Chosen Bun, Travel Photographer of the Year, SoulWax Radio and the elusive spark

22 Aug

EAT:  Chosen Bun is in Fulham. It only delivers to SW10 postcodes… and I’m in SW11. As a result, Chosen Bun has always eluded me. UNTIL NOW. (I realise this isn’t a big deal for anyone else but I’ve been meaning to try them for such a long time it feels like a big deal). I had everything delivered via Jinn – they basically go anywhere you tell them and pick up what you want (nothing illegal, obvs) and when the food turned up it was actually still warm which is a massive win when it comes to delivery services in London.

Anyway. Onto the food: Chicken burger (Lime and coriander marinated chicken breast, garlic and avocado mayo, sliced mozzarella and chilli jam), Belgian fries (skin-on, triple-cooked chips with rosemary salt) and G’eesecake (toasted marshmallow and toffee cheesecake with a biscuit base). How delicious does THAT sound?

photo 3 (1)photo 2 (1)

First, the burger. The chicken was brilliant – tender and the coriander and lime was subtle but tasty. The best bit was the chilli jam (the red stuff in the bun) – it gave it a kick and was a brilliant change from the usual plain mayo they bung in the middle. That’s not to say the Chosen Bun mayo wasn’t good, but the jam was yummy. The brioche bun held together really well too; all in all, nothing was too dry and the flavours really complimented each other.

photo 2

To be honest, I never expect much from fries and chips, but I still get them anyway (nothing is ever going to beat Honest Burger rosemary fries). However, I was pleasantly surprised by Chosen Bun’s Belgian chips. Outside: crispy. Inside: fluffy. And you get a big portion too… I managed to eat about four before I had to give up. To be honest, I didn’t taste the rosemary salt at all which is a shame, but they were a good shout nonetheless.

photo 3 (2)photo 4

The cheesecake comes in a jar. A big jar. It has marshmallows on top, a thick toffee flavored creamy bit and a lovely biscuit base. It’s a STRONG cheesecake. Get it. Eat it. Feel guilty, but happy. Overall, Chosen Bun is a great shout for a takeaway (I don’t think they have a sit-down restaurant at the moment). Can everyone please just beg them to open up more joints and deliver to a bigger area. True, it means I’ll spend a lot more money and my waist size will triple… but meah. High five Chosen Bun.

SEE: I love travelling but I have a shit camera. So I absolutely love seeing travel photography and the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition is running until September 5th at the Royal Geographic Society.

photo 1 (1)photo 1

The exhibition is free and part inside, but mostly outside.They have a lovely cafe, a small gift shop and some fun signs to add a little humour to the setting. You’ll need about 90 minutes to see the whole exhibition and a fair bit of patience as I happened to go on a beautiful day with a lot of people crowding the photos. However, the photos are fairly large, so seeing everything isn’t too much of an issue.

My favourite shots are always landscapes and wildlife. There were some stunning shots from professional and amateur photographers, but some personal favourites I’ve included here. Sana’a in Yemen is off limits to most travelers, however the amazing photograph below allows us to a glimpse into a brand new place. Plus it’s a bloody wonderful photo.

baikal-lake-2 tzoo.blog_.TPOTYPolarBear.081215-960x480 yemen1Screenshot-2015-07-24-09.55.06-640x360
LISTEN: I started a new job a few weeks ago and there are some super cool kids in my office. This is based primarily on the music they put on the speaker system. One such cool kid introduced me to Radio Soulwax (side project related to 2 Many DJs). They’ve created an app which has all sorts of wicked music on there, but this hour long Bowie mixtape is a total gem which I’m loving. I get to listen to this while I’m working for christ’s sake, how great is THAT?

LOVE: The elusive spark. It’s one of those things; when someone tells you they don’t feel ‘the spark’, you assume that they’re lying (at least I do) and just trying to cover the real reason they’re not interested. But, when you’re the one who ain’t feeling so sparky, it’s the only way to vocalise and really put your finger on what you’re feeling.

I had this the other day. I’d been chatting to this guy on Whatsapp, getting along like a house on fire and I was looking forward to our date. He turned up, looking exactly like his profile pictures (damn you Ok Cupid for making me always suspect a guy is at least 2 inches shorter than he claims to be) and we had a good date. Conversation flowed. He was funny, sarcastic (I like that) and interesting. We parted ways, slightly drunk, and I decided that I didn’t want to see him again.

I have no idea why other than ‘there was no spark’.

I’ve blogged before about how ridiculously high my standards are – something which I don’t see as an issue. It totally would be if I had high standards when it comes to looks (I’m nothing too special) but it’s not that; I want someone liberal, well-traveled and intelligent. The only reason I look for those things is because I believe I’m capable of offering them… fair’s fair, y’know? But when I looked for why this particular guy didn’t fit meet my high standards, I drew a blank. I simply just wasn’t feeling it.

This has happened to me maaany times, so I’m used to it now. And I don’t believe I’m the only person that goes through this, but I admit, it is frustrating when I can’t work out what the problem is. Perhaps it’s psychological. Maybe it’s me being shallow and I’m just WELL good at suppressing that reasoning. Either way, it annoys me, but I have no doubt it will continue to happen.

So for anyone out there who gets ‘rejected’ and told it’s due to a lack of spark, it could well be they’re telling the truth. However, I’m sure, like me, you absolutely will not believe them. Ho hum.


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