Lucky Chip, The British Museum, Jazzy Jeff Life Colours and THAT look.

16 Jan

I’ve had a very good week. Naturally I’m going to share some foodie, fun, London-based highlights with you so you can find out where I’ve been and whether it’s worth it. However, a quick summary of my great week can’t be left out.

Over the course of the past week I’ve had a fun date, seen one my of my favourite films on the big screen (despite the fact it was made in the 60s), met old friends, seen my ex humiliated on national television, started to apply to be a volunteer, got a new bag, been to the gym FIVE TIMES, discovered a new favourite cocktail, booked tickets to an exciting event and hosting a rockin’ board game evening. OOH – and I got a free film poster. Can’t forget that.

I’m doing a challenge called #100daysofhappy ( – which encourages people to take a photo every day, tag it and be thankful for the things that they may usually take for granted in their life. It’s been pretty eye-opening actually. I’d encourage you to get involved, take a look at the site and take a minute everyday to find your reason to smile.

EAT: At long last I went to Lucky Chip. When they were at The Player (Slider’s Bar) I ADORED their little burgers. Gorgeous. Every single burger blog in the UK rants and raves about them. Their residency at the Sebright Arms, Hackney has been long and, apparently, very successful. Earlier this year they even did a Heisen-burger and a general Breaking Bad special menu.

So, they’re good at being trendy and they have a good rep. However, I’m sad to say I was incredibly disappointment with what I had there. I went for the chicken burger which was cold when it arrived at my table. First mistake: how on earth it managed to be cold in the short trip to my table in a small pub I’ll never know. The burger itself was basic: the salad was nice, as was the chicken, but nothing special. The bun was soggy, and my friend who had their regular beef burger had the same complaint. In fact, her burger bun looked wet. Very odd.

photo 2(1)
The chips were average, as was the coleslaw. The onion rings however were really nice: crisp on the outside AND inside, really flavoursome. After doom and gloom I must admit, their sauces are amazing. We had a mango sauce, wasabi mayo and ginger sweet chilli sauce and burger relish, all of which were absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, this was not enough to make Lucky Chip live up to the hype.

photo 1(1)

If you’re a bit of a burger connoisseur, go visit Lucky Chip. However, don’t expect it to ever live up to the hype.

SEE: The British Museum. I’ve been in London for 2 years and I only got around to going last week. The reason I went is because I got a book called “Make the Most of Your Time on Earth” (FYI it’s amazing and has everything the ardent traveler could possibly want). In the England section it states the British Museum is a must-see. So, I went to go and see.

photo 3

The place is, unsurprisingly vast and immensely interesting. While there I looked around the Lion Hunt exhibition (beautiful carvings in stone), saw an Easter Island Statue and read the Rosetta Stone (it’s what cracked the code of hieroglyphics). There are so many nooks in the museum: for an example a room FULL of bookcases with beautiful artwork interspersed throughout.

photo 2(2)

Oh, and it’s free and it’s a great place to wander round for an entire day. The great hall is such an incredible place as well. The vastness of the place, with the lion statue (bloody love lions), the ceiling and the African carvings in the back East room are wonderful.

LISTEN: Listen and love. A mix of old school hip hop, current music and some wicked mash-ups.

LOVE: Most of the time it’s not about looks. It’s all about THAT look. That look you get given, the one which says (all in one go) that they want you and they want to do ‘bad’ things to you. When accompanied by a lip bite, a swift move or a slight eyebrow raise it can be enough to tip you over the edge.

I don’t have any photos because you can’t capture it


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