Dip & Flip, political protests, Beirut and my wonderful nan

23 Sep

EAT: Dip & Flip came to Battersea a couple of years ago. It’s taken me a while to get there because I’m rubbish and have been pretending to be on a health kick (I’m not. I never am. Mmmm carbs).

Dip n Flip has received amazing reviews from pretty much every burger blogger I follow, so I expected good things (despite the fact I went for a chicken burger rather than their beef).

Above is their fried chicken burger – although I was VERY tempted by their unusually inventive veggie option, the potato rosti and fried egg burger (most places in London give you a dry bean patty or a bloody mushroom). Anyway, back to the chicken.

IMG_9588So, the burger comes with gravy, like everything in Dip & Flip. Gravy was good… I mean, it was gravy, how good can it be? It did the job. The burger was less a burger and more a crispy, slim piece of chicken sanwiched between a brioche bun, with mayo and lettuce and a bit of pickle. I can’t fault the chicken – it was tender but with a lovely crunchy batter and the bun was good too. However, due to the batter on the chicken and not much sauce, it was a little dry. The gravy helped a little, but the burger could have done either with more coleslaw and sauce, or by being less fried.

IMG_9591That’s not to say it wasn’t good; and now I’ve (very recently) gotten into beef burgers I’ll definitely go back and give their cheese burger a go. It’s reasonably priced and you can also get all kinds of dirty fries with them (I didn’t go for them though… HEALTH KICK [pffft]). Worth a punt, especially if you’re in South West London where we’re a little lacking in super trendy burger joints.

So, I went to my first political protest last week (or two weeks ago depending on when I bother scheduling this post).  For someone who cares so much about politics, I’m surprised that it took me this long to go. But after living with this ridiculous Tory government, who are killing people (literally) with cuts, screwing the trade unions and lying about their opposition… it’s not enough for me to tweet/bitch in the office/spend hours debating with my mum and my bezzer Jude about the Tories.

124So I went to the #SolidarityWithRefugees march. Apparently around 100,000 turned up over the course of the day to protest Cameron’s dismal attempt at helping the out in the European refugee crisis. If David Cameron won’t do enough, then we need to. I have donated a day of my pay to a charity who are providing aid and shelter to refugees stuck without a home. For a full list of ways you can help out, go here. Thanks.

LISTEN: I am going to see Beirut next week. I am VERY excited. The last time they came to the UK was about 3 years ago and I stupidly got tickets to see Oddisee on the same night as Beirut. And I, even more stupidly, went to see Oddisee instead (sorry Oddisee, love ya, but Beirut ftw).

But now I can right that wrong and I’m see Beirut at the Brixton Academy this Thursday. If you’re going, let me know. And if you’re not going, then I’m afraid the tickets are sold out (gutted). For now, I’ll leave the title track from their new album No No No here.

LOVE: All my love is currently reserved for my glorious gran who is visiting my Dad at the moment. She lives up north, so I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like to. She’s 95 and an absolute superhero. She cooks, she walks, she went on a holiday to Greece a few months ago, she got a train on her own from Clitheroe (Lancashire) to Reading last week… I went to visit her a few months back and woke up at 11am. While I’d been sleeping she’d woken up, has breakfast, went down town, got CEMENT and was CEMENTING A WALL when I awoke. She did all of that without Google.

nNnMy grandpa passed away neatly a year ago and I admit, I’ve seen her a LOT more over the last year than I had done previously. I can’t stand the thought of such a wonderful woman sitting in a house on her own. It breaks my heart.

I realised a few weeks ago that part of my issue with her being alone is because I’m very aware that’s what will happen to me. Except, I don’t want kids, so I won’t actually have any grandchildren or children to come and visit me. True, there’s a small chance I’ll find someone to settle down with, but that’s never guaranteed. And there is no way in HELL I could ever cement a bloody wall without following some detailed instructions and tweeting about it. So please can someone, anyone, just double check on me in about 50-60 years and make sure I still have someone to chat to, yeah? Otherwise I’ll have to keep channeling my thoughts into a blog and pretend it counts as talking to someone.


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