Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Science Museum, Bombay Bicycle Club and Valentine’s Day

15 Feb

EAT: About 10 years ago, Gourmet Burger Kitchen was really cool. It was by no means the first place to dedicate themselves to awesome burgers… however there are so many great burger places now, I stopped visiting GBK because it always falls short.

However, aside from Hache, in South Kenensington there ain’t many good burger joints. Plus I have a Tastecard trial, and you can get BOGOF at GBK with Tastecard, so off I went.

You know what? It wasn’t bad at all. I haven’t been there for about 6 years, but the menu is a lot better that last time I visited. No crazy long list of specialty burgers. Just a wide range of either beef, chicken or veggie options.

photo 2

I went for the Blue Cheese Blackened Chicken burger – but because I’m a fussy beyach, I swapped the blue cheese coleslaw for their regular house-slaw. I also had sweet potato fries with bacon aioli. The burger was good, but not amazing. Chicken was tender, sesame seed bun was underwhelming (I’m a fan of brioche, like all good Londoners), but the coleslaw was nice. However, the sweet potato fries were wonderful. Sweet and crispy and the bacon aioli was so wonderful I was inspired to try and make my own (it didn’t turn out well, the less said about that the better).

photo 1

I’d give the burger a 6/10, but the sides were better than that. I was glad to go back and try GBK after years of ignoring it (and the money off via Tastecard obviously made it more appealing). I think it’s worth the money, but if you’re looking for a GREAT burger, it’s still not the place to go. unless you’re a veggie: then you have to take what you can get, and you can get a really good falafel burger at GBK. Veggie or not, always, ALWAYS get the bacon aioli though. Yum.

SEE: I only took one photo at the Science Museum, but that was because I was having too much fun. Basically, so long as you’re a fan of rational thought and you’re not a creationist, head here. Immediately.

My trip there started at the cafe, having a catch up with my friend. We then went on to an exhibition called Mind Maps, Stories from Psychology. It was really interesting and also more comprehensive than I thought it would be. I could have done with it being a little more interactive (after all, if you’re learning about the human brain how better to test the theories than on yourself?).

I also went to their IMAX cinema to see ‘Under the Sea’. Which was AMAZING. The 3D film is breath taking, funny, sad – and around 50 minutes long, so worth every penny. The effects were absolutely amazing (did I already say amazing? I think I did) and I really want to go back and see the Space film they have.


There’s also a big section of the Museum dedicated to engineering. Plenty of RAF planes, engines and there’s even an RAF flight simulator. It’s only £6 and you get to feel what it’s like to fly in the Red Arrows (I only went on this because I got the ticket half price, not sure I’d have been so enamored if I’d paid the full £6 for the experience. HOWEVER: the 360 flight simulator (£12) was so much fun. You basically get to control the pod and it’s as if you’re flying a plane. The pod you’re in turns 360 degrees and my friend ensured that for at least half the ride we were hanging completely upside down.

Basically, the science museum is a great place to go alone. A wonderful place to have fun with friends. And SO great for dates. Want to go see an incredible film, followed by an intriguing exhibition, followed by hanging upside down for 5 minutes?

Exactly. That’s what EVERYONE wants.

LISTEN: I had to review So Long, See You Tomorrow recently (see my review here) and the latest Bombay Bicycle Club is a actually pretty great. R&B production, great dance tunes and plenty of memorable tunes. Luna is a highlight – nearly as joyous as Shuffle (my ultimate Happy Tune) and I dare you not to at least shuffle to this song. Enjoy.

LOVE: I’ve decided the worst thing about Valentine’s Day isn’t not having a partner. It’s realising that everyone else you know has partners and I didn’t even have a single friend I could spend the evening with, taking the piss out of everyone succumbing to the Hallmark holiday.


Singletons could just spend the day remembering the following: you don’t have it all but no one else does either. Or you could just reflect on the above. Either way, chill.


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