Summer in London, Psychic Burger, stand up comedy, Black Keys and Celebrity crushes

25 May

London is lovely in the sunshine. I dislike sunshine due to the fact it’s too hot and burns me, but I can still gladly acknowledge that it makes everyone else feel good. And, let’s face it (it’s what we’re all thinking): the world around us becomes significantly more Instagrammable. Beer gardens, rooftop bars, people getting drunk on pavements and in the park, summer playlists, Pimms – despite the thunderstorms, it feels like summer has sprung in London and I’ll be writing a blog post sometime soon to let you know all about my favourite beer gardens, rooftop bars and pavements to get pissed on. At least then you’ll know where NOT to go when it’s sunny so you can avoid me (hah).

EAT: I went to Psychic Burger at Birthdays in Dalston, however they’re now in residency at The Old Queen’s Head in Islington.  And they’re worth a visit.

First off – their menu is great. SO many places just do beef and then maybe achicken or veggie burger because they feel like they have to. But at Psychic burgher, not only is their chicken AND veggie option great, but they also offer crab and lamb burgers too, as well as amazing sides and starters too. Seriously, look:


I went for the fried chicken burgerand had fries on the sides (despite being VERY tempted by the croquettes and pretty much everything else). I went with two friends – one had the ‘Psychic Burger’ and the other went for the veggie option. We were all very impressed. The chicken was tender and buttermilk chicken obviously wins over… well, all other kinds of chicken. The smoked aioli was DIVINE, I could totally have done with a little bit more of it in the bun though. Brioche as standard and the American cheese was fine, but didn’t trump the smoked aioli. (Worst photo ever, I apologise)


Fries were good, pretty standard, but nice enough. I’d recommend you try out those bad boy croquettes though and let me know what a mistake I made ordering the fries… or go for the chilli cheese fries at least!

The veggie patty, by all accounts, held its own and the smoked pomegranate yoghurt not only sounds great but apparently tastes great too. The beef was very good apparently – juicy and flavoursome (which is pretty much all you want encased in a brioche bun, right)? Psychic burger is worth a visit – reasonably priced, good quality and tastes great. One of the better chicken burgers I’ve had… but still not up there in my Top 5.

SEE: So, I did it. I did a 2 month stand up comedy course and then actually got up on stage and performed in front of all of my work colleagues. No pressure.

Despite still not particularly liking stand up comedy (it always felt far too forced and rehearsed to me to be funny – turns out it is and I was right) I did totally enjoy the course and I’d recommend it. Firstly, because it really tests you. The fact you could get up on stage and just not make ANYONE laughis absolutely terrifying… and that’s assuming you actually remember all your lines. And then, that’s assuming you’re able to react to what’s going on in the room at the time. I felt, roughly, like the image below before I went on stage:


My set was ok. Seemed to make people laugh, apparently I managed to come up with some quips when the audience reacted to things in my set (not that I remember doing so – at the time I just wanted to remember the main jokes, which I kinda did).

Not only do I want to thank my boss for bullying me into doing the course (jokes… sorta), and my work colleagues who did the course with me (you all fucking rock) but also I want to thank Chris Head, my teacher. He knows his stuff – quite frankly if he’s able to teach me to be funny enough to get on stage, make people laugh without them heckling me and prepare me to do something most people consider terrifying, he deserves some kudos, right?

Chris does tutoring one-on-one and in groups and honestly, it’s a great experience. Take a look at his website (here) and go for it. Seriously, you’ll make some great friends and have an amazing time. If you do sign up, let me know! Plus, if you drop my name you may even get a discount (I think, hah!)

I have a video of my stand up set. You’re never going to see it.

LISTEN: I went to Facebook recently and they showed one of those ‘look at these great marketing examples’ videos (to be honest, it WAS a great example of marketing). Anyway, the video was set to the Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling. It has everything going for it: tempo more than anything, but also a bit of old school rock and roll and a great hook. Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that the Black Keys are hardly undiscovered, but this song isn’t one of their bigger ones, so hopefully I’ve brought you something you haven’t heard before!



LOVE: How many times have you had the conversation about your favourite celebrity crushes? I remember my friend at University had a ‘Top 5’ list – all beautiful women, of course… and not a single one of them looking like anyone he’d ever dated, or has ever dated since.

So: celebrity crushes. SO many people – I’ll admit, mainly women – let celeb crushes throw them. If you don’t look like the drop dead gorgeous celebrity your crush has a thing for, then you don’t stand a chance, right? Then again, if your girlfriend is pining after Edward Cullen via films and posters and swooning constantly, any guy is going to get a little thrown, right?


The reason the ‘Hey Girl’ meme worked so well, humorous as it is obviously meant to be, is that it gave a personality to a good looking, untouchable celebrity. And that’s the point – none us know these people. After all, they’re just people. People who we can only look at and never ever ACTUALLY know.

Basically – we all have celeb crushes. Don’t let them throw you. They’re like your other half admiring a piece of art – they’re never going to sleep with the Mona Lisa, so leave them to it so long as they’re not talking about their Mona every other day.



As for us single people? Well, the above says it all… until someone significantly more real rocks up.


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