Dirty Burger, European travels, Spiritual Sessions and my lovely friends.

11 Mar

EAT: I’ve been to a fair number of burger joints in London and I think it’s safe to say I know what’s what in terms of the best places to go for chicken or veggie burger beauty. However, there are still many highly recommended place (recommended by the best burger blogs in London) which only serve beef burgers.

photo 4

Not a huge problem, but I hate to miss out. So when I hear that Dirty Burger’s veggie special from January was sticking around I got myself down to their newer Vauxhall branch pronto.

The ‘Dirty Cop Out’ (perhaps I only like the name because I’m not ACTUALLY a vegetarian) is £5 – compared to the £6.50 and up beef burgers it’s a fair deal. I walked from Battersea to Vauxhall to get burger, mainly because Dirty Burger really does do what it says on the tin. Cheesy, fatty, greasy – it’s all the best things in life and all the worst all at once. So, a long walk made me feel slightly less guilty about visiting the joint.

photo 1

The burger is composed of a portobello mushroom, brioche bun, mayo, baby leaf salad and Applewood cheddar. Now – I dislike mushrooms. They have a bit of an odd texture and no discernible taste. However: I figured as Applewood is my favourite cheese (strong, flavoursome and smoky) its inclusion would make everything ok.

Well… the burger was ok. The brioche was lovely and it was as dirty as I expected. However the burger lacked… taste. Despite a fair bit of cheese in there, I couldn’t actually taste any of the wonderful smoky flavour. It was all a bit of a sloppy mess (in a good way) and sloppy (in a bad way).

photo 5

However, I did love the side order of onion fries I got. Essentially they’re onion rings but straight. Bit bits of onion in a lovely batter and for £3.50 you get a huuuge portion. Very impressed!

So, for £10 I got a burger which was sub-par – however my dislike of mushroom and love of Applewood may have let me down here. I’ve sure the beef burgers are far better – I’m hoping they’ll create a chicken burger which proves itself. Unfortunately I couldn’t possibly put the burger in my top 5, but the onion fries are definitely worth a try.

SEE:  I booked three holidays last weekend, to add to my pending Barcelona trip in June.

So – THIS IS A PLEA FOR HELP EVERYONE. If you’ve been to one of the places below then let me know – tell me the cool little places off the beaten path I should visit, the tourist attractions which are actually worth seeing and anything else you think I should know about the following locations. At the moment I just want Europe tips, my other holidays can wait.



The home of the cider which got me into cider: Koppaberg. Obviously a big thing for me to do is find a cool bar and down a few of these with the locals.
Drottningholm Palace
Stockholm Old Tour
Boat ride through the Stockholm canals
Flippin’ Burger (they. look. amazing)
Gondolen Bar (touristy, but amazing views)
Vasa Museum (a museum full of incredibly preserved shipwrecks!)


Cabaret Voltaire
Heidi and Tell burger
Opera House
Zurich Old Town

LISTEN: Last week I went to St Pancras church for a gig. I know, I know, it doesn’t exactly sound like a riot. However, I ended up having a great time (the fact that they were selling a can of cider for £3 greatly enabled this. Turns out drinking in church is a cheap way to get pissed. I guess being drunk in a church is better than getting lied to there, right? BUUUURN).


The gig was a mix of artists, and some stand up poets,  and the beautiful church was the perfect way to see them. The event started with Tara Minton in the rafters, playing a piece on the organ, accompanied by her singing. The echoes the church created added to the atmosphere greatly. When she’d finished, she appeared on stage a short while later and took up a seat by her harp.

Now, I LOVE harps. Firstly because the strings are wound SO tight and it amazes me that people are able to play them for long periods of time. Secondly because they sound divine. Minton’s harp playing was incredible. She’s previously covered Joni Mitchell classics live, which I’d have loved to had seen, but no such luck this time around. The musical was still beautiful, and she has such a great voice too – everything fit together perfectly.

Next up was a female duo, one singer, one guitar player, walk onto the stage. The guitarist starts up and I’m immediately loving the music as her style is old, dirty, New Orleans style soul rock and roll. Pretty much anything with ‘NEW ORLEANS’ stamped all over it I love, so naturally this got my attention. The guitar player was hugely talented and the singer’s voice was also amazing. The guitar definitely took centre stage though.

What followed was a mix of stand up poets and other solo guitar players. The male poet declared himself to not be any woman’s saviour or master and in a funny, but poignant way, listed everything a woman does (and does not) expect from a man – rebuffing every expectation. The female poet was, unfortunately, more forgettable, but perhaps she just chose a less engaging piece than the guy did.

Finally, Sam Green and the Midnight Heist came on stage, much to the crowd’s pleasure. This was their last show in a long tour and if it weren’t for the drunk dickhead girl next to me who thought she was hot as well as a good singer and dancer (she was none) then their set was perfection. Plenty of energy, no faults. The engaged with the audience thanking them for their support and talking about their tour so far. Their style is guitar-based honkey tonk-esque alternative rock and you could resist bopping along to every song in their set.

However, my favourite act of the night still has to be Tara Minton. Take a listen below and tell me you’re impressed, I dare ya.

LOVE: The below is a message to all of my friends (female, mainly). Not one of my female friends has managed to not be completely be screwed over by a guy. They either assault them, cheat on them, control them, emotionally blackmail them or dump them for no reason.

Now, I am well aware that my friends are choosing the wrong guys and that not all men treat women badly. However, it’s becoming more and more common for me to hear about a friend getting completely screwed over or abused by a guy and it frustrates me. Firstly because no one is perfect, but my friends are good people. They deserve far better.

There is no more I can say without my judgement  being clouded by the idiots that have treated my friends badly: as I said, I’m well aware there are many, many guys who would never treat a woman in such a shitty way. And, I’m also well aware that there are lots of women out there who act like total dicks towards men too. However, this rant is because I’m at he end of my tether and I just want to MOAN.

Basically: if the nice guys would like to make themselves known to one of my single friends, that’d be just swell.


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