Bacon Honest Burger, Lumiere London, Chali 2na & The Funk Hunters and great post-date message

19 Jan

EAT: So, me going to Honest Burger is nothing new. They do good burgers. ‘Nuff said.

However, until January 25th they are doing a REALLY good burger. One which I stumbled across in their Brixton branch, but according to their website you can get this beaut at all of their London branches.


Introducing the Tribute to Bacon special: Beef, thick-cut smoked bacon, bacon ketchup, smoked cheddar, pickles, lettuce, with beef & bacon gravy. Now, I admit, I wasn’t massively happy that Honest messed up and didn’t gimme my bacon gravy. Then again I was tipsy and so hungry I couldn’t be bothered to ask for it (plus I prefer mayo with my rosemary chips anyway) so it was hardly the end of the world.

The bacon is actually THICK bacon and the whole thing tastes of… beautiful bacon, basically. The cheddar mixes things up a bit too but isn’t too overpowering. There’s a lot in the burger but the bun still holds it together really well. And I don’t need to bang on about the greatest chips in the entire world, ever: their rosemary chips. Mmmmm.

It’ll set you back £12.50 by IMO it’s well worth it. Give it a try this week while you can!

SEE: Lumiere London was a hot topic last week. The PR team did a helluva job; apparently it’s been done in numerous cities, it’s immersive and looked highly Instagrammable.

I work in Soho, so I had a bit of a browse of the Soho bits of the exhibition. I wasn’t massively bowled over, but I was invited to the Kings Cross section of the exhibition on Saturday night so thought I’d check it out.

The birdcage was a colourful highlight. I mean… it’s nice. But not totally sure it was worth the INSANE crowds. We went to the big projection (image above, stolen from @phillipcasson) being displayed by the canal and the illustrations were beautiful. They’ve obviously put a lot of effort into the projection and the scale of it was very impressive. However, it just wasn’t that engaging (sorry, wanky marketing word, but can’t think of a better way to say it)! Pretty as the projection was, it didn’t really tell much of a story and seemed a bit random, but not in a good way.


Basically due to the insane crowding around not very much in the freezing cold, we 100% bailed and found a hidden bar. The bar was lovely – great music and hidden in plain view pretending to be only for theatre-goers. The lights were nice too 😉

I think the weather and the crowding didn’t help, but the elements of the exhibition probably would have benefitted from being closer together… although the crowds would have been worse it definitely would have made it more impressive. Would have been nice to see the Cathedral though.

LISTEN: Last week I won a competition, whoop whoop! I got myself a ticket to see Chali 2na (key member of Jurassic 5, one of my faves) and The Funk Hunters. I saw Jurassic 5 in Oslo back in August and Chali 2na is just so brilliant on stage… mainly because he’s so bloody happy and up for it I guess! Of course, his infamous baritone is a key part of his appeal, but with The Funk Hunters he’s moved into the world of mash-ups mixed with live vocals.

Doesn’t sound that good but it really was. The Funk Hunters had visuals to accompany the show – the set up was very much like 2ManyDJs. The music was… well, like the below. Have a listen, see what you think. It’s not quite as smooth and chilled as Chali 2na’s solo stuff or Jurassic 5, but the heavy beats totally work with his voice:

Also, the DJ was warmed the crowd up basically played such a good set. I loved every bloody song. Great mix of hip hop old and new, as well as old(er) school RnB. That’s the usual vibe at the Jazz Cafe and I recommend if you like that kind of music and somehow haven’t heard of The Jazz Cafe, you should check ’em out.

LOVE: I went on a date a few days ago after telling myself I just wasn’t going to bother for the first 6 months of the year (that’s what I did in 2015 and it worked for me)! However I caved because I happened across someone who came across very well over text and we shared a similar sarcastic tone as well as taste in music.

Long story short, the date was fine but we weren’t a match. At all. Now, usually I’d just not get in touch with them again and assume they realised the date was a first-and-only date. Some do, others don’t. If they do then we don’t talk again; sounds harsh, but it spares having to tell them why you don’t like them or have them think you’re making up a “it’s not you it’s me” excuse.


However, this guy got in touch the day after the date. However, not to ask for another or continue conversation, but to politely tell me he’d had fun but he wasn’t interested. It’s the first time I’ve seen anyone do it in a blunt, but genuine and nice, way without going into too much detail. It was basically:
“I had fun last night but online dating can be harsh, so rather than not get in touch I thought I’d say I don’t think we’re a good fit but I wish you all the best”.

How perfect! So perfect that I’m stealing it. I always feel horrible when I don’t get in touch and I feel worse when/if they think the date went well and I then have to tell them I’m not interested but only because they got in touch first. Have you got any go-to “thanks but no thanks” lines following a meah date? Intrigued to know how other people approach it – and of course, feel free to steal my new post-date response 😉


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