Laters 2013.

31 Dec

I’ve always found that my years go good, bad, good, bad. In 2010 I had a bad year, 2011 was AWESOME, 2012 was once again shit and therefore 2013 should have been a good year. And it has been, it REALLY has been. There have been a few lows, obviously, but I’m entering 2014 feeling pretty happy. Which sucks because technically, if the pattern continues, 2014 should be a shit year.

SO: one of my first resolutions is to stop categorising years. Hahaha. This blog post is basically for my personal reference only. I like to use this blog as a diary. So here are my resolutions:

1. Look after my body a bit better. Keep going to the gym, eat healthily, drink a bit less and drink more water. Y’know, the usual.

2. Travel more. Goes without saying really, but I like to travel. Most of my Christmas presents this year were centered on travel and I’m aiming to visit one new country every year.


3. I’m going to stop trying to help my friends do the thing that’s best for them. It seems that because I’m the only person upfront enough to say what everyone is thinking, I get in trouble for it. I’ve learned my lesson and I’ve learned that they’re more than capable of looking after themselves and making their own mistakes, if, indeed, they’re making a mistake.

4. Despite the above point, I am going to be more truthful this year. Just not to my friends when they’re making bad choices, hah! A lot of lying is about self-preservation – I feel like I’m confident enough to be honest with myself AND other people. I want this to continue in 2014.

5. Rock my job. I love my new company so I’m going to continue to learn and grow in the role. I’m looking forward to it.

6. Not take anything personally. Everyone is different. Embrace that. I’ve lost a LOT of friends this year to relationships (as in: they don’t need friends now they have a partner) but that’s their issue, not mine.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, everyone has different interests… etc.

Year summary, and what I’ve learned (you should always take SOMETHING away from your experiences as far as I’m concerned!)

WORK: I’ve had three jobs this year. I’ve always known what I’m good at, what I want to do and what I’m worth. It just took a while to find a company who suited me. I made a lot of incredible friends at 1000heads, and it was sad to say goodbye to them. I left there to go to a bigger agency.

However, bigger is not always better. I felt so low at one point that I checked in with the doctor with depression. I’d known I couldn’t stay at the company for much longer after that, so I started looking for another job and I landed one at my current agency. Leaving my last agency was bittersweet – I was glad to leave certain people but I did meet some GREAT people there too. Luckily I’m still in contact with most of the good’uns, so the move was a happy one.

Now, I’m VERY happy. I love the agency, the people, the standard of work is incredible and Lida has had an incredible year. I feel very at home there and actually look forward to going into work. The accounts I work on are interesting and varied, fast paced and challenging – all of which I love. I’m really looking forward to 2014 at Lida – long may the good times continue!

FAMILY: This year has been great for my family too. My brother got into University and he’s getting firsts constantly. He’s really happy and it’s great to see him doing so well. My mum got in touch with her biological father and I’ll be meeting him next month which is REALLY exciting. My grandparents are still going strong (my 94-year-old grandmother has a mobile phone and she cooked a buffet for 8 people all one her own. Amazing). My Dad has been slaving away on his house and it’s now looking finished and lovely. It’s been 2 years since I’ve lived at home, but it’s nice going back and seeing everyone doing so well. Plus, my Mum got a new ADORABLE cat so I like visiting her too 😉


FRIENDS: All of my friends are in relationships and they all, for the most part, seem really happy. Which is obviously bloody wonderful. I’m still great friends with people from my old places of work, I’ve made great new friends at my new company. I went to visit my friends Nick and Tim which ROCKED, I’ve got closer to some people and drifted from others and I look forward to just continuing to see my friends stay happy in 2014. Even if it does mean I have nobody to go on nights out with anymore, lol!

HOME: I moved into a new flat this year (still in Battersea) and it actually feels like home. It has CARPETS, a TV I actually get to watch and I look forward to coming home. I live with my friends from Uni Nat and Sam (and basically live with James too, who is lovely and brings us a constant supply of chocolate, so naturally this goes down well!) and we even managed to cook a Christmas dinner FEAST this year. Lots of yum and lots of fun at home, long may it continue!

LOVE/DATING: I’ve been on a huge number of dates this year. I broke up with my ex about 18 months ago, and about 12 months ago I decided I was ready to start seeing people again. I’ve had some amazing dates, some less than amazing dates and met some really interesting people. I think I must have averaged at least one date a fortnight this year and many of the tales I’ve brought home to my flatmates has meant I’m now something of a Bridget Jones. Which I’m fine with (minus the distinct lack of a Mr. Darcy, but whatevs).

Worst date? A pub, in Old Street. I had to leave after less than an hour. He sat there, said “I hate bands like Radiohead”, escorted me into the pub where he already had a beer and I had to sit and watch him drink it for half an hour before I got up and got myself a drink.

Oddest date: My bookshop date. Yes, the date was in a bookshop. He took me round, asked me if I’d read the books he pointed at, sat me down and read an anal sex scene from a book he picked up and then proceeded to read me two chapters of J K Rowling’s adult novel. Bizarre to say the least.

Best date: probably last night actually. The date lasted 6 hours. As far as I’m concerned 0-1 hour is a bad date, 1-2 hours is average, 2-3 hours is a good date and 3+ rarely happens, but it usually what happens when I stumble across someone who is interesting and conversation flows. And, y’know, I usually want to sleep with them.

Most interesting date: definitely the fire juggling, hand massaging, psychoanalysing, traveling guy from East London. Date ended well too. Hah.

PLACES VISITED: Barcelona (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark) Seattle and New Orleans (USA). New Orleans was by far my favourite place, hoping to go back there soon!


FIRSTS: This year I held an alligator, toured a swamp, saw an American basketball game, went to play Dino crazy golf, saw Springsteen live (twice), fell for someone and got turned down?! (keep forgetting about Craig, lol), climbed over the O2, went to Holi Fest, Christmas Party on the Isle of White and (this is the big one) I think I don’t hate wine anymore. Oh – and I’ve booked my tattoo!

It’s been a crazy year. So there we have it. 2013. I have a good feeling about 2014 – I’m hoping for a two-year run of awesome years. We’ll see. Happy New Year!



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