Pitt Cue, blues and burlesque, Beyonce and the generation gap.

8 Jan

So, how are your resolutions going? Mine are actually going ok for the first time! I’m drinking more water, eating more salad, going to the gym (I did that anyway) and I’m feeling better for it. Needless to say it’ll probably all stop in about a week buuut for now I’m happy! I’ve also had quite a few dates this year already and when I get some money (C’MON JANUARY PAYDAY) I have a few gigs I want to go to.

Anyway. I’ve basically spend all my money in the first week of January on doing fun thing in London. I tried Lucky Chip at LONG last (that’ll be coming up in a future blog post) but today’s post is all about Pitt Cue Burger Company, Blues and Burlesque, Beyonce’s new album and romantic comedies.

EAT: I’ve been meaning to go to Pitt Cue for a long time; however it’s usually jam packed. However, I managed to get there just as the place had opened and as I was on my own so voila! I managed to actually get a seat.

My first comment about Pitt Cue is do NOT go there if you’re a vegetarian. They absolutely do not cater for you. They don’t even have a chicken option. It’s all about the beef and pork. Their toilet walls are covered in farming instructions, how to cut and store meat, and how to look after animals. They’re extremely proud of their expertise and their meat looks wonderful.

photo 1

I went for the pulled pork burger, but only because I don’t eat red meat if I don’t have to. I also went for a side, the coleslaw, and a beautiful cider too. Definitely get the cider!

So, the meat was beautiful. The sauce that the pulled pork was served in with barbecue sauce, but not over powering. The burger I rate very highly – far better than any other pulled pork burger I’ve had and was filling but not too heavy. The coleslaw however was pretty tasteless and I wouldn’t recommend (hey, we all know how much I love my coleslaw).

photo 2

Pitt Cue is absolutely a place to try if you love high quality meat and fantastic burgers. If you’re looking for somewhere which will tailor to someone who is after chips and a standard meal, don’t waste your time taking them here. This is for the carnivores with a lot of culinary appreciation.

SEE: The other day I went to a Blues and Burlesque evening at Ain’t Nothin’ But in Soho. It’s a well established blues bar and I often pass the place at the weekend with hordes of people outside. Luckily when I rocked up it was busy but not too cramped.


The entertainment was an old-fashioned blues band (with a superb vocalist) and around 4 different burlesque performers. Due to the small space on stage the performers were given, their performances weren’t particularly adventurous and they were unable to interact with the audience too much. However, the music was wonderful and set the perfect backdrop for the acts.

To be honest, I was a little distracted trying to chat with the person I went with (and I’d had a teeny, tiny bit to drink) so I probably didn’t give the burlesque as much as my attention as I usually would have done. However, for £5 entry and reasonably cheap drinks, Ain’t Nothin’ But was a great place to take a date. We both agreed the blues singer had an incredible voice and for a moment I felt like I was back in New Orleans. Oh, how I wish I were back in New Orleans…

Good date venue, shame that the performers couldn’t have a little more space and stage time. I don’t think I’d visit again for another burlesque performance, however I’d go back for the music in a heartbeat.

LISTEN: I know you’ve all been waiting for my fan girl verdict on Beyonce’s new album. I was a little concerned because I honestly credit Destiny’s Child for how I’ve turned out in some ways. I grew up listening to Independent Woman and Survivor and I love that they offered empowerment to young girls rather than love songs about how much they need a man to love them,

So when I heard that her new album was overtly sexual I was a little worried. However: I like it. Strong songs, let down by lyrics in places. She uses sex far better than Rihanna still as she retains power. Yes, she talks about giving head, getting head and fucking in the back of a limo. But she doesn’t present herself as out of control of the situation. She doesn’t grind up against a horde of men in any of her videos like so many other celebrities. Beyonce is sexy. Rihanna is dirty. Beyonce wins again. Her vocals are absolutely amazing and she looks stunning. As if we expected anything else.

(This video is a fan made rubbish video – just close your eyes and listen to the music and lyrics. Finding this video online if pretty much impossible for some reason!)

LOVE: One of my favourite songs is Flawless. Probably because it’s the most obviously empowering song on the album and the sound bite does bring up some very good points. “As a woman I am expected to make my life choices always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important”. Dear god, visiting my grandparents over Christmas and, once again, having to tell them I’m single and even if I weren’t I do not want children, is getting boring. My brother didn’t get asked once about relationships or children. Funny that.

It’s just getting frustrating now I’m at an age where my mum was engaged and planning a baby when she was my age. That’s not even remotely on my radar and those kinds of aspirations feel like an entirely different world.


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