Flour to the People, Creative Data Club, Radiohead remixes and the magic number (fml).

17 Sep

EAT:  Flour to the People, aside from being a delightful pun, is a new(ish) sourdough bakery in Battersea. Good old South West London is trying to cater to not only yummy mummies, but people who don’t have a huge buggy in tow (Flour to the People is not big enough for kids, FYI. So leave ’em at home).

Flour to the People is a bakery, which does all sorts of dough, beautiful food too. You can pop in and get sourdough bread, a muffin… or you can hang around and get one of their amazing sandwiches, pancakes, etc. They even have an unlimited toast option – toasters on the table for you – and you get fresh bread.

I, however, got the bacon, eggs and maple syrup pancakes. American  pancakes. They were glorious. Pancakes were absolutely amazing, eggs were fluffy and creamy and the bacon didn’t have much fat on, nice and crispy. I also had a mocha (it was 11am on a Saturday, coffee in chocolate form was needed).

For about £6, it’s a great place to go and get brunch. And I was there while they were cooking up some sourdough and based off the smell alone, I’m definitely going back.

SEE: I went to a talk by the Creative Data Club at the ACE Hotel in Shoreditch (I went there to see Naked Boys Reading too, really good venue actually). Anyway, these people were not naked. They were either artists or marketers who use data in, guess what, a creative way.

Creative Data Club brings together people who want to explore how we use data in imaginative and playful ways.” The first two speakers were less relevant to my day job than the third, but interesting nonetheless. The first presentation was about creating a soundboard from the noises made when making a cake. The second was about assigning words a score based on how close to a palindrome they were, then having shapes move during a talk based on the speaker’s use of words according to the palindromic scale (this very much appealed to the language geek in me).

The final speaker was Simon Piehl, from the Bureau of Visual Affairs, and he shared some of the stories from the studio and how they use data to make amazing content driven experiences for their clients. Simon made some very obvious points (to those who work in advertising) such as: “”If your product is free, the data is the price you’re paying”. Then again, he also showed off a very interesting visualisation around stock market success and visualised the amount of sunlight visible at any given time in any given place. Some visualisations were less interesting (the one above is of most frequently used words in a book… data is supposed to give you some insights to draw conclusions from… turning a beautiful book into blocks of words, in my eyes, fails to do this).

However, for newbies to the data game, there are some interesting insights, visualisations and the Creative Data Club is a great starting point. I think I’ll go again to give them another try and see if anything more relevant and in-depth appears. Even if it doesn’t, the less marketing focused talks were interesting enough to draw me back!

LISTEN: Radiohead are my favourite band. Not only because their songs are intelligent, but because they’re incredibly talented musicians and Thom Yorke has the most beautiful voice ever.  So, when someone covers Radiohead or remixes them, I’m skeptical. I loved Amanda Palmer’s Ukelele covers and AmpLive did some amaaaazing remixes back in 2011. The rest of the time, as I said, I’m skeptical…

So, when Google alerted me to the following release, I gave it a listen and was impressed, in parts. Roman GianArthur has dropped OK Lady, a cover/mash up of Radiohead songs.  I love the first two tracks, but I hate the High and Dry cover. All in all it’s a really good attempt at tackling a big, glorious band and some huge, wonderful songs. But it still doesn’t beat Amplive, or Radiohead themselves, I’m afraid! Still worth a listen though 🙂

LOVE: Bad news comes in threes.  The strongest points are made in threes. Three pretty much is the magic number. For example. I believe there are only three ways to get over someone: cut them out of your life and ignore them, find someone new to fill your time, or find that they did something SO terrible you can never look at them the same way again.

Turns out three is applied to everything in the world of dating: there are also three reasons why people will date you, why they won’t continue to have sex with you, why they’ll propose to you… the list goes on.

So if you’re wondering about a dating issue, or a relationship issue you’re having, there are probably three possible things you have to tackle. It’s just a case of picking the right bloody one. I really wish things weren’t that simple, but (hint) most of the time the simple and obvious answer is the right one.

Sigh. In years time when I look back at this hopefully I’ll know what I’m on about.


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