Bird, Clickbait, Charles Bradley and dick pics.

29 Jan

EAT:  Chicken is great. That’s nothing new. To be honest, neither is Bird – they’ve been knocking about London for a little while; however their Camden branch IS new. And I went there. And I ate this:


It’s a chicken burger (doesn’t take a genius to gather from the name of the restaurant that they specialise in chicken).  Specifically, it’s crisp fried breast, spicy slaw, house kewpie mayo and pickles. It’s £12 and a good burger.

The bun holds its own; however the crispy coating is quite thick and therefore hard to bite through, adding even more carbs to the burger. Not that ‘carbs’ are an issue in terms of calories, but it’s just a lot of brown taste… I’m so bloody eloquent.

However, it IS a good burger once you get to the chicken breast. The slaw is tasty and crunchy and the sauces give the burger a kick. Despite being carb-y, it’s not dry, which is ace. Plus, the Hoxton cider was tasty too.


I should mention that Bird is actually famed for their fried chicken waffles. I had friend chicken waffles in Toronto and I don’t believe they can EVER be beaten, so I gave Bird’s a miss. However their chicken waffle burger looks reasonably immense and everyone in the Camden branch was eating eat, plus raving about is.

If you’re sick of Nandos and disappointed with some of the other burger/American style joints that doesn’t do anything ‘different’ with their chicken, then definitely give Bird a go. A strong choice; not a mind-blowing one, but still very good.

SEE: I went to the theatre last weekend (Theatre 503 to be exact) to see a show called Clickbait. To be honest, their website more succinctly summarises the play than I can, so here’s what it’s about:

Nicola Barker is in trouble. A video has been made, and she is the unwitting star. In a bid to stop the footage being used against her, Nicola makes a snap decision: to post it online herself.

What started as a drunken night in a dirty club ends with a unique business opportunity for Nicola and her two sisters, changing the meaning of ‘amateur porn’ forever. But where there is demand, there must be supply, and as the line between empowerment and exploitation becomes blurred, public opinion begins to turn against the trio.

The show is darkly comic. It starts off VERY serious; after all, how fucking upset would you be if you found someone has filmed you having sex and was blackmailing you? Revenge porn is depressingly a ‘thing’ these days and it’s usually exploiting women. So this protagonist, Nicola, takes the reins and posts the video online herself.


What follows is hilarity (Nicola’s younger sister is brilliant: “I know how to use a computer, I’m not THIRTY”) and her older sister is the voice of reason. They balance each other out well. The media attention offers comic relief and the scenes are interspersed with people in masks pretending they’re posting online comments, the likes of which you find by cretins posting on the Daily Mail website.

Things turn dark again in the second half when exploitation rules and Nicola lets the success of her business get the better of her, her morals and her judgement.  It’s a brilliant play that looks at feminism, the porn industry, the media, private vs. public and the different roles modern man plays when it comes to sex (exploiter, understanding boyfriend, etc). Nicola is all at once the liberal feminist and the scared exploiter too. Also, she’s a bit of an idiot because she had group sex without using a condom. Probably not the main point of the play, but c’mon. USE CONDOMS FFS.


That aside, it’s a brilliant play. It’s on for the next couple of days, however it’s VERY popular. However, at Theatre 503 they’re doing another show soon which also focuses on sex in the modern age. It’s called Foursome and it’s about a couple of decide that it’s monogamy that could be wrong with their marriage.  I’ll absolutely be going and I strongly recommend you do too!

LISTEN: The World (Is Going Up in Flames) by Charles Bradley.  A brilliant funk/soul/R&B singer with plenty of 60’s and 70’s feel running through his tracks. He was recommended to me by my good friend Spotify while I was listening to Otis Redding and The World is one of my faves of his.

He’s actually in his 60’s and apparently he worked as a James Brown impersonator when he was younger. That won’t be hard to believe once you’ve had a listen to the below!

LOVE: Dick pics. Dick pics need to stop.

Firstly – I don’t want to see it when we haven’t even met in real life. Trust me, when I do want to see it, you’ll be made aware of it by me jumping on you.

Secondly – penises, like vaginas, ain’t pretty.  Snapchat me a Cezanne, Whatsapp me a Warhol, but don’t send me your personal ‘work of art’.


Thirdly – Lucy, a very talented work colleague, sums up the dick pic issue beautifully and hilariously. Watch below.

Well done Lucy, your voice is about a zillion times more beautiful than any dick pic.

And fellas: if I haven’t seen it IRL I don’t want to see it on my phone.


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