Streetfeast, Albert Bridge, Wildbirds and Peacedrums and a common theme.

21 Nov

EAT: I went to my first Streetfeast this week. To be more specific, I went to Hawker House in Canada Water. True, it’s the middle of nowhere but I was looking forward to trying something new.

First stop: Chuck Burger. I’d never heard of Chuck Burger so as someone who has had a fair few burgers around London I had little choice but to give it a go. The burger above is the bacon cheese burger: beef, bacon, cheese, onion and chuck sauce. GET ME, HAVIN’ A BEEF BURGER EH.

The burger was nice, but not overwhelmingly good. I heard the server chatting to someone asking more about the business and they don’t seem to have any kind of unique selling point. Just guys from North West London who have a burger joint or two and are trying to get better known. Burger was really nice, but nothing as special as Bleeker or Street Kitchen. However, if you like a good burger, give it a try. Comes in at £7 and if you can work out what the chuck sauce is, lemme know (it didn’t really taste of anything specific).


I also went to Spit and Roast’s stall (photo above taken from their Twitter feed) because I wanted to try something different. As soon as we spotted the Roast Pork Belly Laos Curry Poutine, we headed straight over. It’s essentially roast pork belly mixed in with a slightly spicy yellow curry sauce and dripped over chips. And it’s gooood.  Really good! Not too hot and a great one to share. Meat was well cooked and the chips were actually nice too.

Honestly? The space is nice, there’s lot of food on offer (tacos, steak, burgers, seafood, indian etc). But there’s no live music, nothing special going on in terms of entertainment. You have to pay to get in for the pleasure of standing around, chatting with your mates and then paying on top of the entry fee for yummy food… which you can do in places far more convenient that Canada Water. However, if you really want to stuff yourself and try some interesting new food then give it a go. Certainly not a BAD place to go on a date or with your friends but I’m just failing to see what you get for the entry fee you don’t have to pay to get into most bars and restaurants.

SEE: Albert Bridge, Battersea. At night. Beautiful. The best bridge in London and a wonder to behold as I walk home from the tube station. I’m such a sucker for fairy lights and anything that looks remotely magical.

LISTEN: I’ve got into a band called Wildbirds and Peacedrums recently. Can’t remember how, but they’re a bit bluesy with strong rhythmic drums making a regular appearance in their music. They have some elements of pop and jazz too… all in all, right up my street.

This song is from their 2010 album Rivers and rocks. Beautiful vocals, interesting beat… give it a listen.

LOVE: Have you ever seen the film Kissing Jessica Stein? It’s about a woman who goes on plenty of dates, has no success and blames the men for being stupid – hence why she can’t comprehend going on a second date with them. This is a terrible way to view dating and is rarely ever correct. What people hate to admit is that the one thing a string of failed dates have in common, is them.

I’ve dated shy men, outgoing men, short and tall men, older men, men the same age as me, men with all sorts of jobs, men who have wealthy families or high paying jobs and men who don’t have well paying jobs or a rich family, men who are British and men who aren’t, men of different races, men who share my hobbies and men who don’t… you get the picture. And it hasn’t worked out yet. You know what they did all have in common? That the person they went on the date with is me.


I’m not being hard on myself – there are plenty of reasons my dates don’t work out and sometimes they like me more than I like them and vice versa. I just wanted to put it out there that you/people/women/men shouldn’t blame others or themselves for things not working. If you’re having a rough time out there that’s all it is: you just haven’t clicked with anyone. And if you manage to easily go from relationship to good date to relationship then, well… possibly your standards are too low BUT it’s likely that you’re just lucky and you click with all kinds of people.

I’d love David Attenborough to create a Human Dating Documentary. Watching people date and having him look at the psychology, signals and everything in the way that he does with animals? That would be incredible and significantly better than the ok, not great, dating shows that are around at the moment. Attenborough ftw

Anyway, that’s my ten cents. Happened to be watching Kissing Jessica Stein and the scene struck a chord I guess!


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