Halloween burgers, The House of Peroni, TPOK Jazz music and good times vs. bad timing.

1 Nov

Rather than continue to annoy people by informing them how depressing it is to not be in Africa (despite the fact this is true) I’ve actually been up to a fair bit over the past few weeks, so it’s time to pause the Skyscanner searches and get back into blogging about the fact that London’s pretty damn cool and there’s a lot going on here!

EAT: I’ve got a lot of love for Yeah Burger, so when I saw they were doing Halloween specials (not one, but FIVE) I arranged to go to The Star of Kings pronto.

menu  So, the menu is above. I decided to go for the chicken option, one of my friends went for the Halloween beef special and I ordered us some pumpkin croquettes (can’t beat a good croquette) to share.

IMG_1478 The beaut above is the La Nagual . Black brioche bun, chipotle chicken, guac, cheddar and sour cream with some lettuce and tomato.. It was good – the buns actually look slightly blue up-close, but they taste perfectly lovely as per usual. The burger filling was good, but I admit, nothing mind-blowing. Then again I think mexican chicken burgers are a bit meah usually – the Yeah Burger day-to-day chicken option isn’t Mexican and really, really good.

The pumpkin croquettes were brilliant. Soft, tasty and briiight orange. They’re presented really nicely too – a good contrast to the oozy burger presentation! One of my mates had the beef burger and he said it was very good – it’s a beef burger coupled with a bavette steak and bloody mary sauce, so a little more inventive and yummy than the chicken Halloween option I reckon!

Reasonably sure these specials are over and done with now, but Yeah burger are always coming up with wicked new things to try – and their regular menu is worth checking out too. This year they’ve done a scotch egg burger, a rice burger and I’m sure their Christmas specials will be coming soon!

SEE: A couple of times a year, The House of Peroni rocks up in London with a month long residency. This November, you can wander down Brick Lane and find a really cool hidden space, with loads to explore. Oh, and there’s a fair bit of beer in there too.


The theme for the Residency this year is The Italian Home – and the inside of the Residency is really cool. There’s a grand table with beautiful leaf decoration above, cobblestone paving, an outside laundry area (reflective of the waves of laundry found hanging in the narrow streets of Italy), a kitchen area (kitted out with yummy Italian goodies), a dance area and the upstairs is truly something else!

IMG_1453 Upstairs you’ll find the dreamscape area where you can have super cool alcoholic infusions and you can chill to authentic Italian soundscapes. There are a couple of hidden areas too, which I didn’t have access to (you need keys which are available at the Residency). One secret area is a gorgeous Italian dining area. Another is an Italian closet and finally there’s a small, hidden-away area which is for the private dining experience – it’s meant to be really cool. Plus, if the yummy food they were serving on the launch night is anything to go by, the menu is bound to be delicious!

IMG_1441 Finally, the drinks. C’mon it’s The House of Peroni, like I could not mention the drinks. All drinks include Peroni, but there are lots of different ways you can sample the beer rather than as a pint! I went for the Negroni Autumno and the Agro Dolche infusions. The Negroni Autumno is quite dry (it includes Campari, so a bit of an acquired taste) but the Agro Dolche is citrus-y, lighter and more to the majority’s liking I reckon.

Head to The House of Peroni website to find out more!

LISTEN: Foe the last week I’ve been listening to Hotline Bling on repeat. But I’m sure you’re aware of the song, so I’m not going to link you to it. Instead, I’m going to link you to an incredible African jazz band lead by a legendary guitarist, Franco. They’re called TPOK Jazz and there’s no auto-tune, 808 or electronics in sight: real instruments played by real people. Much as I enjoy modern music, these guys have more talent in their little finger than a person using both hands to press and compile processed beats.

LOVE:  Love seems to be no more or less than being in the right place at the right time. Or something like that.

Wrong place, happiness. Right place, euphoria.


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