Motherflipper, Project Orange, Fiona Bevan and same sex marriage

22 Mar

EAT: It’s time for another burger review guys… but this one is a little different for my blog. Usually I review veggie or chicken burgers…but this one is 100% beef. *OMG* WTF* ETC.

So, Motherflipper have been on my to-do list for a while and they’re currently at Camden Brewery every Friday night.  So, I rocked up with my friend to find that they only serve beef burgers. No veggie options, no chicken, no fish… just beef.

Well, I’ve heard such good things about Motherflipper that for the first time in over a decade I had a ‘proper’ beef burger. I asked for it as cooked as they could possibly cook it – much to their dismay I’m sure – but they delivered a (good?) beef burger sandwiched in between a beautiful bun with lots of yummy extras.

photo 2

I went for The Bacon Swiss Flipper: swiss cheese, candy bacon, candy onions, BBQ sauce, ranch mayo. Mmmmmm. The burger is served in a standard toasted London brioche bun and the sauce is perfect – making sure the burger isn’t dry, making sure it tastes great and also making sure it’s bloody messy to eat.

I can’t really comment on the actual beef burger – it certainly hasn’t swayed me away from chicken, but my friend assured me the meat was incredibly tasty and it’s up there with the best of London burgers.

photo 5

Their criss cross fries are also good. Nice and salty, crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Big win. It’s a nice extra, but doesn’t compare to the likes of Honest Burger’s Rosemary salted fries. However, they did have a huge range of sauces and if you like to pair your burger with a beer then Camden Brewery has plenty on offer.

photo 1

All in all, Motherflipper’s Bacon Swiss burger is a great eat. Flavoursome, great garnishes and good value for money. However, I am a bit put out that they only have beef on offer. For veggies or people who can’t eat red meat it’s obviously a pain and I think I’d be a little more impressed with more options. However, it was still a bloody good burger and I’d recommend giving Motherflipper a shot.

SEE:  I’ve seen Project Orange most days for the past 2 years, but I only went into the bar last week. And it’s actually a pretty cool little place!

photo 4

The place has all kinds of crazy graffiti and cartoon artwork on the walls (like the above) and the place has a green themed decor with fairy lights – but they don’t make the place seen at all feminine or delicate.

It’s about £9 for two ciders, so the prices are normal London standards. It’s not a particularly busy place – we went on a Friday night and managed to get somewhere to sit.

The music they were playing was also really good and the atmosphere was very chilled. It’s a nice little place which isn’t actually off the beaten track at all, but still escapes the usual Friday night riff raff.

LISTEN: I stumbled across Fiona Bevan a few years ago at One Taste Festival and she’s now released a new single, ‘The Machine’. It’s a lovely song and I’m sure it’ll charm you like it has me. New video for the single is below:

LOVE: On March 29th (next Saturday) gay marriage become legal in the UK. It’s long overdue but it’s happening.

It’s a long overdue right which the gay community should obviously have had long before now, but it’s still positive change and liberal thinking, which is obviously a good thing.

Do you know a same-sex couple planning on getting married over the course of the next year? Well, if you do you can nominate them (or if you’re gay and planning a wedding then you can nominate yourself) to win a honeymoon!


Yup, all you have to do is email and tell them why you think the couple you’re nominating deserve a honeymoon courtesy of Virgin Holidays. How amazing is that?! It’s awesome to see big brands making such a positive statement and doing something so bloody wonderful to commemorate this huge juncture in not just gay rights, but human rights.

So, get nominating and one lucky same-sex couple will be jetting off to the USA, Mexico and Spain on their honeymoon.

And just to highlight how far the world still has to go, take a look below at the shocking state of gay rights worldwide. C’mon people, it’s 2014. Equality for all.




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