Spuntino, Wildlife Photography, gym playlist and the silver fox.

10 Feb

Photography by Kang L

EAT: Spuntino doesn’t have a website. Or an online menu. Or a sign really. However it’s not SO pretentious that you and up queuing for an hour to get in – rock up to Rupert Street in Soho and you usually don’t have to wait that long to eat.

It’s quite pricey drinks-wise (£6 for a very small glass of prosecco), however the food is reasonably priced. The food is American influenced and designed for sharing, so make sure you’re hungry and ready for a lot of yummy food. Well, most of it was yummy.

We went for the following: Macaroni Cheese, deep fried olives, buttermilk chicken, eggplant chips, pulled pork and pickled apple slider and pickled onion rings followed by salted caramel chocolate brownie and Nutella ice cream sandwich. Yes, all of those things are real, and most of them taste REALLY good.

photo 2 As you can see from the above photo (olives and buttermilk chicken) the portions are big enough to share but small enough to ensure you don’t feel terrible if you order 4-5 dishes. The chicken was beautiful: perfectly tender and the batter was delicious. The stuffed olives? Not so good. I’ve recently gone olive-crazy but these were a real let down.

The mac and cheese (below) was divine. Creamy with a breadcrumb topping and totally worth the order. The eggplant chips were also good (try them if you like Byron Burger’s courgette fries) and the onion rings were lovely too. The sauces that the food comes with (chipotle mayo and a variety of other sauces depending on what you order) are also great. OOH: and the pulled pork burger was lovely too… but you can’t share it. Way too awkward and messy. Just eat it all to yourself.

photo 1 THE DESSERTS WERE AMAZING, SO MUCH SO THAT AN ENTIRE CAPS LOCK SENTENCE IS COMPLETELY NECESSARY. Get them. Get allll of them. The Nutella ice cream sandwich was great and the salted caramel brownie was delicious. Just take every positive, food-related adjective you can think of and add them in to fill this blank: the desserts at Spuntino are [YUMMY ADJECTIVE]. My friend and I ate them so quick there was no time to take photos, sorry.

So. Yes, it’s a bit pretentious but it’s a place which basically does yummy American tapas, has no online menu, no sign and only has bar stools. But go all the same. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

SEE:  Everyone thinks they’re an amateur photographer these days. Instagram is largely to blame. But if you’ve had your fill of filters and you want to see some actual photography, then I implore you to head to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 exhibition at the Natural History Museum. Yes, it’s been on for a while but it’s running until August 2015 (when presumably the 2015 exhibition will take over).

7-15-13 The exhibition is split into different sections, ranging from age range to what’s actually in the photograph. There are mammals, underwater species, plants and fungi, earth’s environments… the list goes on. The winning image is the one below: it feature lions, so obviously I’m well happy about that.

wildlife-photographer-year-2014 The photographs are stunning. The gallery can get a little crowded, but it’s comfortable enough to move around and so long as you don’t go at a really busy time you’ll be fine taking it all in. The time-lapse videos are worth spending longer studying, as are the mammals and birds. One photograph (below) shows afro-asian parakeets swooping above a London graveyard. How cool is that?!

28 Look, you don’t have to go and spend five minutes per photograph, discussing its place in the wider world and the way our environment is changing etc. Just go and marvel at how bloody wonderful the world around you can be. And buy the book (I ended up getting the portfolio… when I become a millionaire I’ll buy them all). Enjoy.

LISTEN: I’ve been going to the gym a lot. People who exercise a lot are either single or just don’t have anything better to do. I am single, hence the gym.

Anyway. I’m really into super fast paced songs at the moment. They make me push myself harder than I actually want to, which I suppose can only be a good thing (I’m one of those people who absolutely cannot  exercise unless I have music playing). So, for my own reference here’s what’s on my gym playlist at the moment. These aren’t necessarily songs I’d listen to loads outside the gym, but I can’t get enough of them when I’m sweating. Yummy.

Pharrell – Come Get It Bae
Missy Elliot – Pass That Dutch
Michael Jackson – Wanna Be Starting Something
N.E.R.D – Spaz
Ludacris – The Potion
Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (remix)
Azelia Banks – 212

…I was going to work out the time signatures for each one to see if there’s a common theme but then I remembered I have grander things to do, like have a shower.

LOVE: I watched a film the other day (it wasn’t that great) which featured Mark Ruffalo. Mark Ruffalo is a man who I’ve never found attractive. But in this film his hair was starting to go grey. And I suddenly had a massive crush on him.

1368208797_mark-ruffalo-lg Same goes for David Beckham. I have unusual taste in men I guess, so I’ve never found the likes of Beckham (or Pitt, or Depp) particularly attractive. But David Beckham has started to show his grey hair and I LOVE it.

Over the past year I’ve dated older men. It wasn’t really a conscious but I’ve realised that older men are possibly the way to go. They have more life experience, and are therefore interesting with plenty to talk about. Obviously as I don’t want children, an older man without kids is a massive bonus as by the time a guy gets past 40 and is single/without kids a lot of the time (at least, this is what I’ve found) it’s because he doesn’t want kids. It’s not like guys in their 20s who are still umming and ahhing on the whole kids thing and usually end up deciding they want them.

However, older guys also tend to love whiskey (not there yet) and quiet nights in. Which is fine, but I still want to let loose and have a reckless night from time to time where I get the 5am bight bus home. Older men: nooot so up for that.

Anyway, I swear there was a point I was going to make when I started writing this (aside from diarising the time in 2014 when I dated a few older guys). Hmmm. I think the point I was aiming to land was that I’m finding it not only increasingly hard to find guys I’m interested in, but when I do they still buy into the whole 2.4 children and marriage thing. I’ve always maintained that marriage is something I’d be willing to compromise on – after all, it’s only signing a legal document, no more, no less. But the kids thing? There’s just no point getting involved with guys who want kids because neither of us will change our minds… so older men are the way forward. Or not. Who the hell knows.

That is, if I could be bothered to date anyone ever again. Meah.


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