Street Kitchen, Windsor Castle, Ray Charles and Parks and Rec

26 Jan

You may have noticed (but probably didn’t) that I’ve added a new page to my blog. It’s my listing page – a quick and easy way for people to find out my top recommendations. Travel, boozers, date locations, burgers… I’m going to continue to populate the list, so let me know if you think I’m missing anything!

EAT:  Street Kitchen are ALL about their suppliers. Great quality, gourmet, British food brought to the streets. They’ve been serving up their Friday burger menu from the Hatch in Battersea at Doodle Bar for a while now, and at long last I got down there to sample their infamously good food. Now, Battersea isn’t known for its burgers. The best the South has served up was Honest Burger (originating in Brixton): however, Patty and Bun actually had a residency at Doodle Bar before they landed their own place. If you know your burger joints, that will have got your attention.

So, the burgers. On offer you have the Buffalo Bill (beef), the Foghorn Leghorn (chicken) the Lisa Simpson (mushroom veggie) and a smoked salmon burger I can’t recall the name of. I went for the chicken burger – and just gaze upon the beautiful fillings below.

photo 3

Pickled onion, organic lettuce, coleslaw, winchy mayo , bacon and a brioche bun. And juicy, beautiful chicken. Just look at it. It tasted just as good as it looked.

photo 2

The bun managed to hold the filling together and the chicken comes in numerous pieces, making it easier to eat. The coleslaw is crunchy but not so overpowering that you can’t taste the winchy mayo. I have no idea what the ‘winchy’ bit is but dear god, it’s GOOD.

The burger is fantastic. Filling juicy, loads of flavours but all of them just mix perfectly. And dear god, that pickled onion not only looks beautiful but tastes divine. Patty and Bun aside, I’d say it’s the best burger I’ve had in London. True, I haven’t had ALL the burgers in London, but with Meatliquor, Patty and Bun Lucky Chip, Honest Burger and Five Guys (to name a few) under my belt (literally, hah), I have a good idea what I’m talking about. My friend’s boyfriend, bless him, said “maybe you should start a blog where you talk about the burgers you’ve eaten”. Lol!

My friends came with me and I have it on good authority that the Buffalo Bill (the meat patty, below) is also incredible. The veggie burger went down well and the smoked salmon burger was also a massive hit. They also serve up rosemary salted fries – not quiiite as good as Honest Burger’s, but still worth getting to share. Just one warning: they get flustered easily. When they’re busy they often mess up orders. Give them time, it’s worth the wait.
photo 1

All in all, a bloody wonderful burger. Even if it’s not your all time favourite (betcha for most people it would be though) the quality of the produce and the gourmet experience of Street Kitchen all go towards making one of the best London burgers out there.

SEE: I went for a family weekend last weekend and as a result I ended up seeing a lot of beautiful architecture. Windsor Castle is only about an hour on the train outside of London, but it’s well worth a visit.

When you first arrive, as well as being picturesque, Windsor is also pretty middle class. The kind of graffiti you get there isn’t quite what you’ll find in a smaller country town or a dodgy part of London…

photo 1(1)

The castle itself is beautiful and far bigger than I thought it would be. The Queen wasn’t there and as it’s winter I didn’t get to look around the Royal Suite rooms, but I wasn’t too bothered. During winter they have St. George’s Chapel open, as well as access to the Royal Artwork (as in, artwork done by the Royals… Prince Charles is actually a great artist, who’d have thought?) You also get access to Queen Mary’s Dolls House – “largest, most beautiful and most famous dollshouse in the world.”

photo 2(1)photo 4

My favourite part of the castle (aside from the outside of the castle itself – highly intagrammable), was St George’s Chapel. It’s the resting place of the Queen’s parents as well as many past members of the Royal Family, including Henry VIII. Stained glass windows and the opportunity to walk over where numerous famous dead people rest? Ok, yes, it’s creepy, but it’s a great place nonetheless.

If you love architecture, the royal family, history or you just want to visit a beautiful town, then head to Windsor. The view of Eton and the Berkshire countryside from the top of the castle is also pretty special.

LISTEN: I’ve found myself what I THINK could be my ‘local’. The main draw (aside from being close, having a pretty outside area and selling my favourite cider) was the music. The played some classic rock and roll followed by the following song. The ORIGINAL. So here’s Ray Charles for your enjoyment.

LOVE: Parks and Rec. Leslie and Ben. One of the nicest female fictional characters ever falling for one of the sexiest (mainly by way of how cynical he is) male comedy characters there is, Ben Wyatt.

And he makes Mac and Cheese Pizza for the woman he loves. Which can only be a good thing.


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