Said Dal 1923, Sew What Cafe, Muppet’s Christmas Carol and 27.

20 Dec

EAT: Said Dal 1923 is a small, unassuming, authentic Italian ‘chocolate cafe’. It looks, and smells, amazing.

Oh and that’s what their mocha looks like. IT’S INSANE. They coat the outside and inside of the huge mug with white/milk and dark chocolate before putting in the coffee and chocolate. Not only does it look completely epic, but it’s soooo much fun licking it off your finger, drinking the mocha and then having to continue scooping up chocolate with a spoon from the bottom of the mug.

They also do cafe food – a mix of paninis, bruschetta, quiches and even a lunch time pizza. I went for a prosciutto, tomato, mozarella and basil panini. It’s deep filled and nice, but probably not worth the £6.50. Basically, go here for the drinks, the chocolate shop and the amazing chocolate smells. You’ll find it in Soho, near Carnaby Street.

SEE: This isn’t quite a ‘see’, but I discovered the Sew What cafe this week. I urgently needed a dress taking up and the lovely Debbie at Sew What did a wicked job and for about half the price of everywhere else I tried!

Alterations aside, Sew What offers classes where you can learn to use a sewing machine and make everything from kids clothing to dresses, etc. It’s a lovely space and it’s actually a really useful place to know about, as I’d like to start making and customising my own clothes more! Plus, the space is REALLY colourful, so obviously I liked it! True, it’s a little out of the way (Zone 3 Hanger Lane) but worth the trip if you want to make your own clothes, or have someone else make yours look better!

LISTEN: Ok, so as promised, I’m actually putting up a Christmas song which isn’t an immediate go-to Christmas song, but is also HAPPY. It’s from the Muppets Christmas Carol and it’s the song that the Ghost of Christmas Present sings. He’s the giant, ginger, happy ghost and my personal favourite.

This song is a bit twee but it’s actually a really good tune. Every Christmas morning while my family opens presents, the Muppets Christmas Carol is on in the background. For the last few years I’ve also made it to the Prince Charles Cinema to the Muppets Christmas Carol sing-a-long; they’re running the sing-a-longs until the New Year, so if the tune below whets your appetite, I’d recommend going! Enjoy.

LOVE: I turned 27 this week. I’m officially in my ‘late twenties’.


I remember when I was in my early teens and I LOVED Kurt Cobain; I thought him dying at 27 was ok. As in ’27 is old, he had a good run and achieved a lot’. Now I’ve turned 27 that seems mental. I still feel WELL young.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that 27 feels significant. I’m just not sure why yet. Let’s hope I can get 2016 to deliver!



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