Prime Burger, Four Play, gigs and for the love of Kanye

28 Feb

EAT:  When I was waiting around at Euston Station the other week (otherwise known as hell on earth or omg-why-don’t-they-make-the-waiting-area-less-of-a-madhouse) I was hungry.
…Bear with me, I promise the blog post gets eveeeer so slightly more interesting. Maybe.

So, I wandered around a bit and stumbled across Prime Burger. True, it’s in a railway station so I wasn’t expecting a LOT, but the menu actually looked good. I mean – they do a ‘Truffle burger’ which is more than you’d usually get at a station!


I went for the chicken burger (above). It’s the Classic Chicken; tomato, lettuce, onion and garlic mayo. First things first – the chicken was beautiful. Honestly – SO good. Tender, a huge portion all delivered in a soft bun. The chicken is cooked in rosemary, just the right amount. Basically, I cannot fault the chicken at all.

^apologies for my gross thumb and slightly cummy photo…

However. The garlic mayo was strong, which true, isn’t a problem in itself. But there was a helluva lot of it and considering how VERY strong it was it totally ruined the taste of the burger. The rosemary on the chicken was lost in it and when I could taste it, it just tasted off mixed with the super-strong garlic mayo…

Basically; it’s a great alternative to Burger King and is worth a try, but make sure you don’t go for something with garlic mayo. They seem to do pretty good meal deals too (onion strings… see? Slightly classier than your usual train station burger joint!). It’s hardly going to give the like of Bleecker or Byron any competition, but that’s what you sign up for when you’re escaping the madness of Euston train station… Have a browse on their website.

SEE:  Once again I took advantage of Theatre 503 at The Latchmere’s ‘Pay What You Can Sunday’ offering. At the moment the show is ‘Four Play’ and it’s well worth a watch. Theatre 503 is a wicked theatre, showing unusual and l(usually) forward-thinking plays. I’ve been four or five times now and not once have I been disappointed.


“Spiders are scary. Terrorists are scary. Cancer is really scary. But… monogamy?”

Four Play is about a couple, a gay couple, who decide it’s just not working. So they (well, one of them) suggests having a one-time open relationship. Each of them sleeping with another person so they can release all of their frustrations and desires in one night, theoretically strengthening their seven and a half year relationship.

They choose one member of another gay couple they know from Uni as the guy to sleep with – the other couple are in an open-relationship, although they keep it on the down low.

I won’t go into too much detail because there are certain intricacies in the plot which are best kept secret so it doesn’t ruin the showdown of sorts at the end. What I will say is this: firstly, if you think this is a ‘gay play’, it is not. This could very well be a straight couple (in fact, all non-monogamous couples I know are straight) but I suppose when writing about something sexually non-mainstream, placing it in the world of gay couples makes it slightly easier for people to swallow. Shouldn’t be the case, but there ya go.

Basically, I’m liberal and frustrated that every film or play which tries to interrogate non-monogamous relationships always ends with the conclusion that ‘it’s better to be monogamous’. That the only true relationship is one where you’re on a path with one person, heading towards marriage. That the only reason you’re only in an open relationship is if one person ‘isn’t enough’ for the other.  Films like ‘The Overnight’ (where a couple try and swing but don’t) and ‘Trainwreck’ (in which a woman who is simply promiscuous gets labelled as ‘non-monogamous’ and ends up in a closed relationship) are other examples of where the subject of open relationships has been attempted but were too scared to conclude that, actually, it works just fine if both people sign up to it.

Don’t get me wrong, the play is really good, the above mini-rant is just a personal frustration. If it’s traditional, I usually like something to really challenge it. Just because Four Play attempts this and fails, it does NOT mean that it’s a bad performance. Far from it. The actors were all very engaging and there’s the perfect mix of drama and well-time light relief. There’s a brilliant line about how everyone who ends up working at KPMG is a cunt. Made everyone lol (you know it’s true).

Go and see the play. Honestly, you’ll love it. It’s incredibly entertaining, it’s ‘out there’ for the majority of people and both the staging and the actors are fantastic. Also, keep an eye on what else is on at Theatre 503!

LISTEN: As well as getting standing tickets to see Beyonce in London, I also got tickets to see The Boss (a.k.a Bruce Springsteen) in London this year too.

I am already far too excited. They are such epic performers in such different ways that the amount of singing and dancing I’ll be doing is currently inconceivable.

If you’re see me dance you’ll know what I mean…

LOVE: One day I hope someone loves me as much as Kanye loves himself. And honestly? I see nothing wrong with Kanye’s ego. He earned it. He worked his way from a kid living in the Chicago projects with no money to producing Jay-Z’s Black Album to creating countless hits, earning a LOT of cash and having a family of his own. I’d be shouting about that to be honest. So I’m happy to chill when he does.

When you don’t deserve the praise you bestow upon yourself (e.g. you own a house, brag, but mummy and daddy paid for it) that’s when there are issues. But if you worked for it and you deserve a shout out, who better to shout out than you, right?

Or Kanye. No one is better at a shout-out than Kanye.




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