New Year, Similar Me.

11 Jan

New year, new me. At least, that’s what most people think when their hangover has disappeared (Jan 3rd), they’ve been back at work for a week (Jan 10th) and they’ve had time to trick themselves into thinking they have the staying power to change their life.

Thing is, changing our life is rarely a one-person job. For everything to fall into place, the people around you need to do their fair share too. Or, you need to make sacrifices. Want a better relationship? Then the person you’re with will need to contribute. Want to get slimmer? Then you’ll need cash to get into a gym or no hobbies in order to dedicate yourself to training for that marathon.

Last year my resolutions were as follows:

Look after my body a bit better: I went to the gym, put on no weight and got my diabetes under amazing control. Tiiiick.
Travel more: Totally nailed this one. Visited 5 new countries and had an incredible time in South East Asia.
Stop trying to help my friends: I did a lot of tongue biting this year. Friends only ask advice when they already know what they want to do. They really hate hearing the truth, so now I double check they ACTUALLY want truthful advice… they nearly never say yes. So I guess that counts as me being considerate? Kinda.
Rock my job: I still love where I work. I worked hard. And had a very productive year. Tick.

So, onto my realistic New Year’s Resolutions (which, actually are just me continuing to do what I was doing anyway for the most part).

Keep up the blog: I’ve been rubbish over the past few months when it comes to blogging. And that’s because I don’t blog for other people, I do it so I can keep track of the places I’ve been and experiences I’ve had. I look forward to, in a few years time, looking at my first blog posts and (probably) thinking how young I sound but remembering how much fun I was having.

tumblr_inline_mvy1mvENHM1rzlc6h(photo cred:

These days we don’t keep written diaries. We Instagram our experiences and use Facebook as a record of what we’ve been up to. But those platforms only allow us to attribute a few lines to our experiences – I use this blog to go into more detail so I don’t forget the little things. So I’m picking blogging back up.
Get healthier:  I don’t care about losing weight. But I want to be a bit fitter than I am now. I can run for the bus and not be out of breath, but I’d like to run for the bus and not be sweating like a lunatic afterwards.

See the problem with losing weight is that I’d also lose my boobs and bum. And that’s NOT happening. Not on my watch. So, I’m being careful not to go too crazy but to ensure I do get fitter along the way. At least that’s realistic. Basically: fuck kale, eat burgers, but gym it off afterwards.

And eat fewer burgers, but don’t give up the good stuff. I do actually eat quite healthily: my dinners are usually full of salad and roasted vegetables, but  I snack on total rubbish throughout the day. So I’m cutting down on snacking and Diet Coke: not completely, but I’m going to be better than I have been. This is really just so I can continue to keep my diabetes  all good and so my skin is all lovely (I hate purchasing and putting on foundation. F U FOUNDATION).

Pick up where I left off: When I went to university, it’s not that I gave things up, they just fell by the wayside. Namely, three things: singing, piano playing and creative writing. I’m doing more creative writing t work, which I’m loving, so for now I’m leaving that there. But I used to have a good voice –  a strong voice – and that’s slipped away. So I’m taking up singing again – getting a teacher, sorting out my breathing, etc. I’m also going to pick up the piano again once I’ve got enough cash together to buy a keyboard (alas, my upright piano is just way too big and heavy to bring to London)./

TRAVEL MORE: Ok, so this isn’t a resolution. I travel a lot anyway. But I’m going to continue seeing the world in 2015. So far, I’m going to the Netherlands for my friend’s stag do, South Africa/Botswana and Zambia on a safari tour which I won, New York/New Jersey and Washington with my mum and brother to see family and to Barcelona with my friends (seventh time I’ll have been to Barcelona. Bloody love it).

download I’m also going to go to the Scottish Highlands in August (yet to be booked) and I also want to go to somewhere else in Europe on my own (I honestly love travelling alone, and this will be the first year where I don’t spend the majority of my travelling time on my own!)


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