my ex attended and didn’t punch him. I was also the recipient of hug therapy. I decided upon my tattoo and have sent my ideas to the tattoo studio. I went to a Soho sex club and got so drunk I mistook a t-shirt and phone charger for fireworks (don’t ask).

EAT: I’ve had my eye on the The Rotary Bar & Diner for absolutely ages, but I don’t find myself near Old Street that often so I haven’t had a chance to sample their amazing looking Fried Chicken Roll.


This is no longer the case. My friend and I rocked up, sat down and had what can only be described as an amazing burger. The burger comes with ‘dripping chips’, which are essentially fries dipped in some kind of yummy goodness to give them a bit of an aftertaste. The Fried Chicken Roll comes in a brioche bun and includes, err, fried chicken, lettuce, red onions, American cheese and bun sauce (not sure what was in it, by my god was it good).


The burger and fries are £12 and totally worth it. Unsurprisingly it didn’t really go with the rose wine we also had, but the oreo cheesecake we shared afterwards did. I have to admit, the oreo cheesecake wasn’t as good as it should have been –  the portion is big, but doesn’t taste of oreo or any kind of chocolate.


Should warn you that the service wasn’t particularly astounding. Everything took a very long time to come and there just weren’t enough people to cope with the diners. On the plus side, when the food did come it was awesome. Definitely worth going for a bite to eat – but hurry. It’s due to close in around 30 days so head over there as soon as possible!

SEE: I went to The Box in Soho and it. was. awesome. I was there for a Twitter event and as soon as I walked in with my work colleagues I was given a ginger cocktail of some sort and ushered into the main room.

The Box is essentially ” a place of mystique, mystery and sexual openness”. Before any of the speakers came on to the stage, a hoop was lowered from the ceiling and a performer in flesh coloured underwear climbed inside and twirled around for 10 minutes. Y’know – did the splits, looked sexy, lalalalala. the speakers included Alistair Campbell and the Creative Director currently putting together the strategy for Virgin Galactic and… some crap comedian.

After they’d done their bit, the open bar was pounced on and the entertainment began. The things I remember are hazy, but I know that the show was extravagant and ‘indecent’. There was an amazing singer basically followed around the room by burlesque dancers. This was followed by a ripped guy in tight pants gyrating on stage – who then proceeded to get into a hoop and gyrate some more (gymnastics stylee). The final act was sexy and very surreal. A woman comes on stage, dances a bit and then does a head stand. When she spreads her legs, there’s a head down there. As in –  a mannequin’s head, attached to her underwear, to look as though her pelvis it its neck.

She essentially walked around the stage on her hands, using her legs as arms and freaking everybody out. However, when she stripped off and started pretending to get intimate with the head between her legs… well, I was going to stay she started to turning everyone on, but I think everyone was probably too drunk to comprehend what was actually happening, let alone want to get involved.

Anyway, the place also has a beautiful carpeted hallway and staircase, dimly lit and leads to the secret room upstairs. I didn’t go in because this area is reserved for specially invited guests, who on a usual night at The Box are specially selected to watch a more ‘adult’ show.

Needless to say the place certainly has an atmosphere. The entertainment was one of a kind and not what you’d expect to find behind the unassuming wooden doors in a small Soho alleyway. If you get the chance to go inside, do so. It’s an interesting place to have a wild night.

LISTEN: I went to two gigs last week, so I’m going to post a short, SHORT summary of each followed by a video for your viewing pleasure.

First up: Quadron. Last time I saw Quadron Coco (lead singer) wasn’t anywhere near as sassy and confident on stage as she is now. She engages with the crowd more. She more sure of the songs and herself. The band now know how to put on a first class show. The music was amazing and Coco’s voice was faultless. The music can be best described as electro-soul. The tunes are catchy and the one below is from their new album Avalanche.

I also went to go and see a band called Bear & the Woods who describe themselves as Folk’n’Roll. The thing that strikes you about Bear & the Woods is how ‘real’ they are. On stage they drink, they cheer, they get the crowd involved – they love what they do but they also love interacting with the people they’re doing it for. Their lyrics are also insanely relate-able: they’re one of those bands where you can pick a particular line from any one song and it’s going to make an impression on you. Buoyancy Aids is a song which is written with a sense of humour: “I’m not clever and I’m not all there, I look a bit mental and I hope you don’t care. I can’t write songs and my lyrics are shit and half the time I’m stoned off my tits”. Trust me, the guys can write. Their first video is below.

LOVE: When people talk about love, sex, relationships the phrase “it’s all about give and take” is often thrown around. However, I’ve decided my attitude to sex needs a different line.

The line is: don’t think you’re entitled to anything unless you’re willing to provide it too.

(Yes I’m sure there’s a far better way to phrase that, but meah). Let me explain.

I once had a guy tell me that the only ‘demand’ he makes of women he sleeps with is that ‘they’re shaved’ (met him on Tindr, obviously did not sleep with him I’d just like to clarify). No problem. However when I tested him and said that’s all I demand too, the idea of him shaving off his leg hair, pubic hair and armpit hair (funnily enough) didn’t thrill him. Now, it’s not that I actually would have demanded that. But my point is that you absolutely cannot demand something of someone if you’re not willing to do the same.

Another example. The number of women I have spoken to, or overheard on the train, moaning about how they went down on their guy and then he didn’t return the favour. It amazes me when a guy is absolutely ecstatic when a gal gives head but doesn’t even make the offer of doing the same to you. Not only is it shitty of them and unfair, but it’s absolutely never going to result in good sex.

Basically: I’ll do what you want. Not a problem. Make your demands as crazy as you like. But you’ve just gotta promise that you’ll do it first. There’s an irritating number of guys and gals who’ll make demands and never volunteer. If you’re stuck with someone like this then there’s only one thing to say to them:



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