Chicken Liquor, Rooftop Film Club, Ugly Duckling and swapping dates for weights

22 May

photo 4EAT: Ok, so I went to Chicken Liquor AGES ago. As in about 9 months ago. BUT: I do remember that it tasted amazing but also that it tasted like a LOT of calories. Which it was. But dear god, those calories were delicious.

Chicken Liquor is the brainchild of the Meat Liquor guys, but it focuses on chicken and veggie options rather than all dat beef. I don’t really go for beef burgers, so I decided to head to Brixton and give Chicken Liquor a try.

I went for the halloumi burger with mayo, lettuce and red onions, a cider (as per usual) and the ‘Hot Mess’. The Hot Mess is (get ready for it): hash browns, cheese sauce, jalapenos, hot sauce and pickles. See below for how yummy and brilliant it was.

photo 1 (2) photo 3 (1)

For a £4.50 side, not too shabby at all.
The halloumi burger was also lovely. LOADS of halloumi… I mean, it was verging on ridiculous. The slice of halloumi was the size of an actual burger. The bun was brilliant and everything just tasted incredible.

photo 2 (2)As you can see from the photos, the calorie count is off the chart, I’m sure. But that’s not why you go to a place like Chicken Liquor. You go to indulge and have a bloody good meal, and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

SEE:  I sometimes do assignments (makes me sound like a spy, hah) for the awesome Skint London. And a couple of weeks ago they sent me to the Rooftop Film Club press night. I’ve been to the Dalston Rooftop cinema a few years ago and I was excited to give the new location at the Bussey Building in Peckham a try.

There are a few reasons why a cinema on top of a tall building in London is a good idea. Firstly: the views. The views were AMAZING. It wasn’t even a particularly sunny day, but seeing the London skyline and the sunset above in all its glory… virtually worth the ticket price alone for being so highly Instagrammable. Seriously, click on the photos and marvel at what my poor iPhone 4 managed to capture.


Now, a warning: to get to the top of the building there’s no lift and about 5 flights of steep stairs. So just bear that in mind if you’re wearing high heels or are stupidly unfit. Once you’re on the roof, there’s a bar, food provided by Pizza Pilgrims and, of course, a big screen. One of the bartenders there was very attractive, which is always nice. (In case you’re interested, the flirting on my part was terrible, my game is shiiiit at the moment apparently). Aside from hot bartenders, there’s also a fairy extensive drinks list, including prosecco, cocktails, cider and beer on tap… etc. Quite reasonably priced too.

222I’m sure if you’re even remotely into the London food scene, you’ll know about Pizza Pilgrims. Just in case you don’t: they started out in Soho selling pizzas from a van. Then, they set up a couple of restaurants and now, they’re hiring themselves out for pop ups it seems. The pizzas are great, although the selection is a bit limited here. You can either get margarita, something veggie but REALLY spicy and a mushroom pizza.

So, the cinema. Popcorn is available for purchase and you can take your drinks, along with complimentary blankets, with you to watch the film. When I went, Birdman was showing. The titles they’re screening are all big titles: vintage gems, recent award winners, classics, etc. The screen is big, but it’s definitely worth sitting nearer the front (unless you’re doing the hardcore making out thing). The sound is brilliant – you can’t hear any of the London madness below and it’s pretty awesome seeing twilight fall while the movie is playing.

111Only bad thing: it’s cold. Obviously, as I went at the start of May it was far colder than it’ll be in June/July. Then again, you know what the English weather is like, so just make sure you wrap up warm because the blankets just don’t cut it! That aside, it was a great experience and if there’s a film on you like, definitely give it a go. Either at Peckham or one of the other Rooftop Film Club locations, which you can find here.

LISTEN: The last time I saw Ugly Duckling was in 2008, when I was at University. That was, until last week when they came to London and I got to do a shitty attempt at a two-step at Venue 229. It’s actually a really good gig space and I’ll be keeping my eye on what else they have going on there.

Anyway. The set was good – unfortunately a looot of the exact same jokes I saw them make in 2008. But, the new material (jokes and music) was really good. They’re incredibly entertaining and very talented. The DJ only uses vinyl and decks. That’s it. And he’s an incredible DJ. Enough rambling – listen to them below.

LOVE: I very nearly went on a date this evening. But I cancelled. Yes, last year I went on a date every bloody week. And none of them ever worked out, but I had some fun times and good experiences. But this week, I just wasn’t feeling it.

So a few minutes ago I started to wonder what the hell I was going to write in  this bit of the blog. I mean, the good stories come from when I actually HAVE experiences to chat about, and right now I really don’t. Mainly because I’ve swapped going on dates with going to the gym. As a result, I’ve lost a couple of stone, dropped a dress size and just feel healthier.

In theory that should mean more people want to date me, but I do have the difficult personality to deal with still, sorry fellas.
So, this is still me:



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