Oh hai 2016 (resolutions)

1 Jan

I don’t believe it’s possible for a person to really change once they’ve reached their early 20s. Don’t get me wrong – what they want from life changes, their behaviour changes a little, but they’re pretty much the same person unless a major life event (death, illness, etc) takes places. If you’re introverted you remain so. Egotistical? That will persevere until the day you die. If you’re selfish you’ll stay on that track and if you’re bitter (like me) you’ll never quite shake it.

That’s why the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ is, obvs, a total con. Giving up drinking won’t turn you into a different person, but it’ll turn you into a healthier one who probably goes out less. Resolutions are lifestyle changes, not personal ones. So, I’m being realistic with my resolutions: far better that way. I was pleased with the fact I managed to achieve most of what I set out this time last year so I’m hoping to recreate that sense of achievement at the end of 2016 🙂


1: Travel truly solo

Last year I resolved to travel more than ever, and I did. This year I want to travel in a different way.

When I talk about travelling, I don’t mean ‘a holiday’. I mean staying in local accommodation, or camping, travelling using public transport where possible, speaking to the local people and not staying in nice hotels just doing tourist stuff the entire time. True, if I go long-haul I tend to go with a Tour Company: but as I can only take off 2 weeks from work at a time it’s the best way to pack lots in in a short space of time. Also, I’m a young(ish) single female traveller and far easier to attack than a man travelling solo, unfortunately. I need that sense of safety when I’m somewhere new. Now I’ve been to Thailand on a group tour, I know I can do it on my own next time as it felt safe and easy to get around. After being to Johannesburg on a tour I know there’s no way I’m going there on my own!


Vinales Valley, Cuba

So, this year, I’m travelling long haul without a tour company. I go to Europe on short breaks and the States/Canada on long breaks alone, but that’s because I feel safe there. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone a little so I think I’m going to head to Cuba this year. The three places I really want to go ASAP are Cuba, Burma and Jordan. Cuba before it changes as the chains and Americans get in there. Burma as it’s open just really opened up to tourists and, again, I’d like to experience it before it changes for Westerners like Thailand has done. And Jordan because it’s been on my bucket list for years and it’s getting less and less safe to head out there.

So, that’s resolution number one. Do a long-haul trip someone out of my comfort zone without a tour company, and hopefully visit somewhere before it changes too much.

Get health(ier)!

  • I’m about a stone off of being the right weight for my height, so this year I want to lose another 1.5 stone so that I’m firmly at a healthy weight (but still have boobs, haaa).
  • I also want to eat a little better. Rather than having beans on toast if I’m late home for work, I’m actually going to chow down on carrots, peas and fish. I’m going to stop wasting so much bloody salad.
  • I’m also going to do another couple of ‘dry’ months this year. I enjoyed not drinking in November and felt healthier for it, so it’s deffo something you should try (way easier to do once you learn you don’t HAVE to drink in social situations)!

    Serena Williams: sassy, strong and healthy. THE DREAM.

    However, I am NOT giving up burgers, chocolate or any of the other fun stuff. I’m not going to count calories while I’m on holiday, I’m just going to walk more. I don’t want to get ‘hench’ or a flat stomach *shudder*. I love my boobs, bum and thunder thighs waaay too much to do that to myself.

    (Plus, if I tried to give up burgers, I’d epically fail… let’s not pretend otherwise.)


Don’t be lazy: learn.

It used to be that I’d always have my nose in a book. These days, far less so. Netflix and laziness are to blame, so this year I’m making a change. I’m going to go out of my way to get into the habit of learning to fill time, rather than watching TV to fill time.



So I’m going to do the following things:

  • Read more. Especially on the commute. In the summer, I’m going to take my book to the local green space in Soho and read, rather than waste time online. I’m going to read glorious non-fiction and also read factual books to supplement the next point…
  • Do more Future Learn courses. I learned SO much from the first one I did and it’s amazing that they’re free from top universities. I’ve already signed up for another 2 courses in 2016 and I’m aiming to complete 5. Some will help my work, some will erase some of my ignorance when it comes to world events.
  • Spend more time at museums. I live 15 minutes away from three of the best museums in the UK, it’s INSANE I don’t go there at least once a month. So, in 2016, I’m going to try and visit an exhibition each month.

Do more for the animals

I prefer animals to humans (we’re apes on ego trips, nothing more). And over the last year, going to Africa and getting up close with the wildlife and learning so much from the likes of Wild by David Attenbororough, I need to do far more for animals.

So, this year I’m going to volunteer for animals charities. I’m continuing with my payments to WWF and I’m going to help out a number of Lion Conservation charities where I can – via fundraising, volunteering at events, etc. Before I’m 30 I fully intend to volunteer for ALERT in Zambia and help them with their lion conservation activities. But that will have to come later when I’ve saved enough money to leave the UK unfortunately. DON’T WORRY LIONS I’M COMING TO HELP OUT SOON!


That’s it! Learn more, be a bit healthier, help animals and travel long-haul without a tour group. They’re realistic but challenging. Plus, if I achieve them I’ll be incredibly happy at the end of 2016 which is obviously a huge bonus.

What are your ‘resolutions’ for 2016?


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