Gail’s Bakery, Lights of Soho, RADIOHEAD ALBUM and vetting process

17 Apr

EAT: Gail’s Bakery has just opened on Battersea Square. That is where I live. So, feeling a little delicate, my friends and I dragged ourselves a full 2 minutes to Gail’s on Sunday where we were greeted with these scenes:


Flour, glorious flour. To all you gluten-intolerant peeps out there, don’t worry, they have gluten free bread and flourless cake available too. (Apparently flourless cake is nice but I’m not willing to risk it. Soz.)

Not only are the cakes and breads divine to look at, but the café menu is also pretty badass in terms of carbs and flour. I went for the French Toast with berries and crème fraiche:

I. know, just LOOK at it. It was so good. The toast was THICK and perfectly cooked too (not burnt but not too light). There was enough berry compote and crème fraiche to have with pretty much every bite and it made everything feel lighter too. Not gonna lie, I could have done without the honey drizzled all over it as I think it made it verging on too sweet… but that’s my own fault for not asking to be removed, not theirs! All in all a SOLID and tasty  brunch.

Sam had mushroom ragu which seemed to go down a treat (above) – very fresh and a gooood portion size too. I can’t remember what Tim went for but I remember eggs being involved – whatever it was, it looked good and came loaded on top of thick-cut, freshly baked bread. Nick had scrambled eggs on toast. It came 20 minutes after everyone else’s food and, bless them, after bringing the food and apologising, they also gave him two fully stamped loyalty cards, meaning he can get two coffees or two loaves of bread next time he visits. Plus, his scrambled eggs looked BRILLIANT (I consider myself a scrambled egg pro and these were fluffy AS and came on whole-seed delish bread).

Gail’s Bakery gets a huge thumbs up from me. It’s my new go-to place for hangover brunch and if I worked in the area I’d spend a small fortune on their lunch options. Definitely worth giving a try if you’re local – and still worth a punt if you don’t live closer to any of their other branches!

SEE: Oh god, EVERYONE has been to Lights of Soho (God’s Own Junkyard). I went there forever and a half ago, but just never got round to putting the photos up.

If you like neon lights, highly Instagrammable surrounds and want somewhere ‘quirky’ to take a date (they have a bar and serve coffee too) then this is the place for that. The downstairs area is cute – hidden and dark but, err… with neon lights everywhere. Downstairs is definitely worth a punt, feels far more seedy 😉

LISTEN: RADIOHEAD ARE RELEASING A NEW ALBUM IN JUNE. Obviously, as my favourite band and absolute dreamboats when it comes to making music, this is GOOD NEWS. I’m sad that I wasn’t able to get tour tickets *sob* but at least I’ll have more music to gobble up.

If you want to fall in love with Radiohead, here’s one of my favourite songs that I (somehow) haven’t yet posted on this blog. I always told myself that before I get a tattoo, I’d have to want it for at least 10 years first. I fell in love with this song when it was released in 2007 and I’m wanted to have some of the lyrics turned into a tattoo: “There’s always a siren singing you to shipwreck”.

I love it because despite being a pain in the ass and sharing my opinions too freely, I just like it when people to do the right thing.When they move away from the siren. People (myself included) never appreciate advice at the time, but I remain resolute in my belief that if people are making a mistake it’s good to try and guide them to safety, despite the fact they won’t thank you for it at the time 🙂

LOVE: Over the last week I have cancelled three dates. Reasonably last minute. Not to be a dick, but to save everyone a hell of a lot of time.

Actually, I didn’t give them the ‘sick’ excuse. I just didn’t follow up with an exact time to meet, or I told them I was busy. The reason? If I don’t like them enough to be compelled to go and actually met them, then why bother? Yes, true, this is the perfect way to miss out on someone who could be crap via text message and glorious in person… but it never seems to work out that way. Without fail, every time I’ve found that if someone wasn’t much fun on a date I was surprised because the conversation flowed so well online.
Hence the problem with trying to get to know people while they’re hiding behind a screen I suppose. Can’t win either way. Sigh. My friend Laura (in her 50s and I met in Costa Rica, wise AF) said that I should always speak with a guy on the phone before I meet him so that he doesn’t have time to stop and think when I ask a question, and so that I can find out if the conversation actually flows.

This idea seems hideous, but unfortunately does make a lot of sense. Might risk it.

Bound to end terribly, but that’s what makes it fun, right?



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