Belgo, Rave of Thrones, Sopranos soundtrack and mindfulness

2 Apr

EAT: Belgo ROCKS. I mean, I LIKE this place. How it’s been situated around the corner from my workplace and how it took me so long to eat there I don’t know. but I’m a fan.


That is a photo of coconut beer. COCONUT BEER. Now, I dislike beer, but this was amazing. It’s a beaut and Belgo have such a wide range of beers it’s insane. I also had a passion fruit beer… it’s basically cider but less sweet and more carbs, haha.

Also: THE CHICKEN, Look at it! A half rotisserie chicken smothered in sweet chilli sauce. I also got their infamous double-cooked Belgo frites. Which were nice, but don’t quite deserve the infamy. The chicken and beer though? TOTALLY does.

I also may have had a couple of sticks (each with 6 shots) of flavoured shots. Chocolate was the best!

The staff are nice and made some great recommendations, plus I had a wicked time there. The food AND drink is divine. Gooo. (That’s ‘go’, not ‘goo’. They don’t serve goo. Thankfully.)

SEE: I’m going to be upfront. I’ve never watched Game of Thrones. My ex used to sneak off to one of his other women and lie, saying they were just watching the show together. Although that was a long time ago, it meant I never got into it and I feel like I kinda missed the boat!

However, Rave of Thrones was something my friend really wanted to go to for her birthday. Plus, I don’t actually dislike Game of Thrones anymore, I just haven’t watched it. So, after doing some research (“ginger game of thrones characters”) I decided to dress up and go as The Red Witch to an immersive ‘rave’ event. Hmm.


It was a lot of fun actually. Well, aside from the club music, but I knew that was what I was signing up for. There was a big throne there (apparently that’s WELL important) and lots of characters, a whole room laid out like the feast in an episode where loads of people died AND two of the actors in Game of Thrones actually DJ-d. Again, not a fan of rave or dance music, but everyone else seemed to be loving life.


It cost about £20 and if you’re a GoT fan you’d have loved it – I know this because every other person who I went with did 🙂 I was expecting the place to be bigger and for there to be more interactive things to aside from sitting at a feast table and sitting on a throne, but there we go.

Apparently the character I dressed up as is proper evil (had sex with a man, had his baby and then killed him with the baby or something) and she likes getting her nipples out. So there we go: I learned something about GoT. Nipples and evil sex babies.

LISTEN: I adore Gangster films. Blame A-Level media studies; I did a module on the Gangster genre and the Italian-American accents, the swagger, the narrative arc where the head of the family HAS to become undone… my favourite films are Goodfellas, the Godfather and City of God.

It’s taken me far too long to start watching The Sopranos, but at last I have started and I already LOVE the TV show. Not just because it’s about the mafia, but the music in the show is amazing. At the moment I’m only on season 1 (made in 1999-2000) but already the soundtrack is amazing.

So here’s the theme tune. It’s slow, nonchalant and has an underlying threat. Much like the ever-glorious Godfather instrumental theme song. But not quite as good, obvs.

LOVE: Mindfulness is a bit of a buzz word. Or, buzz concept, should I say. I was a huge skeptic when it came to things like meditation and positive thinking, but that’s changed.

When I’m on the bus to work, rather than looking at my phone or worrying about work emails, I breathe in for three seconds and breathe out for three seconds. When I breathe in I say ‘Hakuna Matata’ (no worries in Swahili) and when I breathe out I say ‘Pura Vida’ (pure life in Costa Rican Spanish). Sounds wanky, but so far, has worked wonders. Breathing and taking time to actually be in the present moment, rather than thinking about the past or conducting scenarios in my head which have, and may never, happen, has already gone a long way to making me feel happier.


Honestly, just being aware of negative thoughts and stopping yourself mid-thought makes a difference. Smiling more; makes a difference. Being more aware of your present surroundings; makes a difference.

I’m nowhere near ‘mindful’ or anything like it, but I already feel better. Thank you to John and Franklin, mainly John, for his guidance and reading recommendations. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is my current reading… get past the overly-spiritual language and there’s a lot of good stuff in there 🙂

#HakunaMatata #PuraVida


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