MASH, Other Worlds Exhibition, protest songs and Gallantine’s Day

14 Feb

HOLA AMIGOS! I’m trying to learn Spanish ahead of my trip to Costa Rica next month… failing miserably, obvs. Anyway; I’ve been doing a lot recently, read on below (hint: it includes burgers like most of my outings these days…)

EAT: MASH is somewhere I’ve sort of wanted to go the whole time I’ve worked in Soho, but never actually cared enough to go there. However, I went for dinner with the laydeez and as they’re both well classy (and we all wanted steak) we decided to give Modern American Steak House a try.

Firstly, it’s wayyyy fancier than I thought it would be. I’m not sure what I expected – perhaps a slightly American, nice restaurant but certainly not the huge, high-end restaurant it actually is! Now, I feel really uncomfortable in fancy places because:

1. I’m never dressed appropriately for them (I wear cheap, colourful clothes 99% of the time)
2. I just want rose and cider when I go out to eat. MASH does neither… but it does have dozens of by-the-bottle champagnes, sooo… yeah. (I had a Diet Coke.)
3. They can tell I’m not a baller and that what I really want to do is belly laugh and talk inappropriately about dates I’ve been on but I don’t really feel like I can in a sultry atmosphere.


Anyway, all of that is my problem, not MASH’s. Let’s focus on the food which, of course, was incredible. I actually ended up going for burger and fries but, for once, a super high-end version – set me back £17 and everything. The burger is 200g and comes with a rasher of bacon, an onion ring, chilli fries, two sauces and it was tasty AS. The beef just… I don’t know, it just tasted better. Than all other beef. That’s what MASH does so of course I was expecting good things, but this was a seriously good burger. To the point where I didn’t eat any of the burger bun or many of the fries because the burger was just so yummy and filling, I didn’t need to.

That may also have been because the bread they bring out is liike crack; salty and crusty on the outside with beautiful butter. I know, I’m raving about bread and fucking butter, but it really was delish. Made up for the ‘meah’ chilli fries.


My friend had a £33 steak and a £10 G&T, so ‘The Damage’ is pretty accurate. I like the way the bill comes, it’s brash but done in a good way.

SEE: I bloody love the Natural History Museum. The other week I went to see the Other Worlds Exhibition, a photographic exhibition by Michael Benson, featuring original music by Brian Eno. The exhibition explores our solar system – from planets, to the sun, to the moons of the planets… etc.

The photographs are ‘created’ using Space Data and as most photographs of the solar system are taken in black and white (apparently), Benson has painstakingly made them colourful.

The photographs are beautiful and the ones of Saturn’s rings in particular look like they’re not real… like they’re a painting or some complex architectural layout. Some of the images, like the Sun and Earth above, are huge; about 5×5 foot so they’re pretty spectacular to look at.


The above image is Mars. It looks like the Nevada desert… it’s amazing how the exhibitions brings the universe to life. Some planets and images (Mars) look SO much like Earth. And others look completely alien. And then there’s Jupiter’s moon Europa; covered in ice and scientists believe there may be an ocean underneath! That really excites me, knowing there’s an ocean out there humans haven’t fucked up yet.

The exhibition took me about 2 hours to go around (but only because when I go to museums I read ALL the info, watch all the educational films and just gaze at the photos for ages…) and it cost £11. It’s well worth going.

LISTEN: I made a protest song playlist the other day after Something Inside So Strong appearing on thanks to shuffle. The song was written about South African Apartheid before Mandela came to power (1994, the song is from 1987) and it’s so fucking powerful. I guess a lot of people listen to it without really thinking about what’s it’s about.

Listen below. To the playlist too, if you like.

Yesterday was Gallantine’s Day. Which I celebrated when I received a lovely message from uber-babe Cate and spent the day with other uber-babes Nick and Tim.

Gallantine’s Day is the day before Valentine’s Day. It was created by Leslie Knope (my idol, I pretend that I’m a good enough person to be her, but I’m not). It’s a day for celebrating friends.  And yesterday was a good day 🙂

galentines day 3


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