Chip Shop BXTN, Missoni exhibition, Lemonade and the problem with men under 40.

5 May

EAT: Chip Shop. Named in that way because it’s actually a cHIP sHOP eatery.

I went for the tried and tested chicken and chips: succulent chicken, chips which are PROPERLY salty and crispy paired with fresh veg. True, it’s basic, but it works.


Of course, this place is a supposed to be a fish and chip shop, and the cod coming out of the kitchen looked killer. Next time I go I’m definitely giving the fish a try!

The music is, of course, on point; they focus on early 90’s hip hop, so you’ll find Wu Tang and NWA playing alongside Tupac and Biggie, with classic lyrics painted all over the walls. When the shutters are down they have hip hop legends spray-painted on them… although, I admit, aside from the lyrics painted on the walls, there’s not THAT much of a down ‘n’ dirty hip-hop vibe in the main restaurant. It’s actually quite a nice, safe date location. If you want somewhere with strong food options and music that’s good but quiet enough for you to ignore it, then head here.

SEE: Peroni are one of my clients, so I went along to the new Missoni (they’re Italian, hence the link) exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum.


It wads cool. Lots of colour, which is nice, Lots of Italian artwork. Free booze. The crowds were way too trendy for me, but I still enjoyed the exhibition when I wasn’t dodging 7 inch heels or too much hair spray. If you’re interested in fashion then go along. I actually got really into the creation of the fabrics – I don’t care so much about how they turn out, but how they make the clothes and the inspiration of the Missoni family was pretty cool to learn about.

LISTEN: Beyonce’s latest album, Lemonade, is the absolute dream. Released around the same time as Drake’s album, she’s absolutely shown him up. She’s nailed hip-hop, blues, country, r ‘n’ b and other genres in between. Drake made a completely forgettable album. Beyonce made one which defines her, her fans and strikes a big old chord.

Now, perhaps her album resonates with me because I’ve been cheated on. I’ll be honest, it could be that – but I don’t think it is. True, she perfect encapsulates exactly what it feels like. However at the end of her story she forgives and aims to make the relationship stronger (I bolted because I could do better). But the journey – from ‘Hold Up’ (where she’s almost in disbelief and complete indignation), to ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ (where’s ANGRY and she realises that he’s the one who’s really fucked it) to ‘Daddy Issues’ (where she looks at her history and moves on) to Freedom and All Night (where she forgives, doesn’t forget, but makes the choice to move on and give him one more chance).


^me. at all times.

“If you pull this shit again you’re gonna lose your wife”. These days, forgiving a cheater causes as much judgement as being cheated on or cheated (read this article about this, it’s really insightful): if you hurt someone, own up and try to move on. And if you can be hurt and do the same then you must really love them, I guess. AND if you can do all of that to a kick-ass beat and create a fucking amazing album from the experience, while putting him in his place, then you’ve won.

At the end of the day, Beyonce is married to a man who isn’t as successful as her in terms of fans, income, any kind of commercial success, awards… well, anything. She’s regularly described as hotter than him and that he’s punching above his weight. And he is. She’s a triple threat (sings, dances and acts) and he made his money thanks to the likes of Kanye West producing his records. This – the fact she’s successful and makes her own money and doesn’t rely on a man – is a key theme at all times with Beyonce and never more so than this album.

Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.


LOVE: I risked dated someone who was under the age of 40. I know, I know, I should know better, but I went for it anyway. Like most men under 40 he seemed nice but as soon as he got laid he ran away as fast as he could in the other direction. Which would have been fine, but men under age 40 that I’ve dated ALWAYS pretend they want something long-term and then sprint. Men over 40 however, at least in my experience, are done with the messing around and are as up front as I am about what they want; from politics, to the future, to the short-term, to their ambitions… etc.


Hey, at least I’ve learned my lesson; no matter how many times I give young men the benefit of the doubt they are still young men. You cannot beat life experience and the ability to hold a conversation – something I need to keep in mind before I give someone a few hours of my life next time around 🙂


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