Loaded Burger, #RunRarebitRun, Savage Salad, Top Dog, London Parks and being picky.

12 Sep

Ok, so I keep going out to eat, or to fun places (hold on, this isn’t just me showing off) and I never find time to write about them. At the end of the day this blog is a diary for me and hopefully a source of useful info for the rest of you, so I’m pretty much letting everyone down.

That’s right guys, this blog is SO IMPORTANT that I’m letting EVERYONE down.

Anyway. Rather than rambling for three or paragraphs per section, I’m going to do a quick summary  of the eats I’ve experienced and things I’ve been doing in London before order is restored and I throw you a music link and tell you some terrible dating story. Kay? Cool. Let us begin.

EAT: So most of my eats are burgers, obviously. I was wandering around Stoke Newington drunk and I stumbled across Loaded Burger: it looks reasonably unassuming and new. Went in and very quick decided I was impressed with their menu – they seem to know what they’re doing.

loaded1 photo 2

I ordered the Buffalo chicken: chicken streak, fried, smothered in buffalo sauce (mildly hot) topped with mayo, lettuce, onion, tomato, aioli + sour cream and chives. It sounds like a LOT, but take a look at the size of the chicken and the bun. The brioche can more than hold its own and the chicken needs a lot of sauce and good stuff to balance out the meat and the hot sauce. All in all, a very satisfying drunk-at-the-bus-stop eat. Will deffo give them an eat-in try if I’m back in the area!

EAT: I’ve blogged about Byron Burger before… but not like this. I had a bite of their new special, Run Rarebit Run, on Tuesday. And I thought about it every day. Literally, every day. You know why? BECAUSE IT WAS BEEF AND I LIKED IT.

photo 4 photo 3 (1)

Look at it. Fml. I literally never order beef burgers – I don’t usually like them, they’re too heavy.  But this is divine. I had mine well done and it’s £10.95 for Run Rarebit Run is a British twist on a classic bacon cheeseburger: a 6oz hamburger topped with vintage Cheddar rarebit made with Byron Pale Ale, plus dry cure bacon, pickled cucumber and English mustard mayonnaise. FYI I don’t actually like mustard either but it doesn’t matter: this burger is so bloody good they could put mushrooms (EVIL) in it and I’d still eat it. Go. Get it. IMMEDIATLY.

EAT: Right, we’re going to take a break from burgers and move to salad. Yeah, I know, but stay with me, this salad is actually really good. Savage Salad sits as a food stand in Berwick Street, Soho and for about £5 you can get a chicken (or halloumi, or both) salad – the base changes each day and it always comes with pitta.

sav2 sav1

I’ve previously has beans, cous cous, roasted peppers and onions, pickled cucumber, coleslaw, leaves with balasmic vinegar and cherry tomato with feta cheese. It’s in a lovely box and it always tastes bloody amazing. Plus, because it has the word ‘salad’ in it, it means it’s healthy…. right?

EAT: About 4 months ago I went and got 50% off a hot dog place in Soho. The hot dog place in question was from Top Dog and I got the BBQ dog (BBQ sauce, caramilised onions and cheddar). I also went for the salted caramel shake.

photo 1
The hot dog wasn’t that amazing. It was actually quite small and wasn’t that BBQ-y. Also didn’t have enough onion for me… it’s more cheese than anything else. The milkshake however was the tits. It tasted SO good… as you can see from the photo, I drank half the shake before I even bothered with the hot dog.  Not much more to add about the place than that!

SEE: Right, now we’re on to the see bit of the blog post. FYI, in order to not become something akin to a beached whale due to all the food I eat, I go to the gym a lot and I also walk around a lot too. So this little bit of the blog post is about the oft-spoken about London parks and what I love about each one.

Hyde Park is great for ‘stuff to do’. There’s an art gallery, the serpentine, restaurants and numerous pop ups. It’s the place to go if you’re super central, if you want to run or cycle. I tend to head there when I want to socialise, rather than being alone. Unless you go to the bit at the back of Hyde Park where the longer grass is, there’s not a lot of quite time to be had in Hyde Park. There is interesting artwork like the one above at the Serpentine Gallery though (until Oct 18th)!

Green Park is nice when you’re in the middle of the city but you want to get away from it all. It’s just swathes of green. ALL the green. Hence the name… (this isn’t the most insightful blog post, I’ll admit). But so long as you don’t go too near the roads, it’s actually very peaceful and a nice place to sit and read (which is exactly what I end up doing there, see below).

Battersea Park is really near me and is a great place for walking and jogging as it’s right by the river. Some parts of it are lovely for sitting and reading (see below… most middle glass reading picnic EVER) but there’s also a little farm, lots of sports courts and irritatingly I suppose it’s really good for kids. Hence why I stick to the corners and don’t venture near the middle where the ice cream trucks are!

The point of this rambling crap is to say that don’t underestimate London’s parks. Walk there, take a book or some friends on a sunny day and it’s not only good excersise but the parks are bloody lovely too. Hence why I probably love Parks and Recreation and Leslie Knope (best TV show ever) so much…

LISTEN: I have no idea how I haven’t yet blogger about the Jurassic Park theme music. Every Friday at work I curate a playlist and it always starts with this theme tune. It was actually my old boss Adam’s idea and I’m not completely conditioned to associated the music with work ending, drinks and Friday night. If I ever get forced into marriage (I don’t believe in it, but I’m using it as a compromise when I tell someone I don’t want kids) my wedding is kicking off with this music. As is my funeral. I’s just such epic, beautiful music. Listen to it and looooove.

LOVE: I use OK Cupid for dating, usually. I like the scoring system – if I get messaged by someone who I match 90% with (it’s done based on common answers to questions) then I can bet they’re liberal, with reasonably good taste in culture and have good morals. Most of the time, when I meet a 90%+ match, we get on just fine but I maybe won’t feel a spark… personality will get a tick, but the extra something isn’t there.

True, I’m probably too picky. The way I see it: if they’re not right for ya, you think you’re being picky. But if they are a good’un, then it’ll just seem like an easy, obvious choice. I always remember a guy I work with moaning about clients: “Clients want things to be good, quick and cheap. That’s impossible. If it’s cheap and quick, it’s shit. If it’s good and quick, it’ll cost you. And if it’s cheap and good, it’ll take a long time”. I 100% agree with that – you can’t have everything.  You just need to get your priorities in order.

For example – last week I went on a date recently with a 95%+ match guy. He was intelligent, successful and easy to chat to. However, when I met him it turned out that he may be very liberal, but he also seems to think people in advertising are evil (I work in advertising… sooo…). He’s fixated on data privacy – which is fine of course, I admire people who are informed and passionate about something – but fixated to the point that he refuses to go through scanners at airports so has to get to airports an extra hour early. He is morally opposed to visiting America because they take fingersprints. All well and good, but he’d be a nightmare to travel with! He also told me he doesn’t really like being that spontaneous, whereas I’m still young enough that I have that lust for life still. So, it didn’t progress to a second date. On paper, we were perfect. In reality? Not so much.

I find that fascinating – that you can match on grand things like politics, morals, culture, education etc. But it’s the icing on top of the cake which really ends up having the sway in some cases.


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