Sambal Shiok, Shakespeare, Prince and selling yourself

24 Apr

EAT: I work in Soho and there are constant pop-ups and new eateries. Most of the time it’s the usual stuff; a sushi joint, a new burger place, etc. However, something a little different has opened at the Sun and 13 Cantons pub: modern Malaysian food by Sambal Shiok.

Sambal Shiok is the work of Mandy Yin and she’s been hitting the London street-food scene for a while now. At the Sun and 13 you’ve got lunch, dinner and takeaway available and it’s totally worth checking out (we rocked up for lunch on Wednesday with no reservation and got seated fine).

So what’s the food like? Modern Malaysian is a mix of spicy curry, rice and all the best of asian food, with added Lasaka Noodle soups, Hainan dumplings and traditional Malaysian drinks and desserts too.


I went for the lentil curry (try’na be healthy, totally worked): curried lentils, coconut rice, sambal chilli, pickled red onion, peanuts and bantam egg. Warning: the chilli is HOOOT. Good, but hot. I loved it. The portions are generous and the curry isn’t too overpowering… the cuisine has the perfect mix of crunch, spice and… well, egg. Thumbs up all round.

SEE: As you may have heard, Shakespeare died 400 years ago this weekend. And boy, did the Globe theatre and the RSC do an amazing job of bringing his life to work.

mucho ado
I walked from Battersea to the Globe on Saturday and as soon as I got to Southbank, I was met with loads of pop-up screens showing 15 minute summaries of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. I went through King Richard’s inner turmoil, shouted at Iago to stop being SUCH A TOOL, willed Beatrice and Benedict to get together… it was wonderful. You know what the best thing was? Seeing so many people gathered around the screens showing the comedies and laughing, Honestly, it was amazing.

My favourite Shakespeare plays, aside from Much Ado About Nothing (which is my favourite overall), are the ones I studied. Taking the time to understand the language and the sheer brilliance and simplicity of the story lines made me fall in love with Shakespeare and I think the screens on Southbank (and the RSC live televised production) are a good attempt to get disengaged people interested.

For now, I’ll leave you with my favourite sonnet and a link to the Sparknotes.


LISTEN: Prince was another artist who challenged sexual and gender norms. We need more like him and Bowie in the public eye. Unfortunately he made it very difficult to find his music online to stream, so I can’t get hold of Raspberry Beret to stream. Definitely my fave Prince track.


LOVE: This is going to sound clinical and not in the slightest bit romantic, but people need to start treating their first dates like a job interview. In a job interview you BRING IT because you know that if you don’t impress and you don’t sell yourself, you’re not going to get invited back.

I have decided this is actually a wonderful way of looking at a first date. Honestly; sell yourself. Tell the other person why you’re worth spending time on. In job interviews, looks count; you wear the right clothes and make sure you’re well turned out. Same deal with a date. However, what makes you worthwhile and interesting as a person is more important. So swap work experience for life experience and take a new approach to dating.


For the love of God, the next guy I go on a date with better.


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