City (well, State) Spotlight: New Jersey

31 May

Omg, it’s happening guys. I’m actually finding time to blog about my USA adventure… the one I returned from back in early April. Yes, worst blogger ever, but I did so much stuff and saw so many places I wanted to make sure I did my time there justice.

Basically, my trip started off in New Jersey, staying with my grandfather new Jersey Shore. We visited The Shore, Atlantic City, their local area (Long Beach Island) and Philly while we were with them, and this blog post is about a couple of New Jersey highlights. Over the course of the week I’ll be posted about Philadeliphia, New York, Washington D.C and Toronto too.

FYI, the weather there is mental. I rocked up and it was windy. It then poured with snow for a day solid (and of course I had no appropriate clothing) and then it went lovely and sunny. So watch out for that. Anyway, onto what I got up to in New Jersey.


EAT: So, Atlantic City as you’ll be aware, used to be what Las Vegas is today (except with more gangsters due to the Italian-American popular in New Jersey). These days it’s full of casinos, but the rest of the city (Boardwalk aside) is quite run-down. A world away from the luxurious and gaudy Borgata Casino.

6The Borgata Casino is full of slot machine, poker tables and high end fashion stores. However, the one and only reason you should visit is for the glorious Borgata Buffet. So get this, their lunchtime buffet features food from all across the world, unlimited plates (honestly, you can have 10 plates of savoury food and 10 plates for dessert and it’s chill), unlimited soft drinks and all of this is only $19.95. That’s less than £15 and the food is absolutely incredible.

They have Chinese food, Thai food, American classics (including sweet potato with marshmallows… it’s AMAZING), Italian food, soups, Japanese food (including steamed pork buns), loads of fried food, freshly cooked chicken and pork, vegetables, salads and more. But let’s go back to the sweet potato marshmallow pie. Apparently this is a Thanksgiving staple in the States and it sounds odd. But, dear god, it tastes AMAZING. I’ve since made it at home from scratch and although not as good as the Borgata’s, it’s still fucking immense.


Oh, and obviously can’t overlook the desserts. On one plate I managed to fit pecan pie, jelly, meringue, cupcakes, cookies and apple pie. I also later went and had cake and mango sorbet… it was all delicious.


Yes, totally gorged and went a bit mental on the calories but I did so much walking when I was in the States I somehow actually lost weight… my brother, of course, ate about three times as much as I did. Basically, it’s cheap, plentiful and tastes incredible and is so worth a visit to Atlantic City just for the bloody buffet. Seriously.

SEE: So, you’ll have seen Jersey Shore before. Although the focus is very much on some gobby flatmates, ‘the Shore’ is really beautiful. Even on a windy day, the beach and sea and sky and everything remotely related to the beach was really beautiful.

8There are loads of different beaches to pick from, and the one above is actually on Long Beach Island, not at ‘the shore’. We also saw the Barnegat Lighthouse, looked after by the National Parks Service and is the point where the Brits were total wankers and went and massacred a load of American (honestly, colonial Brits were completely awful). Doesn’t sound that relaxing, but it’s a beautiful spot and the views from the top if the lighthouse are worth the climb!


That’s my whistle stop blog post about New Jersey… when I do my travel blog posts I usually leave out the ‘Listen’ and ‘Love’ parts of my usual blog posts, simply due to how much I eat and see! Well aware I’ve left out loads of stuff about the state, but in I’m having to be hardcore selective due to time and how much I have to write about! My next blog post will be about Philly… keep your eyes peeled!


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