24 Feb

I apologise in advance for anything nonsensical. I’m currently ill AF. Like… I just sneezed 13 times in a row. Fml.

EAT: Flat Iron has been around for ages, it just took me a loooong time to convince myself to try steak. I basically gave up beef YEARS ago but recently got back into it (Byron’s fault: their Run Rarebit Run burger was so delicious I now eat beef. A lot.)


They only do feather blade steak. That’s it. Well, it comes with a side salad, which has a delish dressing. They do sides too, obviously, but when it comes to mains you have one option. From time to time they have a special going (usually a burger) but 9 times out of 10, you’ll be asked if you want rare, med-rare (or, like me you can coyly ask for well done).

We went for steak, obvs, and basically every side they do:

  • Dripping cooked chips (good: taste meaty but not overbearingly so)
  • Creamed spinach (I hate spinach but others assured me it’s really good)
  • Market greens (we had broccoli: it tasted like broccoli, nowt special)
  • Sophie’s Salad (this was nice actually – candied pecans, lemon dressing, cheese)
  • Roast Aubergine (THIS ROCKED: made with tomato, rocket and parmesan cheese. YUM)


So, the steak was lovely. It’s not tough at all, however the portions aren’t that big at all so if you go thinking you’ll get a big fat steak, you won’t. But you won’t need it because it just tastes so nice. Oh, and they bring you beefy salty popcorn for free when you sit down. Oh, AND we tried the dessert – salted caramel mousse. You get a fair bit and it’s SO light and packed full of flavour. Well worth trying.


SEE: I find our world fascinating. I basically eat up information as often as I can, and working in social media, data is increasingly playing a role when it comes to how we see the world, how we represent the world around us and the way we consume information.

Big Bang Data immediately attracted my attention so I went with my friend Emma (she’s a data analyst, go figure) and it’s running at Somerset House until March 20th. Even if you don’t ‘like data’, if you’re interested in the world around you, go. It’s essentially an art exhibition: people visualising data in creative ways.


You can experience all sorts at the exhibition. The above installation shows various global and national statistics represented using globes (one presents a map of the world’s largest economies – 51 of which are actually corporations).  Wander into one room and you’re in the heart of London: real-time travel statistics used to keep the transport network running and shown on a screen. There are interactive screens on which you can see people who are Instagramming photos, in real-time, across London.


The photo above shows the ‘I Know Where Your Cat Lives‘ exhibit – the program plots the location of millions of cats on the world based on public social media posts. My friend Emma is looking at a cat in Hong Kong. The exhibition uses social media a lot, to highlight how much information and data we give away without even realising. You’re actually asked to have a photo taken by a computer at the start of the exhibition and when you reach the end, you find out you’ve actually been tracked around the exhibition – it shows you exactly where you moved and how long you spent looking at different exhibits. Scary, incredibly clever, stuff.

The most incredible thing is the how Big Bang Data looks at our DNA being the form of data we’re increasingly giving more and more away of. At some point today, didn’t you open your iPhone with your fingerprint? One artist picked up discarded cigarette stubs and lollypop sticks and, using the DNA left on them by the person who discarded then, created a model of what they very probably look like. Hair colour, race, eye colour, face shape… all left on the end of a cigarette for an artist to use.  How AMAZING and TERRIFYING is that?

The exhibition ends with the below.


: Kanye’s new album is really good. Really, really good. I know everyone didn’t want it to be, but it is. Not quite My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but still VERY good.

He hasn’t tried to re-invent the wheel. He’s not young or single anymore. He’s older, had a breakdown because his mum died, and now has a family. So naturally he’s not belting out the likes of Golddigger anymore. Which doesn’t matter, because there are a few AMAZING songs surrounded by others which make it a strong album.

IMO the best tracks are all amazing due to the production more so than the lyrics. Kanye’s sampling is still on point for the most part. The second half of Famous is brilliant. The whole of Feedback is brilliant. I adore the gospel in Ultralight (and the whole song really).  Wolves is a beautiful song, No More Parties in L.A rocks and Fade is pumping.


Fuck it, I really like the album. Worth a listen for sure. Annoyingly, still only available on Tidal, so everyone is having to download it illegally. When he comes to his sense I’ll link you to my fave track.

LOVE: Current feels towards dating, dating apps and dates.





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