The Blues Kitchen, Pub quiz at The Candlemaker, Childish Gambino and harassment on public transport

31 Aug

EAT: Guess what guys – it’s another Southern style American foodie place, full of fried chicken, Gumbo and Nola decor. I’d seen a rather amazing review of The Blues Kitchen so I checked it out about a week later… but didn’t take any photos. So I’ll try to make the description ultra evocative so who needs photos, right?

It’s a short walk between Mornington Crescent and Camden High Street – a big neon sign greets you (which I totally missed – go me) and when you enter it feels… like it’s trying to be authentic, but it’s not quite there. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m super snobby when it comes to Southern American eateries because I’ve actually been  to Louisiana and went to a whole host of creole and Cajun eateries when I was there. I bloody loved the food so a little bit of that in London is all good with me.

So, you walk in and there are guitars on the walls and portraits of blues artists hung around the room. The restaurant section is quite small but comfortable and the service was quick too. I opted for the only cider they had on tap and I also went for the Buttermilk fried chicken with fries and coleslaw (I know, I know, I always get the sodding chicken, LEAVE ME ALONE).  My friend went for the Blues Kitchen Chilli – made with brisket beef, served with sour cream and nachos. He also got a side of corn bread which turned out to be a good choice because the nachos looked disappointing to say the least.


I stole a bit of his beef chilli and it was good actually. Had a bit of a kick when it came to the after taste, but it wasn’t as hearty as you’d get in the real Southern states. That said, the beef was lovely and the cornbread was also a solid choice. As for my food – the chicken was delicious: whatever is in that better is taaaasty. The fries and ‘slaw were nothing special though.

SEE: My local pub is The Candlemaker and they do a really nice pub quiz. I’m officially at the age where I actually think pub quizzes are an awesome way to spend an evening.

The music at The Candlemaker is always good – it’s a lovely pub, drinks are actually affordable with lots on offer as well as numerous pop up food residencies.  I say take your mates, do the quiz, have some drinks, enjoy the music and hopefully you’ll actually win something (unlike me)… I realise this isn’t the most in-depth review, but the flyer kind of gives you the overview and I’m not going to help you with clues, sooo…. yeah.

Know of any other good quizzes in the SW/South London area? Let me know – always on the hunt for new watering holes where I can attempt to win things and fail miserably.

LISTEN:  I went to see Childish Gambino play at the Brixton Academy last week. I was expecting quite a lot – I love Donald Glover for his 30 Rock writing, his stand up comedy and his role in Community. I also like his music. So I absolutely expected him to entertain me.

So, did he? Well.. yes. Kind of. His staging was great – the visuals kept you engaged and he made sure to move around the stage so as to be seen by all. He also took his top off and his jeans slid down his legs. Not the worst sight to behold.

It’s weird – the tracks he performed were strong. He took tracks of both albums, played the ‘hits’ and did so with energy. But I still felt there were lulls in the performance where, although music was playing, I had no interest in what was going on on stage.  It’s a shame – perhaps I expected too much. Bit one of my pet peeves are when artists cut m favourite songs short and he did so that once (maybe I’m just holding a grudge, who knows?)

I think in a smaller venue the energy would be better, the sound would be better and being a little closer to the stage would really have helped with my enjoyment of the gig. Gambino got the game… but in a smaller venue I think. ~For now, listen to a song and have a gaze at Gambino.

LOVE: This is less to do with love and more to do with disdain. Before you read the following let me be clear: I would love to live in a world where I didn’t have to write the following. I am also well aware that there are plenty of decent guys out there who respect women.

Four times this week I’ve received inappropriate attention from men, or point-blank assault, on pub transport or in a public place. It’s getting worse. Men, honestly (for the most part), don’t give a fuck.

The first two times was when I returned at about midnight from a work party. I has face paint on. One man though it was appropriate to tell me I looked like “I’m up for it” and then he touched my face – I brushed him off me and asked him to leave me alone. He then grabbed my breasts. I started shouting and he just laughed. I had to move to a different seat and luckily I left the train shortly after.

the second time that night was about 10 minutes later on the bus home when a man propositioned me and I declined – he responded by swearing at me.

Today I went to a pub. I needed the toilet. The women’s were out-of-order, and the pub (wrongly) offered only the alternative of using the men’s toilets. So, I did. As I was leaving, two men walked in. They asked why I was in the men’s – I calmly explained and went to leave. One of them then asked if I’d wait and hold his dick while he went to the toilet. I ignored him and went to leave. His friend tried to stop me.

Later, on the bus home, an old man came up to me, stroked my shoulder and said how much he loves fucking fiery red heads.



  1. I’m not an object. You cannot intimidate me into agreeing to perform sex acts in a public fucking toilet.
  2. Men: you are NOT entitled to sex. You have to be a decent fucking person and inspire me to LIKE you in order for me to even consider sleeping with you. Just because I’m out past 11pm and just because I’m tipsy does NOT mean you can get offended when I decline your offer. Don’t get me wrong – I have no issue with a man striking up a conversation or making a move. But he sure as hell better get away from me if I say no.
  3. Face paint, being drunk, a low-cut dress – none of these are an invitation for you to touch me. I could get on the train wearing a fucking bikini – that does NOT mean I want your sexual attention.

When women speak out against this kind of behaviour our comments are dismissed. When men take a stand for us it just gets the backs of the misogynists up. It’s incredibly frustrating. So I would encourage anyone who experiences this kind of crap to speak out. Anyone who SEES this happening, intervene. Otherwise the minority of men out there who think it’s ok to treat women with no respect whatsoever will never be taught the lesson they so desperately need to learn.

If you feel unsafe, try getting in touch with the British Transport Police in the following ways:



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