The Wilmington, Vicktor Wynd Museum, BEYONCE and cats. Cats cats cats.

13 Aug

I’ve just had my wisdom teeth out. So I happen to have a fair bit of time on my hands so I’m going to try and actually back on track with the whole blog writing this. Work has basically been INSANE recently (a team of three doing the work of six) so I haven’t had time recently to much exploring of London. But the below are a few places I’ve been to around 2 months ago and never got round to blogging about them.
EAT: A little while back it was sunny (ok, a long whole back). So I decided to re-visit Exmouth Market and stopped off for an Estrella and some food at The Wilmington pub.

IT’s a nice pub – nothing special at first glance, just nicely kitted out and hardly a boozer, with Peroni and Estrella on tap. However, lurking within the Wilmington is a kick-ass food menu… then again, it’s Exmouth Market, so the food was bound to be good.

From the menu above I was sorely tempted to get the Coconut and Cauliflower Veloute (basically: soup, kinda_ but I was too hungry for that. So I went for the season salad; asparagus, cashews, black quinoa, feta and vinegar dressing. I went for the small (£6.50) and a side of rosemary chips.

As you can see the salad ain’t small and this was MORE than enough to satisfy me. It was also bloody delicious. Huge chunks of feta (love me some feta) and despite not liking asparagus that much, the quinoa and vinegar dressing, coupled with allllll the feta just made the whole salad lovely. Plenty of green leaves too and the quinoa was sprinkled nicely throughout so you got a bit of everything with every bite.

Also, the rosemary chips were damn good too. True, no rosemary chips, NO CHIPS EVER, will match up to Honest Burger’s rosemary fries, but The Wilmington’s are a strong choice. So, for about £15 I got a pint, a big salad and chips. Which, for London isn’t bad at all. The place is well worth a shout – true, there’s lots of food competition in Exmouth Market, but this place is worth a shout.

SEE: Vicktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities is weird. That’s the point. IT’s the kind of place you take someone to make or break them – for me, if I take you there and you hate it, we’re probably just not going to get on. Not that I’m saying you HAVE to like weird and morbid things to get on with me, but y’know, it helps.

Viktor Wynd’s costs £35 to get in and it’s operated by the Last Tuesday Society (if you know them, you know them). For your fiver you get to head downstairs to a unique and bizarre treasure trove of odds and ends including items of witchcraft, taxidermy, skeletons, the pubic hair and fecal matter of celebrities, sex toys, puppets and mutated toys… amongst other things.

I can’t adequately describe all of the items on show in the small, underground space that is the Cabinet of Wonders, but it’s the sort of place you could easily spend a couple of hours in, always discovering something new despite the whole space being no more than about 10 square meters!

Few highlights: the fish tank upstairs (has not only a clown fish but numerous other colourful beauties, a table downstairs which happens to have a hole cut in it and a skeleton on show, numerous items of hair, various sex books from throughout the 20th century and colourful dioramas featuring a stuffed rat, vole or mouse.

There was also a taxidermy lion upstairs which I both loved because I love lions but also greatly upset me because I couldn’t know for sure if it died a natural death or not. So I sort of stared at it with vague fascination and horror whilst drinking my tea and gazing at the multi-coloured wax-covered candles.

Anyway. It is, as the website says “a mirror to a world so suffused with miracles and beauty that any attempt at categorization is bound to fail”.

LISTEN: Beyoncé at Wembley. Yes, it happened a while ago, but as this blog is basically just my diary, it’s an experience I want to remember. I’d seen her once before, as Glastonbury, but her new album Lemonade kicked ASS and I was so looking forward to seeing the ultimate Queen of show on stage.

And she rocked just as hard as I expected. Dancing, singing, incredible outfits and a.t.t.i.t.u.d.e. Embarrassing as it is, along with powerful kick-ass women like Serena Williams, Beyoncé is my idol. Listening to Destiny’s Child’s Survivor album as a kid completely shaped who I am today. Independent Woman, Survivor and Bootylicious stuck with me, rather than the likes of British girl groups who just moaned on about being heartbroken or in love.

Bow down bitches.

LOVE: I have 100% given up on the idea of finding someone to put up with me. Instead, I have gone full crazy cat lady and I’m currently doing some cat sitting. Feeding and playing with cats – it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

At least they’re vaguely affectionate, which is more than can be said for a lot of men I’ve been on dates with recently. MIA-OW.


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