Boom Burger, Mau Mau Bar, Nova Tunes and hotties vs notties

22 Feb

EAT: I, amazingly, managed to get to a new burger place on the second day of its opening. It’s the most pro-active I’ve ever been on my quest for the best burger in London, but that’s because as soon as I saw this description for their chicken burger, I knew it could be love:

“Jerk chicken, with fried plantain, rocket, mango and pawpaw sauce.”

And the beef:

“Our signature beef burger covered in cheese and bacon jam.”

Boom Burger – it’s a taste of Jamaica which started on the streets, moved to a pop up and now has a permanent place on Portobello Road. The place is unassuming and small. Very small. There’s only room for about 15 people to sit down (with another 10 seats outside which doesn’t really work in winter). Bear in mind the kitchen takes up half the space inside, which can only be a good thing.

photo 2(2)

The above photo shows the Boom Burger (beef). My friend has the beef and she absolutely adored it. The bacon jam tasted amazing (salty and sweet all in one) and the burger was cooked to perfection. All burgers come with a brioche bun, standard fare in London burger joints.

photo 4(1)

The chicken burger (above) was really nice… however wasn’t as great as I was expecting (then again I expected impossible things). The bun was perfect, the chicken was tender and the mango and pawpaw sauce was nice but didn’t have as much of a kick to it (fruity or spicy) as I thought it would. HOWEVER, it’s still a great burger and well worth a try.

photo 5

Now onto the plantain fries. Oh my – the plantain fries. They. Are. Wonderful. It’s plantain, deep-fried and the result is wonderful. Soft and sweet in the middle, salty and crispy on the outside. And their Jerk mayo is wonderful – creamy with a kick. Mix it with the plantain fries and it’s delicious.

I did have one issue with the place and that was their very limited drink menu. I’m diabetic, so if I don’t want to drink alcohol I need something diet. Diet Coke, Diet Lemonade… whatever. It just needs to NOT have sugar in it. Boom Burger only sells full fat coke, alcohol and water. I wasn’t offered tap water, so I had to fork out £1 for a bottle of water. Not a MASSIVE gripe, but I recommend they get themselves some Diet Coke, pronto.

So, my summary. The beef burger is incredible. The chicken burger is very good, but didn’t make it into my top 3. The plantain fries and Jerk mayo are absolutely wonderful and well worth a trip to Boom Burger.

SEE: After visiting Boom Burger my friend and I decided to explore the Portobello area a little more. We didn’t have to go far before I head jazz music and stumbled across Mau Mau Bar.

photo 3(2)

The place is reasonably priced and has a very relaxed vibe. Comfy, soft lighting and rather retro chic. The DJ who was playing before the live jazz kicked off great and it’s definitely a place I’d take a date.

Yes, this is a short and sweet ‘See’  but essentially it’s a nice place with good music and reasonably priced drinks. Plus, the area it’s in is very overpriced so it’s a nice change.

LISTEN: There’s a little known (in the UK) Parisian radio station called Radio Nova. I stream it at work because the music they play is always on point. It’s introduced me to so much new music, and their compilation albums are also a great source of music.

The latest Nova Tunes 2.8 features a track by Photomaton, called Jabberwocky. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

LOVE:  Lack of physical attraction – can it be overcome? I went on two dates last week and both were interesting in very different ways.

The first date was with a very confident guy with a huge ego and was quite good-looking (his confidence boosted his looks, but he had it goin’ on anyway, Kinda). It ended… interestingly.

Anyway. I usually go for good-looking guy who are good, interesting, confident people. However – I decided to try something different. I went out with a guy who liked the same TV shows and film as I do. However – he was very unattractive. I turned up having made an EFFORT (heels, boobs, nice hair etc) but he was wearing horrible trainers, ill-fitting jeans, an anorak and a backpack. His dress sense just made him look less attractive than he already was.

Now, I sound like a bitch, but I’m also very aware of what I look like. However, I make an effort. And I’m bloody wonderful to go on a date with (possibly because I’ve been on so many, who knows). This guy was not even a confident, interesting date and every time I tried to tried to turn the conversation to something we had in common he started talking about… you know, I don’t even remember.

As far as I’m concerned a date which lasts less than 2 hours is bad. I made an excuse after 1 hour and 20 minutes and we went our separate ways.

And you know what? I could have easily dealt with the looks. I just can’t deal with people who are terrible at dates, who don’t have any self-confidence and who are far too keen (to the point the guy asked me where I lived and said “oh good, it only takes me 20 minutes to get to your house. That works out well”). Seriously. He said that.

Basically I’m now only dating guys who lie somewhere in between egotistic and a wallflower. They also need to lie somewhere between a 4 out of 10 and a 9 out of 10. Eeeeeeeeeasy.


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