Rum Kitchen, Kiss Me Deadly & House of Burlesque, Hip Hop mixtape and drinking on dates

30 May


Ok guys, announcement time (someone out there will care… perhaps). I’ve decided I’m transferring all of my food reviews across to a dedicated burger blog.  It’s called Burger Bank and it’s going to be home to all of my burger reviews. Lots of chicken and veggie burger goodness. Don’t worry – these will still appear exactly as they do on this blog, but I’m also going to copy them across onto the burger blog and also add extend reviews, a burger map and a burger league table to Burger Bank’s website.It’s not 100% up and running yet, but when it is, dear God, it’ll be magnificent (that’s probably a lie, but let a gal dream, eh?)

You can also follow my food related musings at @LDNburgerbank.

EAT: I love Caribbean food. Boom Burger was yummy and anything with jerk flavouring or that comes with plantain always goes down well with me. So, I thought it was about time I gave Rum Kitchen a try.

The Rum Kitchen is a Caribbean inspired beach shack restaurant and cocktail bar. I went to the Rum Kitchen in Notting Hill, but there’s also one in Soho. The Notting Hill branch is spacious with a cool bar, lots of tables and a really great vibe. And oh, the menu. What a glorious menu.


Look at it. Pineapple and Chilli coleslaw. Plantain dip. Look at those SAUCES. And so much jerk chicken. Deep, deep joy. I went for the Jerk Fried Chicken Burger (with scotch bonnet garlic mayo) and sweet potato fries. I was tempted by the salt fish fritters, but not having them this time around gives me a great reason to go back for another round.

photo 3 (1)

The burger was amazing. Scotch bonnet, if you’re not familiar with it, is a kind of pepper. Not TOO hot, but it gives the mayo a little kick. The chicken was perfectly cooked – crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and the blackened parts tasted simply smoky, not burnt. The mayo was plentiful and tasted great – really complimenting the jerk flavouring of the chicken.

photo 5

The sweet potato fries were also lovely. They’re on the same level as the sweet potato fries you get at Gourmet Burger Kitchen but still not quiiiiite as good as Kua-aina’s offering. But still – worth a punt.

photo 4

As you can tell, I was very impressed with Rum Kitchen. The only thing I’d say could be improved is the bottom of the burger bun, but that’s only because I’ve eaten far too many burgers and I notice that kind of thing.

A few weeks ago I went to see some everyday women model sexy underwear, followed by a burlesque show. I have such a great life.


Kiss Me Deadly sell awesome undies. And Kiss Me Deadly put on a show using only people who are actually customers. All shapes and sizes, all ages, and not just women either. It’s a refreshing change. The reason I like burlesque is because it’s about women owning their bodies and controlling how they present themselves sexually. They call more of the shots than the audience do.So it makes sense for a burlesque show to follow everyday women (and a guy) confidently modelling amazing underwear.

photo 1

After the modelling things moved on to the burlesque.The House of Burlesque, famed for their decadent shows in Soho, put on a great gig. They had a nice mix of dancers – some were a little more sexy/traditional, one did the most incredible strip-hula hoop act (one of the best I’ve seen) and they, unusually, had a guy do a set too (this went down very well with the women, hah).

photo 2

The compare was totally on form too – funny, interacted really well with the audience and even got a load of men up on stage to perform with her. All in all, it was a great night. It felt totally inclusive and for £15 you got a catwalk show in a beautiful space, an hour and a half of burlesque and lots of free goodies. I got a pair of Kiss Me Deadly knickers and a suspender belt (unfortunately it’ way too small for me, but ho hum).

Visit the Kiss Me Deadly website and trust me, you’ll be tempted.

LISTEN: About 2 years ago I stumbled across Life Colours by Jazzy Jeff it rocks). I admit, I love my mixtapes. And this one is another good’un.

Time to get nostalgic. Have a listen to the below –  an hour long mix of classic old school hip hop by DJ Yung EZ.

Ahh, the first date. In a bar. Straight after work. Leaving you no time to get something to eat before you delve into wine and cocktails.

ALERT: not eating gets you drunk far quicker. And if the date is going well, you’ll get through a fair few drinks. So what to do? Well – I find it all depends on the first two drinks. Two glasses of wine or cocktails and I’m still sober. The third… that’s the tipping point.


So, here are my tips:

  1. DON’T drink a lot of it’s to calm the nerves. That’s what ONE drink is for. And, quite frankly, if you’re in your mid-20s and you’re still scared of first dates… well.. sigh. The first glass is to take the nerves away. But don’t KEEP drinking if you’re still scared. It’ll lead you to make bad decisions.
  2. Know your limits. When ordering wine, order SMALL glasses. Or, get cider or a weak cocktail so you can drink more of them if it’s a good date, without getting drunk.
  3. Shots should probably be a no. I’ve done shots on dates before, but that’s only when I knew it wasn’t really going anywhere and I just wanted to have fun. And NO, I did NOT sleep with the shot guys. I just had a wicked night followed by an epic hangover.
  4. Aim for one drink every 30-45 minutes. String it out, seriously. If he drinks quickly, let him get him own drink, don’t feel forced to have another. I recently went on a date where this happened – he’d down his pint in 15 minutes and go and get himself another. Two drinks later I had just about finished my glass and it was my time to buy a round. Never feel like you need to drink to ‘keep up’. If you can be pressured into drinking that easily you’re only one step (or half a bottle of rose) away from ending up in bed with someone you’re really not that fussed about.

And that, my friends, is that.


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